A UFO encounter…up on the roof top…mid 1970s

………John Foster…….3-20-16

Addressing a few typical abduction mysteries through a multiple participant UFO abductee/contactee encounter

(Remembering “Whimp:” For readers familiar with 1950s Northeast Lincoln, the neighbor who validated a part of this encounter at the bottom of this article…the man who came over to have coffee…was Winston Holverson. Unfortunately, he is now physically deceased…but I am now certain he is still alive on the other side of the veil of the visible. In the end, he became our friend. I dedicate this true unusual story to him.)

This is a narration and discussion of another actual family UFO encounter that ultimately occurred up on our roof top. It addresses the abduction mysteries of:  
✽ the phenomena of changing size…the changing size of the craft and the changing size of human bodies as they move into “the bubble” or “the distorted atmosphere”
✽ the question of…Were we ”in or out-of-body?”
✽ the purpose of UFO encounters in general, or rather the particular multiple purposes of a specific, unique encounter
✽ the hidden destiny of each human individual…thus the destiny of humankind
✽ subliminal motivation forced on UFO abductees or contactees from mysterious intelligences who normally reside beyond the veil of the visible
✽ the clandestine nature of actual physical encounters that involve “other dimensional” elements
✽ witness recollection and forgetfulness…a witness who remembered and then forgot
✽ and other things.

In this presentation, I will address some of the most unbelievable (beyond what we know as natural) happenings that are related to many UFO encounters…happenings that most UFO abductees don’t wish to reveal, because the strange occurrences are just too bizarre. We feel we will be ridiculed to the point of losing our jobs, friends and relatives. Besides this, it is stressful to experience things that lay beyond what we have been taught is rational or natural. We suffer from our recollections and we pay a heavy emotional and intellectual (and sometimes physical) price during the encounters and long after the encounters have concluded. In varying degrees, we suffer from post traumatic stress syndrom.

As you read the following narration, like most all others who have read my books, you hopefully will conclude that there is no way that I could have imagined or dreamt up such a bizarre story. This is the first time this particular encounter has been revealed to anyone beyond our immediate family. Keep in mind this is just one of many encounters our family experienced and one of an enormous number that I experienced over a lifetime of 46 years.

Well, this all sounds somewhat complicated, doesn’t it? But, as I found out after I recalled, in 1987, the enormous number of UFO encounters that I and others had experienced intermittently over a period of the 46 years, life was indeed complex…well beyond what I had previously imagined.

This is an encounter that took place in the mid 1970s, at our old farmstead on the outskirts of Lincoln, Nebraska, a rather typical moderately sized, middle class, middle American, Bible Belt metropolis. (It occurred at 75th and Leighton Streets.) The unusual UFO encounter involved all five members of our immediate family. Each of us was given small bits of information and each experienced related bizarre sequences that suggested what our individual purpose or life meaning might be or would be. It also involved who I call “the mysterious intelligences,” who I later found had contacted me from my very early childhood, from 1939 or 1940…until the summer of 1986 when the so-called Ets and I had a “parting of the ways.”

It was an early Fall, a weekend day…early afternoon. While our son, Brad, our youngest daughter, Kari, and I were repairing the brick fireplace chimney on the outside of the house, we experienced a couple of very close momentary sightings of a disc-shaped UFO that manifested out of what I call “a distorted atmosphere.” The unusual atmosphere also involved a haze or moderately thin fog. When we saw it, it was like looking through a large magnifying glass at times, as it would fluctuate to varying degrees from time to time. The disc would gradually appear and fade back into the natural (and not so natural fluctuating) three dimensional atmosphere…and at times we felt somewhat disoriented (a similar reaction other abductees have reported during some of the strange transitions that occurred during their own encounters.

Our oldest daughter was working in her “shared sisters bedroom” on the second floor and Annie began to rake the leaves on our very old red brick patio that was just outside our front door. The door was actually facing the yard in back, because the old house was remodeled when paved streets were developed in our now new neighborhood. We had an old dilapidated barn, a corn crib, an old stable, an old chicken house and an old detached cottage, which we had tenderly nurtured back to life, with tender loving reconstructive care. The trees were plenty, the flowers and shrubs abundant and the huge garden always a chore. The wonderful old buildings and land, indeed, seemed to be a Garden of Eden that was still emerging from what seemed to be a rough but glorious past. It was a perfect setting in which to raise our children. All three of them have loved it to the fullest. However, we eventually found that the new neighbors didn’t appreciate the old place as much as we did.

Not fully remembering our brief encounters with the disc, Brad and I began helping Annie on the patio, while Kari joined Kindra in their shared bedroom. It was “cleaning day” in the old Foster farmstead household.

I climbed up a ladder to check the shingles on the roof, poking fun at the girls from time to time through their bedroom window. But suddenly I felt strange and began to move up the steepness of the roof. When I arrived at the ridge, I saw what seemed to be blue fog on the north end. It was such a weird sight, I crawled down the roof and again began to help Annie with the leaves on the patio. But then, something indeed strange happened. It seemed as if we climbed the ladder again, but when we began crawling up the roof, I discovered that we were not crawling at all, but moving effortlessly a few inches above it. Or we were indeed being levitated in a strange manner that fooled us into thinking we were crawling. As we passed the girls’ bedroom window, we called out for them to join us, and we invited Brad to join us from below.

I know, it’s unbelievable. But I also know it actually happened. The others for some unknown reason seemed to be having a great time…but I began to worry about what seemed to be the non-natural elements of what we were experiencing…which at times seemed to be very subtle.

From this point on, I will leave out descriptive comments because there is not enough room here to include them, even though I feel the emotional and intellectual details are extremely important. I feel the sequences of what happened are the most important because they give us knowledge concerning the true nature of UFO phenomenon and the various messages the encounters convey through unique experience and verbal exchanges with “the mysterious intelligences.” The following will be somewhat in outline form, describing what happened and what was said.

When we arrived at the ridge of the roof, in the center of the house, we were all somewhat confused because it seemed as if we were smaller than before. It also seemed as if we had been smaller as we climbed the steepness of the roof, which under normal circumstances could not be crawled at all. It was just too steep.

As we sat there on the ridge, we saw and heard a churning of fog or a cloud that moved past us to the north end of the roof. There it settled motionless and began to dissipate. And as it dissipated, we saw what seemed to be a windowed object emerge from out of the fog and distorted atmosphere. We all were frightened, but brave Kindra stood up and said she was going to see what it was all about, then began walking on the ridge toward the object.

I, the father, was petrified. I could not imagine what might be happening. But, being the father, I knew I had to protect my daughter. So I stood up and walked the ridge to the windowed object. It sat just beside the ridge on the north end and did not extend beyond the end of the roof. I noticed that the object was white, elongated north to south. As I passed a windowed door on the side of the object, I noticed Kindra sitting inside. She waved at me but motioned for me to wait. It was as if she were talking to someone inside. So I waited.

After a short time, Kindra opened the door and began talking with me. She said, “They don’t really want to talk to me, they want you to sit inside. They told me that I would do something different that involved helping people. But they said that they wanted you to sit inside so they can convince you that you should cooperate with the flying discs and objects in some sort of program to help humans.” She said she had seen some strange objects and craft inside at the front of the craft. It seemed very confusing, so she quit trying to explain. She got out and encouraged me to get in, which I did and she apparently returned to her mother, Brad and Kari…shutting the door as she left. (Or the door was automatically closed by someone or something I couldn’t see.)

As I sat there on a bench at the back of the elongated craft, I began to hear a voice speak to me from the front. And I began to see what seemed like a movie screen at the front wall, but it was not a normal movie screen; it was as if I were looking through the wall, really seeing three dimensionally. From time to time, as the voice spoke, I would see flying craft and objects of varying forms fly from the bottom of the screen, up off the top. Or they zoomed in from the sides. They were in what seemed to be fog or clouds with natural landscape appearing beyond as the craft and clouds moved from place to place. It seemed somewhat like a planned video program that was somewhat spontaneous.

The voice spoke in a very authoritarian manner, asking me to cooperate and commit myself to “the project” or “program.” It was a rich male voice that vaguely seemed familiar. And I believe he mentioned something about “the orphans” (which you will discover have a solid connection to many of my other encounters, as well as a connection to “the familiar strangers.”)

Well, I probably don’t have to tell you this was way too strange for me to endure or understand, so I refused to cooperate. I assume because I refused to cooperate, I was eventually allowed to get out of the object and return to Annie and the kids who were waiting for me on the ridge in the center of the roof.

As we discussed what had just happened, we noticed a distorted atmosphere and fog began to develop beside us…and we eventually saw a windowed booth-type object appear. We heard a voice encouraging us to enter the booth and sit on the bench that extended along the back wall from end to end, from east to west. We all got in and began discussing what it all might mean.

But then, Brad and I finally got out and began to inspect the booth from the outside. While we were there, another volume of distorted atmosphere, fog and eventually a craft or rather an eliptical-shaped tent-like object developed at the south end of the roof. And the male voice encouraged Brad to come on down the roof and enter the tent-like object.

I got very confused and was somewhat disoriented. I began to get very worried about Brad, as he moved down the ridge toward the object. Shortly after he entered an open door on the east side of the object, I began to recall other encounters that involved the voice, the craft and other strange sequences that I had experienced in my past. It was not a good feeling because, as I could recall, “they,” whoever they were, to my recollection, never did tell me who they were or what it was all about. I began to move down the ridge toward the craft and Brad.

As I arrived a the open door, I heard the voice telling Brad to go to the center of the room, knell down and face the door. The voice then said other things about a light that would approach his forehead and encouraged him not to be frightened, because what was to happen would improve him as a human being. When I heard this sequence and saw the light approach his forehead, I began to get extremely concerned because I could then recall going through the same sequence many times, which as I recalled was somewhat ceremonial…which in turn frightened me. I walked right over to Brad, grabbed him by the arm and told him we were going to get out of there immediately. And we did, returning to the booth-like object at the center of the roof where Annie and Kari were receiving some information from the same voice or another voice, concerning their future…most of which I didn’t hear.

At this point, we moved to the ground, again not fully realizing we floated just inches above the shingles. As we again stood on the patio, we began to forget all that had taken place. But, I remember feeling as if something strange had just happened. It was a feeling that I was to experience often as I grew through the future decades. We all continued our chores and never again talked about our trek to the roof top after that…not even during the remainder of that same day.


This, I’m sure you will agree, is somewhat unbelievable. However, several days (a week or a few weeks) later an old school classmate, who had moved into a new house just across the street, began to come over to our house to have coffee. This occurred over a period of several days or weekends. He was very friendly, which he hadn’t been during our high school days. And we then sort of hit it off, so to speak.

Well, one day as we were sitting on our red brick patio, sipping coffee, he insisted that I go over to his new house with him so he could “show it off.” When we arrived in his dining room, he admitted he really hadn’t called me over to see his new house, but he wanted to get me alone so I could tell him about the strange blue cloud and strange craft he had seen over (or on) our roof, at the north end. He apparently had seen it the day we had our family encounter above the roof. Since he had mentioned it, I also began to recall the encounter. As I began to ask him to describe what he saw in more detail, he described the blue cloud and craft, but then began to forget it as he spoke. After stammering a few things I couldn’t understand, he had apparently forgotten the entire affair.

This establishes for me the fact that the encounter actually took place, at least similarly as I recall it. It also brings us to a discussion of some of the abduction mysteries stated above, at the beginning of this entry.

✽ the phenomena of changing size…the changing size of the craft and the changing size of human bodies as they move into “the bubble” or “the distorted atmosphere:”
– This has been one of the phenomenal UFO puzzles that have been reported in modern times, to my knowledge since I was a child during the 1940s. It seems completely unbelievable because none of us besides UFO abductees witness it during normal times. However, I know because of the similarity of the reports concerning changing size it has happened during UFO encounters experienced by others and it happened this time…up on our roof top. The mysterious voice did not explain it to me personally. However, Eric Julien in his book The Science Of Extraterrestrials describes the unusual transition of size change during UFO encounters as an overlapping of another time/space continuum on our time/space continuum…both as they are defined by our higher physical sciences. Time and space it seems are linked and other time/space continuums theoretically are not necessarily related to the same scale as our three dimensions, including the human body. To further this idea along, I once discovered that a tall friend who was hunting pheasants very close to the rest of us was levitated through the distorted atmosphere into a very small windowed craft that hovered about 12 feet high very close to us…Chapter 14 of the book Eminent Discovery, which you can find at the bottom of this home page. When she returned, she was completely disoriented. We assumed then, as she passed into the distorted atmosphere, she most likely had become small, to fit the other overlapping time/space dimension, so to speak. It is obvious to me that we do not induce or imagine the overlap of the other continuum in our minds Because I recall so many details, I know that the mysterious intelligences purposefully manifest the other dimension upon ours in ways we common folk presently cannot understand. I could go into more detail, but it would be best for you to read Eric’s book.

✽ the question of…Were we ”in or out-of-body?”
– If you recall, as we moved up the roof toward the ridge, I noticed that we were smaller, but I could see Annie and I believe she could see me. Also, as we crouched on the ridge, I could see the kids, and I could see Kindra get up and walk north, etc. Well, I have experienced other encounters when I was “out-of-body. The guides or voice told me I was out of body. They forced me out at times. And the thing is, I could not see others who also were out-of-body, but I could see their body and my body at a location some distance away. Therefore, during this encounter, I have concluded that the dimensional overlap caused the mysterious effects concerning almost everything as we perceive it in our physical bodies.

✽ the purpose of UFO encounters in general, or rather the particular multiple purposes of a specific, unique encounter
– The purpose of UFO encounters in general I am sure is multifaceted, including many aims that affect all of humankind. However, one might sum up the overall purpose, or rather the overall meaning by stating simply that the mysterious intelligences behind the mind boggling encounters are at the foundation of our human reality. They orchestrate the trends of our culture by orchestrating individuals such and my family members and me, similarly as it has been shown in this encounter. This includes an enormous number of people world wide…thus the totality of humankind.

✽ the hidden destiny of each human individual…thus the destiny of humankind
– Because I recall so many encounters that involve me being orchestrated to some extend, at least as far as I would allow it though my knowledge of what obviously happened, I can surmise that my life in general has been orchestrated, including my engineering vocations and the development of my artistic talents. This is explained further in Chapter 8 of the book Eminent Discovery. In other parts of my books, it is explained that I was and possibly still am being influenced through an ESP communication with the Ets, whoever they truly are. They told me this directly during at least one other encounter when I was a teenager. And it is obvious the clandestine encounters that occurred throughout my life in three dimensional time/space, such as this encounter, influenced me in ways I might never understand. Therefore, I feel my destiny has been orchestrated, and since I believe many of us have been influenced in similar ways, one could say the destiny of humankind is also orchestrated according to the will of those who orchestrate, at least to some degree. I’ve been told that “they” the brotherhoods, etc. are responsible to who we have previously known as the Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel. However, I’ve also been told that they are only allowed to interfere with human destiny when things are out of control or dangerous.

✽ subliminal motivation forced on abductees from mysterious intelligences who normally reside beyond the veil of the visible
– Suffice to say, the paragraph above alludes to the subliminal nature of ESP communication from Ets, or whoever they are, during normal times.

✽ the clandestine nature of actual physical encounters that involve “other dimensional” elements
– The paragraph above addressing changing size alludes to, or somewhat answers the questions related to the other dimensional elements of UFO encounters. I have been told by “the voice” during my last overt encounter that remembering the encounters would negate their purpose. If this is true, I can assume then that we are not to know the planned hidden aspects of human life as we live on Earth. “They” simply want us to experience life within the boundaries of typical three dimensional reality…in a box, the body box…I assume so we can grow and advance into more capable beings who will one day, after death, transfer or ascend into a higher realm…or, to be perfectly blunt, Heaven, as it is described in The Bible and other religious documents. It is also possible that we are to experience three dimensional existence simply for the extrinsic values of being humanly alive.

✽ witness recollection and forgetfulness…a witness who remembered and then forgot
– The schoolmate who told me that he saw the blue cloud and craft I have found was somewhat a typical UFO encounter witness. He recalled the encounter for some time, but then began to forget it. I also found when I approached others who had been with me during other encounters, they immediately denied they were there with me. However, in almost every case, as I ask them gently but repeatedly in baby steps to recall, they were finally astonished that they hadn’t thought of the encounter since it had occurred. After at time they remembered more but also some of them temporarily forgot what they had previously remembered. Considering all of the above, this would point toward the altruistic motives of the so-called Ets who have stated that they don’t want us to remember.

✽ and other things.
– Of course this discussion could go on forever, considering the immense implications of all UFO encounters that we as a culture know about…recorded in writing, on video, etc. or not. What’s important, I believe is to realize so called UFO encounters have been with us since the beginning. I feel it is now time for humans to get on with it and integrate what we know of the minute details related to UFO encounters into our religions, sciences and history. It is now time for us to become inter-galactic, multi-dimensional citizens.

You can discover the entire story through my three books that are linked to Amazon. com in the black strip above.

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website (http://www.johnfosterufos.com) to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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