What is the evidence that indicate these so-called UFO encounters were real…and what is evidence, really?

……….John Fosrer……….2-28-16

To be somewhat elementary for a time:

The primary evidence supporting the reality of my encounters comes from my memory, just as the primary evidence of what you did yesterday comes from your memory. Both of our memories, lets assume for clarity, are not supported by what we call physical evidence. And let’s assume that the things I recall from years past possibly or likely are more bizarre than what you recall concerning what you did yesterday. And most of my recollections concerning my encounters come from many years past.   

Yet, I assume you also recall some things that occurred during your early childhood. Some recollections are probably clearer than others.

Well, it’s the same with me. Some of my memories are clearer than others. You probably have some people who are near you now who were with you during those occurrences you recall from your childhood. And those people who were with you or near you likely recall some of the things you recall.

…It’s the same with me. Yet, again, my recollections might be more bizarre than yours, which for some people might require more proof for them to believe my memories.

Also, If you attended a ball game yesterday and there were some unusual things that happened, others most likely also recall those unusual things, possibly someone who was with you. You might have looked for witness reports today and you found some, let’s say written in the newpaper.

Well, it’s the same with me. Like you, I have a few to several witnesses who were present during a few to several encounters and they have reported some of the same things I recall. (And I do recall a couple of articles in a local newspaper that described some of what occurred at the Bethany Grade School Playground encounter during the late summer of 1950, or a year close to 1950. I have looked for the article, but haven’t yet found it. And at one time during my teen years, my family had from 4 to 8 photographs, 2 or four of a disc-shaped craft manifesting and 2 or 4 of “the booth” manifesting. One of the photos of the booth showed my cousins and me waving from inside the booth. Unfortunately, the photos were destroyed because, at that time, no one knew what they were. Yet, I recall the photos vividly in my memories. If only I had them now….!)

We both have memories that are supported by some witnesses and possibly news reports.

As time passes you read about some unusual things that occur during typical ball games, and by golly, you suddenly recall that one or more of those same things occurred at the ball game you attended yesterday. This convinces you and those who hear about it that what you recall is real and accurate. (Actually, believe it or not, I and others had UFO encounters during ball games…football games, basketball games and baseball games.)

It’s pretty much as simple as that, except what I recall is supported by well over a hundred facts and occurrences. These are reported in written modern and ancient history and legendry, some facts and happenings that go way back, especially to the ancient Sumerian culture, to the ancient Egyptian culture, to Biblical times, etc, to the very creation of humankind.

Some of my memories of my strange encounters are also supported by what you could call scientific details reported by other UFO experiencers during our modern times and also by others in history. The over one hundred supporting facts and happenings include similar crafts and objects that I and others have seen in historical paintings, for instance. And to be brief, mysterious occurrences described in The Bible and other religious and historical documents are similar to some things that occurred during my encounters… a mysterious voice speaking from a cloud or thin air for instance.

Another strange thing about my encounters that is similar to encounters experienced by others during our modern times is that we experiencers are hypnotized or programmed in some strange way so we can’t remember the encounters until, possibly, sometime in our future. And when we do recall, it’s as if we can recall in extreme detail. Our memories then are held in unusual clarity for the rest of our lives.

This fact is supported by scientific research and has been demonstrated by many other UFO conctactees. Our memories are very upsetting to varying degrees, in some cases upsetting the rest of our lives to the point it causes problems with loved ones. For instance, a research project has reported that over 70 percent of marriages break up if one partner experiences UFO encounters. If both partners experience the encounters, the percentage is over 80.

Others and I have found that not everyone present during the encounters remember. Some witnesses never remember during their entire lives. (This, along with other “evidence” suggests to me that not all who are present during UFO encounters are meant to recall what happened…as it is purposefully orchestrated by “the mysterious intelligences” to orchestrate the encounters.)

Even if we have hardware used as hard evidence to support our memories, when the hardware is not in our hands, right before our eyes, we have to interpret the hard evidence through our memories. Therefore, we can assume that nothing in the past is really real except as interpreted through our memories.

I could go on from here trying to validate my memories. However, in the end, you have to believe what I am reporting and I have to believe what you are reporting by judging the veracity of each of our characters. In future articles I hope to include much more general and specific evidence, through memory, that will support the validity of my encounters.

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website (http://www.johnfosterufos.com) to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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