10. Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story …… an on-going series #10

#10 Living life on Earth is much more than most of us believe it is.

As I’ve stated before, the story of my 46+ years of so-called UFO encounters is extremely lengthy and complex. During the encounters, the other people who were with me and I received verbally, and by conjecture, information that seem to defy what we knew about science, religion and history. As a matter of fact some of the strange phenomenon we experienced physically seemed to defy science, religion and history. For instance, I was informed in perfect English that I was being trained, conditioned and educated to perform a task in my later years. The information came from a voice whose origin I couldn’t see and what seemed to be very mysterious but normal men who just seemed to have arrived from nowhere.

I know, you possibly think I am crazy or have severe psychosis. However, I have witnesses to parts of some encounters, I have been checkout psychologically by some renown psychologists and psychiatrists, and there are an enormous number of facts and happenings that date from the present back into prehistory…facts and happenings that indicate my memories are true and accurate.

Considering that you now know that others and I most probably have experienced strange so-called UFO encounters over that period of 46+ years, you also must be puzzled by the strange phenomenon we witnessed and sometimes lived; i.e. you must be very puzzled if you believe me.

Because of the strange phenomenon we experienced, because many others have experienced similar encounters, and because recalling the encounters has been emotionally difficult, I know evidence of what now seems to be an expanding world reality is also sometimes mentally and emotionally difficult to perceive.

Another way to put it is this: As above, when we experienced the encounters, the phenomenon that seemed to defy what most of us know as science, religion and history sometimes was difficult to comprehend. In many cases that sometimes was because of the confusion and what seemed to be the disorientation we felt as the bizarre events took place. This also occurred as we were given verbal information from someone we sometimes couldn’t see or from men who just seemed to have arrived from nowhere. Those men seemed to be normal men dressed in street cloths, sometimes in an instant standing right beside us. And we sometimes saw a man come walking and talking up close to us, at times from a mysterious distortion in the atmosphere.

I know…it’s hard to believe. However, there are similar events recorded in legend, in historical religious documents, and in reports of modern UFO encounters experienced by others.

It’s important to know that all of those mysterious events were orchestrated by who I call “the mysterious intelligences.”

In my judgement, the bizarreness of the phenomenon indicates that our normal individual perception of life on Earth includes much more than what we normally perceive though our five human senses. This is particularly evident because there are many other people who experience the same….possibly millions.


Human perception beyond the limited five senses

After analyzing the intricate details of what happened during many encounters, I have come to the conclusion that there is much more to life than what we normally perceive through the five human senses. There are things that happen to some of us or many of us that we don’t normally recall consciously…some of those things are what you would call normal experiences and some not so normal…such as UFO encounters that are orchestrated by other mysterious individuals.

(Example:  The drawing is of a craft materializing above my brother-in-law and a friend while hunting…about 1977. Yet, only half of the craft became visible. It swirled small spot lights on its bottom and made my brother-in-law and friend appear to be a swirling speckled array of radiance.)

Because many or most of the happenings that occurred during the encounters were orchestrated by an intelligence or intelligences (we many times couldn’t see), it was and is now obvious we were not totally in control of ourselves or the situations. Most often, I am surmising, we were only somewhat in control of our emotional and physical reactions…but only to some extent in varying degrees. In some cases, it seemed as if the mysterious intelligences were in total control…therefore somewhat explaining our confusion and disorientation at times.

Seeing things that were not normal and feeling things that were not normal, such as feeling ill or disoriented when inside a volume of distorted atmosphere, I believe involved the five senses, but also something beyond them. The intelligences even told us at times that they were improving us as human beings…the improvement process sometimes involving what I call conditioning sessions inside the strange objects and craft. During those conditioning sessions I sometimes saw a light that came up from some distance away and hovered just in front of me, directly in front of my forehead. I would then feel excruciating forces on my body and mind. I would sometimes yell out that I couldn’t stand it anymore and they would tell me to hold on, that it wouldn’t last much longer. When I thought I might pass out, the forces and the light would gradually fade away. A few times I would  then see the light hovering about head high some distance away…and I sometimes discovered that I was floating a foot or so above the ground.

Well, if you think about it, what we see, hear, feel, smell and touch also is a mystery, the real phenomenon surrounding each of the five senses a mystery of sorts. That’s because all physical senses are nothing more than mysterious electrical impulses stimulated by the outside world…impulses that travel the nerves to our brains who in various ways interpret what we saw, heard, felt, smelled and touched. It’s our brain in cooperation with our mind that tries to make sense of it all no matter what happens next. But it (the brain/mind) tries to make sense of it all only through memory and I suspect many other mysterious faculties that most of us common folk don’t yet completely understand. Those faculties, I now know are directly connected to mysterious intelligences we don’t normally see.

If you think about it, common life on Earth interpreted through the five senses is not that different than the UFO encounters others and I have experienced. It’s just experienced within narrower boundaries.

I have met many other people who have experience similar UFO encounters and they in different ways and to different degrees feel the same, eventually most understanding that life on Earth is much more than most of us believe it is.

The conversation goes on and on…too extensive to include here.