How can UFO encounters actually happen…”black as a void!”

We all normally live in a virtual reality…in a pigeon hole body box of perception…a virtual holographic reality

Discovering the Holographic Universe Hypotheses

When going to consult with one of my health care specialists, I ran onto one of my former female therapists, the one we all called “the Sargent.” We called her “the Sargent” because she was in complete control, ordering a group of older to ancient men around the gym. We did whatever she told us, because we knew she wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

Well, as I stood there talking with her about my UFO encounters, we discussed how these things could actually happen in real time and space. We talked about Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe.  And, being an expert in the physical functions of the human body, she confidently said, “Well, really, human reality is really a virtual reality. It’s because everything we see and feel is nothing more that electrical impulses that are transmitted to our brains. According to our current modern understandings, we are nothing more than virtual reality machines!”    

I thought about it instantly, through my research and development mind, and I also realized right then and there that she was right. We, at all times, live a virtual reality.

Then when I began to think more deeply about it, I realized that if you put Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe together with the virtual reality concepts and with what I know about my own UFO experiences being orchestrated by “the mysterious intelligences,” one can only conclude that the UFO encounters are most probably orchestrated from some other location than our time/space as Holographic Images…very similar to watching or experiencing a virtual reality video.

(If you would like to understand the Holographic Universe concept more deeply, click on to the Holographic Universe article I wrote for UFO Digest online: and/or read Michael Talbot’s book The Holographic Universe.)

At least parts of the UFO encounters I and those people with me experienced being orchestrated from another location was somewhat evident during several encounters. The following are examples that point toward that concept.

The all night Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin UFO Encounter

(For a deeper understanding of what happened during this all-night encounter, you can find a detailed narration in Chapter 9 of the book Eminent Discovery.)

During one early sequence that occurred that night we witnessed a disc-shaped craft appearing in the clear atmosphere, traveling several yards, then disappearing….and a short time later reappearing at the same spot, traveling several yards then disappearing in the same spot, etc. This lasted for quite some time. It flew from 5 to 7 feet above the ground and I walked on both sides of the flight path to make sure it was real.

What was equally astonishing was “the voice” who continuously spoke from the craft about history and other esoteric things that I don’t quite remember. His message had something to do with history, what was happening at the time and I believe the development of the United States. It was so shocking and he spoke so fast and continuous during the periods of flight that we had a hard time listening. When the craft disappeared, the voice garbled out into silence, until a few to several seconds later the voice garbled in as the disc reappeared exactly in the spot where it had appeared before.

Another most puzzling thing was that sometimes, as the voice garbled out and in, we heard static, as if it were a radio broadcast. We figured if that was true then the visual image also had to be something like a TV broadcast. However if it was, it had to be a three dimensionally visual, a fully experiential broadcast. And if it were a broadcast, it obviously had to be originating from some other unknown location.

Other phenomenon that occurred that night also indicated that the things we were witnessing were in some way related to what I now know is the holographic universe concept. However, it was a reality that was being orchestrated by someone who we couldn’t see at the time…even though we experienced the men, orphans, familiar strangers, crafts and objects in what seemed to be normal three dimensional Earthly life.

We were in a state of astonishment all night. And I was equally astonished when I first recalled the entire encounter in 1986 and 1987.

Encountering a disc-shaped craft on a limestone bluff east of the entrance to Chadron State Park in Nebraska…early 1950s…  The craft was three dimensionally physical on one side and a black nebulous nothing on the other side.

When I was a mid teenager, about the early to mid 195os, my family made our yearly visit to Chadron State Park in Nebraska. My two sisters and I always looked forward to it because it was beautiful country and the teenage girl and boy who were the children of the park superintendent we considered our friends. We looked forward to adventures with them in the park every summer.

As we did for several summers, the other boy and I eventually climbed the limestone butte just east of the park entrance. And, as you might have already guessed, we had at least one short or long UFO encounter. It possibly was a sighting that was very close to us or we had a loss of time. When we told our parents and the other kids about it, the girls showed some interest, so we climbed the cliff one more time after supper that night.

While we were on top of the butte, discovering the wonders of nature, we saw a craft and the girl of the other family decided that we should tell our parents, so we descended the cliff. On our way down, we saw the saucer (possibly the windowed saucer) below us near the beautiful old lagoon, which was located near the park entrance. I was more athletic than the others, so I was the first to flat solid ground.

I ran west, several feet south of the saucer, which remained relatively still in the same position, hovering and floating a little. When I got on the west side of it, I turned around. I got shocked to see nothing but black on the west side of the saucer. It was black as a void with no color at all, but in the exact shape of the saucer. It seemed as if there was nothing there but total black space. I didn’t even see the reflection of light anywhere in the void. When the others arrived, they were so concerned, they ran for the house to tell our parents.

As I recall, by the time our parents could do anything, the saucer was gone. But the mystery remained. Seeing the saucer was shocking enough, but how was it that one side was black as a void, not even three dimensional atmosphere.

It now seems obvious this was a stark example of a holographic three dimensional image that was projected by some mysterious someone from some other mysterious location. The east side of the saucer seemed fully three dimensionally physical…and the west side black as a void. It also seems obvious now that whoever projected the image wanted us to see the black void, as well as experience the difference between the three dimensional image and the black void…for what reason, I can only conjecture. The purpose possibly was to set in our minds that normal three dimensional reality on Earth is somewhat holographic, orchestrated from some other extraterrestrial location, or possibly from our three dimensional Earthly location, but from another unseen overlying or underlying dimension.

A small booth materializes; the voice encourages students to get in; an argument ensues; and the back of the booth appears to be “black as a void”…all in Nebraska City, after a basketball game in the Fall of about 1952.

As I recall, this was my first trip to an out-of-town basketball game. It was at Nebraska City in Nebraska. My folks drove us to Nebraska City. I was in Seventh Grade and my two older sisters, who were with us, were in the Eighth and Ninth Grades.

We  were a little late, and as we were walking up to the doors of the gym, we saw UFO craft fly above us. I got so excited that I chased them for about a block where they dissolved back into the atmosphere or disappeared by some trees.

I returned to the gym door where my parents were waiting and we entered the gym. I then witnessed my first high school basketball game.

When the game was over, as we were walking away from the gym, we saw the craft again and I chased them again for about one downtown city block. They flew as before about 100 feet above us and they again disappeared by some means I don’t recall. They likely moved off over the tops of the commercial buildings in downtown Nebraska City.

Then as we were walking to the main street, at the intersection on the main street, we notice a commotion, as if there were a confrontation taking place. When we arrived at the intersection, we saw who I believe was one of the basketball players. We saw him yell at what seemed to be a strange white booth-like structure that appeared similar to the cabin of a stage coach…one open window on either side of an open door.

Approaching just feet away from the booth we saw and heard the older boy yelling at the booth in anger. It was bizarre. We didn’t understand until we heard a voice speaking from the booth about something I don’t recall. It seemed as if the boy was nearly out of his head with anger and the voice seemed to be taunting him. I didn’t know at that time that this type of routine would occur in other places, several other times as I grew older…with other objects and craft and with other men.

What was most astonishing was that the boy and three or four other students got into the booth and the voice continued to talk with them about things I don’t recall.

When we walked around to the back side of the booth we were amazed to see that it appeared “black as a void.” Again, the blackness was in the shaped of the booth as if it were nothing at all, again, not even atmosphere. We also noticed that there were what seemed to be small spotlights shinning down on the booth to illuminate the front more brilliantly than the street lights.

Not able to figure out what was happening, we finally went on our way to the nearest restaurant for refreshments. Leaving the restaurant, we noticed the booth was no longer in the intersection. We then headed out of town remembering our encounter with the booth until we got home. After we got home, I don’t believe we mentioned a word about it.

This was the only time I recall seeing the back of the booth “black as a void.” But it wasn’t the only time I saw the small spot lights shinning down on an object or craft.

Three or four discs with headlights materialize “black as a void,” 7 feet above the ground, not more than 7 feet away.

One of the most puzzling times I and others saw the craft manifest was at an Native American Reservation just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico when I traveled on one of the “lost trips” in the early 1950s. (See Chapter 5 of the book Eminent Discovery for an explanation concerning lost trips.)

While my aunt and uncle were refreshing themselves at a bar (just before bars would be closed on Indian reservations during that period), my cousins and I waited outside near their car. As we were milling around, we heard hissing roars very near us, not more than 7 to 10 feet away, and we then witness four of the small disc-shaped craft manifest into the evening atmosphere. They were so close, I might have been able to reach out and touch them. What was most astonishing though was that they appeared to be “black as a void,” except for their headlights which continued shinning dimly. They hovered right next to us for the longest time and I vaguely recall that we heard the voice speaking, but I can’t recall what he said.

After a time we went into the bar and informed my aunt and uncle, but I don’t recall what happened after that…until the next day, i.e. when my uncle admonished me because he thought I was responsible for the crafts’ appearances. We continued on from there on our “lost trip” to the Taos, New Mexico area and elsewhere…experiencing UFO sightings and longer experiences along the way.

The  objects and craft appearing to be “black as a void” now seems to indicate that they were somehow manifested as holographic images, but in a sort of real life-like, time/space experiential manner. The encounters appeared so real, I am wondering if normal life might have similar holographic elements that we experience in our holographic bodies.

What do you think?

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website ( to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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