The Forbidden Knowledge

………John Foster………..12-31-15

9, Sheradon cabin, old man lecturing at tubAs you will discover if you read the articles below and the articles on the Home page overview of John’s story, or if you read the books authored by John Foster, or read the books of other UFO contactees, much of the information is beyond common understanding. In the least, you could say the information is beyond belief. Or, for many reasons, you could say that the information is or might be “The Forbidden Knowledge!”

(The drawing above is my view as a mysterious old man began explaining, to my friend and I, details about the very mysterious things that were happening, facts about history, and details concerning the upside-down tub-like craft that hovered just in front of us. This was an all night encounter that occurred at The US Forest Service Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin in Western Wyoming…early June, 1957.)

I have found the unusual knowledge conveyed during UFO encouners certainly does seem to be unbelievable to the average person on the street, or most everyone I know. It even seems to be unbelievable to some of us who have experienced the encounters, or those who simply believe they’ve experienced UFO abduction without memory of the abduction. And what is most astonishing to me is that most everyone who has heard about my story, or other stories like it, don’t really care to hear or read about them at all…PERIOD…and that’s all there is to it! Case closed! They, including my wife Annie, simply are “not interested”….PERIOD! This does not seem normal or rational to me.

(Yet, I have to admit Annie has been extremely patient with me, listening to me recall and explain day after day, month after month, year after year, etc! …God bless her soul!)

On the other hand, I have found some people (like me) who have experienced the bizarre encounters and some people who don’t recall but who believe they might have experienced the encounters are somewhat overwhelmed by the unusual knowledge. They (we) are overwhelmed further by an intense nearly uncontrollable emotional reaction to UFO information no matter where it comes from. This overwhelming emotional reaction is related to, not only conscious and subconscious mental recollection of personal encounters, but in my view and some professional psychologists and psychiatrists views, it is related to the emotions we felt when the encounters took place.

Emotions being the fruits of knowledge, I believe it is most important that we try to understand them.

These overwhelming reactions to past personal encounters can be so severe that some people have experientially touched our modern definitions of psychosis, some to the point of feeling suicidal. However, to my knowledge, no UFO contactee I’ve heard about has attempted suicide.

Most UFO experiencers just touch the realm of psychosis, but remain completely rational. They (we) simply are faced with such unbelievable facts and such bizarre personal experience that it is very difficult to handle. Part of the reason is because it has been at least somewhat scientifically established that those of us who experience the encounters have penetrated what we have loosely and historically called the spiritual world.

It is a spiritual world that has some degree of credence. It has credence through the research of paranormal scientists, multiple witnesses and in some cases physical evidence that substantiate the experiencers’ stories, etc, etc. All of this indicates that the experiences actually are real. Realizing this from the beginning, a person like me has no where to turn for comfort or answers…because, it seems, no one I have found or heard about has the answers.

It is disturbing that some people like me have been placed in mental institutions or labeled psychotic because of what we have reported through our memories and our subsequent nearly uncontrollable emotions. Yet, as above, in many cases people like me have multiple witnesses and other supporting criteria that support the validity of our memories. This again means to me that what we experienced was real, even if it can’t be explained thorough common understandings.

As a matter of interest, R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD and June Parnell, PhD, with others, have sprung some UFO contactees out of mental institutions via legal action through the courts…thereby giving some legal credence to the validity of UFO encounters.

I am beginning to believe we feel the overwhelming mental/emotional reactions from our mysterious encounters because we have unveiled though our own initiative, or we have been forced to unveil what might be called “The Forbidden Knowledge!” And I am beginning to believe others don’t wish to hear about our mysterious encounters because they have been mysteriously conditioned not to want to know about “The Forbidden Knowledge”….the forbidden knowledge being the unusual information related to what we have called UFO encounters.

To put it another way: Most of our lives are being orchestrated so that most of us don’t want to know about information related to UFO phenomenon. Yet, UFO experiencers are placed in the awkward position of wanting to know and understand what happened during the encounters, but having been programmed previously, through mental and emotional manipulation (similar to hypnosis), to not want to know. It is a subconscious knowing or feeling…an intense continuous mental/emotional conflict that consumes our entire being. It is continuous because, for some mysterious reason, we cannot let go.

I have found, logically and rationally, that our lives are being orchestrated by mysterious intelligences who might be (or most probably are) in a position of authority over the Earth, who normally reside beyond the veil of the visible. In my case these mysterious intelligences have been identified as “the monitors or keepers of the Earth,” who are responisible to the Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel, who in turn are responsible to the entity we have historically called Christ, who I was told is in charge of this corner of our Universe.

During one encounter, “the voice” had me practice ESP and told me “we” would communicate through ESP in the future. If true, this would indicate that some of my thoughts possibly don’t simply originate from my mind, but are communicated to me mentally by one or more of “the mysterious UFO intelligences. The implications are awesome!

4, McConaughy small lights swirilingTo explain further, I believe a part of not wanting to know, also, is because what UFO contactees experience defies not only our previous common understanding of our physical world, but science as it has been defined by our modern authorities of academia and our governmental and industrial authorities who deal with advanced atomic research, subatomic research, and aerospace research. I also believe it is because we as a human culture presently are unveiling more of the nature of our universe that previously has been forbidden by those who we don’t normally see, those who might be in positions of authority over the Earth, who normally reside beyond the veil of the visible.

(The drawing above is my view of two friends as we were hunting below the dam at McCanaughy Lake in Western Nebraska…Fall 1976. Only half of a mysterious craft moved out of what appeared to be a horizontal slit in the atmosphere. It swirled small spotlights on its bottom making my companions appear extremely strange. After it stopped, my companions told me that the lights were shinning down on me. After the craft disappeared, we quit hunting. This strange incident is described in Chapter 4 of the book Eminent Discovery.)

I was told, by the mysterious intelligences others and I encountered, that we were only to see and hear what we were presented during the encounters and nothing more. In other words, we would not be given anything more than what we experienced, even if we asked questions. This indicates that at least some of the knowledge was/is forbidden. It also indicates that we were to be released at the end of the experience with “the new knowledge” we had just received, but we would only be able to recall it subconsciously. The new knowledge, it is reasonable to believe, would then subliminally influence our beliefs and feelings from that day forward. Yet, after recollection of the experiences, it is obvious that we can read between the lines of what has happened to us and formulate rational implications and conclusions. This is what I am attempting to do here.

The necessity of me not knowing what was taking place for the 46+ years of my more prominent experiences was obviously evident during my last encounter that occurred in August of 1986. At that time “the mysterious voice” told me that remembering my encounters would negate their purpose. The purpose of the encounters occurring, I was told, was so I could develop my metaphysical and spiritual talents and abilities, so I could carry out my “task,” for which I had been trained, educated and conditioned my entire life up to the point of that last encounter. Whether I’ve been influenced or subconsciously orchestrated or controlled since that time, for me, remains a huge unanswered question.

It is now obvious that my remembering ultimately ruined my ability to carry out my task, because knowing what has happened and what was/is planned to happen in the future has been so overwhelming.

Essentially, I have refused to participate in my task unless “they” show up again and convince me this is all for the benefit of humankind and in the interest of who we know as God.

s1 coffin coloredEvaluating everything I have been aware of since my 1986/1987 flood of recollections, I have judged that The Forbidden Knowledge has been hidden from humanity throughout the centuries…except at times, i.e. when it has been necessary to use individuals such as UFO contactees to guide the destiny of our human cultures toward the ends that are defined by those mysterious UFO intelligences, and possibly what we have thought of as spiritual entities.

(The drawing above is “the coffin-shaped object” that we encountered many times from about 1940 into the 1980s. It appears identical to an object that is in a Middle Age painting. The artist identified it as one of Ancient Egypt’s legendary flying boats.)

I feel I now am aware of much of “The Forbidden Knowledge.” …And so are others who have experienced UFO encounters and spiritual encounters. …And so will you be, if you continue reading.

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website ( to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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4 Responses to The Forbidden Knowledge

  1. It’s interesting to think about these things and wonder what’s happening “on the other side.” I don’t like the idea of there being “forbidden knowledge” and others who are in charge of releasing it to us a little at a time, but in a way I suppose that is just like our relationship with the Christian God (or between others and their gods). We believe in something greater than us…a large part of that is acknowledging that there is knowledge out there we don’t have access to. We believe it’s all for the good, or we wouldn’t believe in it in the first place. It has to do with trust and faith. Would we be able to have as much trust and faith in something we know well in terms of science and other limited measures as we do in the gods we don’t know beyond our own feelings and ancient writings? I’m not sure about that. The instant you add definition, you limit the scope of “god.” Maybe that’s why they didn’t want you to remember. It was, in a way, protection of your own sensibilities and sense of worth and hope and your personal beliefs. Then again, if “they” were god, wouldn’t they be able to make sure you did not remember anything or have any semblance of unsettledness that would make you want to know? For that reason, I have to think that they wanted you to remember. Hmmmm…


    • jafos says:

      Roadworkwriter, you have covered a lot of territory here. I believe there are many ways of looking at all of this, depending on where you happen to be in your quest of simply being alive, i.e. your feeling of being alive.

      Just looking at life simply, from birth to death, it seems as if life on Earth is a growing experience (or a growing field) where we are somewhat forced to live in a limited body box of perception, the box containing the five senses and much more of which we are not normally aware. I’m sure this would include the mind and soul as we have been taught to perceive them. In the end analysis, it might indeed be solely the mind and soul that grows. Yet, because we learn from day to day, there has to be knowledge of which we have not been aware. From past experience, I know if we were privy to some of this knowledge, it would be devastating to our sense of well being…thus, in a sense, it is “forbidden knowledge” at least for a time until we are ready to receive it.

      This truly might be what has happened to me. I still might not be ready to receive it. What might be bothering me most is that those who orchestrated the encounters still remains a mystery…unless what they told me was true. I won’t truly know unless they show up again and convince me this is all for the betterment of humankind and in the interest of who we know as God.

      But according to my concept of the Christian God, he didn’t promise us a bed of Roses. I believe it is obvious that we grow through trial and conflict…of course with intermittent periods of peace and reflection. If the truth truly be known, I suspect that it is at least a part of us who contacts us from beyond the veil of the visible…that part of us who is in closer contact with the original primary Creator. This was subtly conveyed to me through a few unusual UFO experiences.

      In the process of dealing with all of this, I have found it is trust and faith that must be learned and earned through trial and conflict…as it especially has been demonstrated by the trials of Christ and others of ancient and modern history.

      Through my trials and errors and from reading religious and historical material, I have found that we are pardners with God to create life, which is a part of the universe, from moment to moment. As we learn through the good times as well as the difficult, as we get better at it, we grow closer to the primary Creator…which in the end, we are told, is the primary objective.

      Yet, my experience with normal people who have not had UFO encounters, as well as some people who have, indicates that they are not in the least interested. Because I know the knowledge conveyed through UFO encounters is extremely meaningful, important and monumental for humankind as a whole, I can only assume for those who are not yet interested, it is “forbidden knowledge.” The fact that some people were not aware during some of the experiences indicates, for them, it was “forbidden knowledge.” In those cases the experience and the release of the knowledge was controlled by those who normally reside beyond the veil of the visible, whoever they truly might be. If it is who they said they were, the Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel and their legions, I feel better about it.

      One might say: When a person is ready, the knowledge will be received.

      Thank you very much for commenting.

      I don’t know if all of this will make sense…but I wish you and yours the very, very best.


      • Wow, that all really makes sense. In a way, because of the experiences you’ve had and the circumstances surrounding them, you are existing with one foot in and one foot out of that amazing hidden reality. I see how living in two worlds would cause extremely frustrating feelings in itself. Plus, because other people don’t have the same benefit of living in two worlds, the way they perceive what you are trying to tell them is completely different than what you expect. How frustrating to try to communicate under those circumstances! On the other hand, if “everything is as it should be”, then there is maybe a reason for what you are going through. You might be one of just a few, for example, who have what it takes to live in two worlds without being destroyed. That doesn’t mean it would be easy for you! But maybe you are one of those who can actually accomplish it.

        If you think about life in general, there are many situations where it’s better not to have knowledge. If you don’t know where the jewels are, the robber doesn’t want to abduct you. Parents don’t want children to know some of the harsh realities of life until they are old enough to have defenses against that knowledge. So, in other words, as you said, there may be a reason people are unable to hear what you have to say.

        Where does that leave you? I believe you are meant to help us stretch. So many people have heard your story, and it has changed the way they think. Some who know that you are sane and upstanding have found they have to take seriously the possibility that other beings and worlds exist. Some who have struggled with their own experiences hear your story and feel there is confirmation and a partial explanation (and a small measure of peace). Even those who react negatively are touched by what you have to say. Sometimes denial is the first stage of learning something new!


  2. jafos says:

    Roadworkwriter you have covered it nicely. I don’t believe I can add to what you have said without boring readers. Thanks a million. I will continue writing about other angles when the time is (w)right.


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