My view of the nature of our universe…..Part 1

John Foster…11-25-15

Logical thinking and other ramblings

(…to be continued in subsequent Parts 1,2,3, etc. posts on this website.)

To be honest, which I always am (unless I’m trying to tell a joke or be funny), I have taken a college course in Ethics and another in Sociology. In those courses, I was fortunate to have great professors. One thing I learned from my Ethics professor was that “logical thinking can get you into trouble.” Another thing I learned, but from my Sociology professor, was that “individual freedom has increased dramatically since the beginning of humankind”

I also had some good professors in Geology, Anthropology, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Architecture, art and general studies…among several others. Otherwise I am a 4 1/2 year college dropout. It seems as if I could not decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, if I ever would, i.e. It also seems as if I intellectually rebelled against the academic philosophy of teaching at our local college.   

My grades in some of those courses were what you might call atrocious. Part of this depressing fact was that I had a very hard time waking in the mornings, and for other likewise valid reasons, I simply didn’t want to attend some of my other classes. However, to be more accurate, little did I know during those years, my mind and feelings were intensely but subconsciously distracted by a mysterious intermittent parallel life that, at that time, I could not have possibly imagined…a mysterious parallel life which might have involved UFOs you by now might be thinking.

Yet, I later was fortunate enough to land some research and development engineering jobs on the frontiers of science…in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields…where I receive a somewhat wonderful additional advanced education, concerning different portions of the nature of our universe.

I didn’t really like the corporate set up, so I eventually fell into construction and became a home builder designer/owner/operator, among several other things. And I was most fortunate to marry my wonderful wife, Annie who, with some help from me, raised three of the most incredible children you can possibly imagine.

(I’m telling you these things, not for self aggrandizement, but so you can know a little about who I am and to lend some sense of credence to the entire story. I will remind you of this again later on this website so you can keep it in the back of your mind. I believe it is healthy for one to analyze one’s self, one’s thoughts and motivations, etc…at least to some extent, because I believe I know we all create our own worlds, from second to second…instant to instant, even though time and space might, indeed, be illusions, as expressed by some of the most formidable scientists of our time. However, that doesn’t mean we are not influenced by one another. It doesn’t mean we can’t help one another…nor try to understand each other from our individual body-box limited pigeon hole paradigms of perception. If we can struggle to see beyond ourselves and the illusions of time and space, we possibly can understand the nature of our universe more clearly.)

I will further have to confess, I received my best education from my mother, who was a very inquisitive woman, strict disciplinarian and a great philosopher. Even though she reprimanded me severely for my misconduct, she started me questioning the nature of our universe at a very young age. And so it was I became a novice, homemade philosopher myself…yet, without a philosophical college education. For people of reason, this would mean that I have holes in my academic economy…I assume, just like some of you out there.

So, with all of this in mind, let’s now try to figure the nature of our universe…keeping the details of my UFO encounters, and your experiences in mind.

(To be continued…in Part 2, Part 3, etc.)

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website ( to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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