10 Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story………..an on-going series — #12 Basic Principles & Motives Used In My Writings

Basic Principles & Motives Used In My Writings As Well As In Other Information I Offer Privately & Publicaly

These are general statements I offer you as a so-called “UFO Contactee.”

According to my experience, a UFO Contactee is a human being who has been contacted periodically by a normally unseen nonhuman intelligent entity or by normally unseen nonhuman entities throughout several to many years…in many cases beginning in their very early childhood. And it has been reported that he or she most likely has experienced unusual encounters that seem to defy what we know about science, religion and recorded history.

The logical and rational statements written here hopefully will be expanded on this website in the future and in a final book I hopefully will author before I die.

1) Considering the actual fact that others and I experienced what is presently considered unusual science defying UFO phenomenon,
2) considering that the others and I received very unusual information verbally in perfect English, and
3) considering much of the experience and information is authentically reflected in the reports of others’ modern UFO encounters and in many writings of history and religion…as well as in the fables of prehistory:
I have judged that the only way to fairly pass on the information to others is to simply convey what happen as simply and accurately as I can…leaving the judgment of what actually happened being good or evil to the reader.

However, I will give my opinion as to the meaning of good and evil in general and as good and evil relate to some of the information we received and some of the strange encounters we experienced. I hopefully will reflect what happened to me and the others especially against the Christian religion (as I still consider myself a Christian). And I will expand that discussion with definitions and comparisions to my view of the true nature of our immense infinite eternal universe. This will include some advanced human and physical scientific concepts…and it will hopefully shed new light on our collective understandings of religion, as well as our concepts of reality in general.