The first of several reviews of “The 1975 Dillon Lake UFO Encounter”

6, Dillion Lk, kids and craft out over lakeMost lengthy encounters that lasted for hours were broken into what I would call episodes of different types, each episode unique in activity and meaning. However, many encounters or episodes, throughout the 46+ years were similar in many respects. On the other hand, some episodes were sort of one-of-a-kind occurrences. The 1975 Dillon Lake encounter included some of these unique episodes.

Sometimes significant periods divided episodes and sometimes not. In most cases, during the periods that separated the episodes, we were not totally conscious of what happened previously. If you think about it, this is what happens during normal circumstances; we are not totally aware of what happened to us and others an hour ago. Therefore the affect of “missing time” connected to UFO encounters I feel is not that unusual…unless the entire encounter was forgotten.   

Presently, according to my current recollections, the Dillon Lake encounter is the encounter that has the most witnesses who recall at least some parts. I believe I recall nearly all of the encounter from early and mid afternoon until about 11 PM that evening, in what I feel is extreme detail…i.e, unless there were other episodes that occurred that we and others (strangers) haven’t yet recalled and reported. It has been approximately 30 years since my “flood of recollections,” and it’s been almost exactly 41 years since the encounter occurred. Yet, I still recall some episodes minute by minute, second by second.

In the following narrations and analysis I will try to present the facts as I recall them as clearly as I can. In this way, I hope to avoid misunderstandings and keep erroneous memories to a minimum.

(A narrated version of this 1975 Dillon Lake UFO Encounter is in Chapter 6 of the book Eminent Discovery.) (The photos below are of Dillon Lake from Google Earth.  Left click for a larger view.)


dillon lake area x1The 1975 Dillon Lake Encounter was witnessed at different times, totally, by six people in our family; no other people to my knowledge witnessed the strange things that took place, except possibly some strangers at the campground who were close to our campsite. However, I don’t recall anyone mentioning anything about the strange occurrences that afternoon, nor during the evening, nor during the time we were there the next morning. There were not too many people at the campground while we were there. We did ask a family that was in a RV trailer that was located just south of the toilets and northwest of our campsite. As I recall, they didn’t recall seeing anything unusual. (There were some people and a few cars in the parking lot when Kindy and I walked down there later. But no one seemed to see the craft or be aware of it.)

Our youngest daughter Karen did have an emotional reaction all the next morning as we prepared to leave for Lake City, Colorado where my father spent a few wonderful years of his youth. (Karen’s account is in Appendix B of the book Eminent Discovery.) We have inquired at the local newspaper offices, in the late 1990s or early 2000s, to see if there are records of others reporting strange occurrences at Dillon Lake and so far there are no reports we are aware of.

I feel people not remembering or not being aware of the strange things that occurred is a testament to the excellent abilities of  the “mysterious intelligences” who orchestrate the encounters. They seemed to have the ability to turn awareness or time on and off per individual human.

This Dillon Lake encounter was one of a few to many “family encounters” that included a few to several witnesses. These family encounters included my family when I was young (five people) and encounters that occurred after Annie and I had our three children (five people)….and combinations thereof during different UFO encounters. However, among other things, witnessing an occurrence is based on time, especially considering the fact that most encounters were hidden in the minds of witnesses as or after the encounters concluded. I.e. the important questions are: What was the time period each witness observed or experienced the encounter and during what episodes (what times) were they aware and present? Some people were present during some episodes but not aware. Some seemed to be frozen and not able to move, for instance. Some people have remembered something about a UFO encounter, then forgot for a period, then remembered, or they never remember it again. Others forgot, then remember, forgot, remembered, etc. Some have not recall the encounters at all, even though I recall them being aware, at least at times, during one or more encounters.

My two sisters, my father, and to my knowledge my mother didn’t recall or haven’t recalled any UFO encounters in our past. My father was with us at Dillon Lake in 1975, but in his later years he didn’t recall any of the encounters that occurred when he was present, from my birth in 1937 until his death in 1991. However after my 1986 flood of recollections, he got very angry every time I asked him about an encounter during which I knew he was present. Through research, it has been established, that this is a typical reaction of many UFO witnesses before they recall an encounter. I would guess this is partly due to the fear or anger they felt during the encounter and possibly because they were hypnotized or programed so they wouldn’t want to remember, etc; they possibly, subconsciously feel they are violating instructions from “the mysterious intelligences” or violating a trust. This is possibly fully subconscious.

(As an aside: After my flood of recollections, my two sisters, who were present during many encounters in previous years, convinced my father, who also was present during many encounters in previous years, that I was psychotic. I’m quite certain this is because they didn’t recall any encounters and they, being unreasonably obsessed with fundamental Christianity, firmly held the belief that UFO encounters were satanic.)

The discussions above should give you a better idea why two of us don’t recall UFO events at Dillon and why the four of us who recall parts of “The 1975 Dillon Lake Encounter” don’t recall in detail some of what the others recall. However, three of us recall some of what the other two recall. Brad only recalls a significant episode he experienced when alone, out in the woods after dark, after we moved toward the trailer to the small booth.

I recall him asking me if I would allow him to go out into the woods. He had an irresistible feeling that told him he was to go into the woods…and I understood, because I temporarily recalled I had the same feelings just before a few UFO encounters when I was young. It’s almost like hearing the messages audibly; yet, it is much more intense and profound.

(I’m using 1975 here because we, and others and I had other encounters at and near Dillon Lake at other times.)

(It’s important to note that the trees at this Dillon Lake Campground were full grown, with few branches on the lower parts of the trunks. During our revisit to the campground in the late 1990s or early 2000s, and as you can see in the photos, most of the trees are gone….we were told during our revisit the trees being gone was due to the Pine Bark Beetle and possibly a forest fire.)

Our trip

The first day, after leaving Lincoln, we camped at Swanson Reservoir near Trenton, Nebraska. And we experienced UFO sightings there. We visited relatives and friends in Benkelman, Nebraska. I believe we saw other UFO manifestations between Trenton and Denver, somewhere near Bush, Colorado and east of Bush; however, I don’t recall in detail.

Encounter at the Eisenhower Tunnel

We passed through Denver. When we reached The Eisenhower Tunnel, our car began to chug out…and we pulled up along a rough pullout next to the highway just before we entered the tunnel. We experienced significant UFO encounters there…with “the small booth,” etc….which I don’t completely recall. However, I do recall that it involved all three kids being coaxed to sit inside the booth for short periods. And I recall “the voice” speaking to them and possibly me during that time. When these episodes seemed to be over, we tried to start the car again and it started. As we entered the four-lane highway and began to enter the tunnel, I saw “the window saucer” momentarily manifest before us, then instantly disappear. I believe this happened at least twice. I distinctly recall the craft hovering above the tunnel entrance just before we entered and I recall hitting the brakes for a moment or two. I don’t recall for sure, but have a strong feeling it interfered with the flow of traffic.

I recall being especially cautious, as we drove through the tunnel, because of the momentary appearance of the windowed saucer. I intensely watched the cars and road ahead and behind through the rear-view mirrors.

At the city of Dillon

After exiting the tunnel, on the west side, we entered the town of Dillon, which was little more than a set of condos and apartments. I believe it’s possible we had some sightings there, down by the marina and boat ramp. Or this was another time when I was young vacationing with my aunt and uncle and their family, on one of the “lost trips,” sometime around 1951…or during another family trip to Dillon Lake during the mid 1960s. However, it’s possible that Kindra and I saw some crafts at this point on our 1975 trip to Dillon Lake. This might have included seeing “the small booth.”

At the city of Frisco and Arriving at the campground

We eventually drove on to the town of Frisco, which was west of Dillon Lake. We ate lunch, stopping there for a short time, then headed for the campground located on a peninsula on the south side of Dillon Lake. It was either at this time or the following morning when we stopped at the toilets and showers, at the entrance to the campground, when we experienced another or other manifestations and sightings.

At the campground setting up camp and arriving at the shoreline

4After picking out a camping spot, Brad, Karen and I went down to the lake water, which was well below the lake being full, as there were small and medium sized rocks and pebbles extending approximately 12 to 20 feet above the water. Brad and Karen reached the water first, then I wandered down to the shoreline. I saw Brad constructing a pile of rocks as if he were a younger child, not a mid-teenager. Kari (Karen) stood beside him and it seemed that she helped him with his pile of rocks. Annie, Kindra (Kindy) and my dad were setting up camp and the picnic table, which was closer to the lake. No UFO interaction at this time.

What occurred next were some of the strangest UFO episodes others and I experienced during the entire 46 year period.

Moments of inspiration

As I stood by the edge of the water, seeing Brad and Kari play with their rocks, I experienced one of the most intense and beautiful periods of inspiration of my life. It was similar to what most people feel when they are in the grandeur of the mountains. You can find a detailed description of this experience in Chapter 6 of the book Eminent Discovery. It must have lasted for 5 to 10 minutes, a period after which my father joined me as he had finished setting up camp and helping Annie.

What would happen during the next hour or so would be some of the most bizarre episodes of the entire 46+ years.

Encounter with mysterious boats, fishermen and surfboard sailor

dillon lake area 2As I stood there looking out over the water, Brad still playing with his pile of rocks and Kari standing there as if she had rocks in her hand, my father joined me and we began to talk.

At one point, as we turned toward the lake, we saw a fisherman in a boat with his fishing pole hanging out over the edge of the boat. But it seemed strange because we hadn’t seen him moments before and it seemed as if a fog had moved in without my father and I noticing it. However, it wasn’t a heavy fog. (Left click the photos for larger views.)

After we first saw the boat, we turned toward each other and talked again about the boat for a few seconds. It seemed as if the fellow in the boat was trolling with his fishing pole hanging off the side or rear. Yet when we looked back, the boat came in close to the shoreline, then turned leaving a significant wave behind it. We tuned toward each other again to see if the we both saw the same thing. Then when we turned back, we saw two men in the boat, which had come to rest about 20 yards away from shore. Both were standing facing each other and they were talking. One had his back to us and the other was facing us. Both were wearing common bill caps.

After they talked for a minute or so, the one facing us turned and left. It seemed as if he went below, as if there were a cabin in the boat. The other one sat down at the back of the boat, as if there were a seat along the back. Then after several seconds, he raised his bill cap off of his head and held it high…and I believe he turned and looked at us. This shocked us because it seemed as if he had no head or a very small human head and his body was gangly, similar to what I now know was similar to the lizard-like being. With that the boat took off at high speed, the back of the boat sinking below the surface of the lake and the wake behind the boat swelled high, as if the boat were accelerating very fast. It was one of the weirdest episodes I have ever experienced. The boat slowed down to a near stop and turned east out further on the lake.

About this time, we noticed another fisherman, with a bill cap, in a boat, with his fishing pole hanging of the rear of the boat. He was moving back and forth in a moderately high wind, as if he were trolling…at least 200 feet from shore. We then saw what seemed to be a strange creature on a surfboard with a sail on it. He also was tacking back and forth in what seemed to be a moderately high wind…in relatively the same area as the second fisherman. The waves swelled higher there. His body also was gangly and he had what seemed to be a very small human head.

Then all three, the two boats and the the surfboard sailor, moved more swiftly further to the East for quite a distance and moved behind what seemed to be a shear vertical edge of dense dark fog that was, at moderate speed, moving toward the north. The bank of moving fog was approximately 125 feet away. Then, as we stood there dumbfounded, we saw another fast moving dark bank of fog, with a shear vertical edge, swiftly move from the North toward the South, about 225 feet away. I recall seeing the majestic view of the mountains on the northeast side of the lake between the vertical edges of the two fog banks, until they passed each other blocking my view of the mountains.

This seemed so unusual, we couldn’t fully comprehend what was taking place. We couldn’t understand 1) how the fog banks could move so fast, 2) how they could have nearly straight vertical edges that extended directly upward over 100 feet, and 3) where the strange boats, men/beings and surfboard came from and went. I assumed they were still floating on the water behind the first fog bank at this point.

After nothing else seemed to occur, my dad said he was going to go up and see if he could help Annie and Kindy at the picnic table. However, this was not the end of the bizarre activity. More strange things were yet to come.

Manifestations of the “black as a void” disc with headlights and the “bell-shaped object

After my father left, I once again stood there watching the expanse of the lake toward the north, as far as the fog, i.e, because fog also blocked my view of the northern shore, which was a few miles away. I also kept a close watch on Brad and Kari. However, for some odd reason, I didn’t feel that we were threatened.

Then, all of a sudden, I saw the two boats and possibly the surfboard sailor come speeding out from behind the first fog bank and move from East to West in front of Kari, Brad and me. They slowed and settled down in the water about 200 feet to my northwest…north-northwest if Brad and Kari.

As the boats moved slightly into the fog in that area, I saw a horizontal form develop in what I assumed was fog, although it could have been something which which I am not familiar. The fog was somewhat illuminated from what seemed to be the sun and the darker area was somewhat rectangular. Then another more vertical object gradually came into view behind the dark horizontal rectangular object, and it also was rectangular, but with a vertically elongated window centered in it just above the horizontal object. I could see the sun illuminated fog through the window, as there was another identical window on the object’s back wall. Then, the vertical object’s east and west side walls moved, assuming a position that was sloping, giving the object a narrower top than the bottom, which I couldn’t see because the dark horizontal object was in front of the vertical object. I turned and looked at Brad and Kari to make sure they were all right. When I looked back at the objects, the horizontal object had changed into what appeared to be a horizontally elongated object that was narrower at its right and left ends than the previous form. And It had two round white or illuminated objects or lights in it. It appeared exactly like one of the disc shaped craft that I have seen many, many times….but its body was “black as a void” with no color or light color in the body.

The vertical object at this point definitely appeared to be the form of “the bell-shaped object.” And it moved slightly from time to time, moving back away from the horizontal object a little. But the black-as-a-void disc seemed to be fixed in its position, obscuring the bottom skirt of the bell. It seemed as if it were somewhat alive, staring at Brad and Kari with its two headlights. It appeared very, very scary!

However, somehow, I still knew that all was well! Something, an intense feeling, told me that all was well!

A brief mid-encounter analysis

Regressing back to pulling our car off to the side of the road just before we entered the Eisenhower Tunnel: Because of normal automotive design, our car chugging out was not so unusual in the mountains during those days. However, cars chugging out was typical at the beginning of many roadside UFO abductions during my encounters and others’ encounters. Somehow the phenomenon or the physical abilities of the so-called ETs included the interference of cars’ electrical systems and possibly the fuel systems. Others and I experienced many roadside encounters when I was young.

The momentary manifestation of the windowed saucer above the tunnel entrance also was somewhat common of my many encounters. I have recorded several of the momentary manifestations. However, there were many, many more. At this time, I figure the momentary manifestation sightings are either real phenomenon, i.e. craft entering our normal three dimensional time/space from another dimension, or the mysterious intelligences are able to play virtual reality videos in our brains…or something similar.

The lack of memory of several of the episodes I am certain is due to forgetfulness forced upon us by the mysterious intelligences and it possibly is due to the nature of the foreign dimension or dimensions that are not compatible with our perception of normal three dimensional time/space. Our minds have a difficult time comprehending the elements of the other dimensions. However, I do believe that one can condition their mind to see things that are not normally seen…for instance, conditioning ones mind to see images in a holographic drawing. Because of this I believe it is possible to condition ones mind to see beyond the status quo. If you look at a spinning ceiling fan for instance, you can momentarily see one or more blades stop. If you have seen this, it might mean that you have stopped time…at least according to your perception.

The message or meaning of the fishermen in their boats and the surfboard sailor was not completely clear, primarily because it seemed so odd. On simple surface analysis it seemed to be telling me or us that the human form is somehow related to the hidden form of the lizard-like beings. The small human head on the lizard-like body obviously suggested that. And the fact that the fishermen at first appeared to be fully human then later lizard-like suggests that we are related to the so-called ET lizards somehow or we are them…i.e. we have a spiritual or normally unseen part of us that is them. The small human head might suggest that the larger part of us is lizard-like…which would suggest that the lizard part of us is larger than the human part, in an eternal sense, i.e. Several other strange encounters that included the small human head on a lizard-like body as well as other types of encounters suggests the same, or something similar. This would push the phenomenon more toward what we have considered spiritual in the past, but it also would include life being what we have thought of as physical, but physical beyond what we have considered the status quo. (You literally can open your mind and let the light shine in.)

The behavior of the wind and fog, etc, suggests that whoever orchestrated the encounter was able or is able to manipulate normal three dimensional Earthly existence or our perception of it. The control and timing of each of our movements and wills, I also believe, was at least somewhat orchestrated during that period by “the mysterious normally unseen intelligences.” The fact that I did things and thought things that I normally would not have done or thought supports this idea.

Being forced “out-of-body”….

(to be continued in another article)

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website ( to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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10 Responses to The first of several reviews of “The 1975 Dillon Lake UFO Encounter”

  1. Kindra says:

    I have always thought it was amazing that I didn’t remember some things about this encounter until many years later. (I’m John’s daughter.) Actually, I always did remember that camping trip. I remembered seeing the blue pup tent down the hill and the spotlight from the sky scanning up the hill toward us and shining down into our camping spot, and I remembered walking with dad on the dam and seeing a houseboat in the middle of the lake with no one in it. All those years, I didn’t think twice about what we saw, because in my mind they had perfectly good explanations. After dad’s flood of recollections, we began talking about the things he was remembering, and I started thinking about the strangeness of my memories. I remember the floodlight coming up the hill from the pup tent, and I remember it shining down into the campground, but I don’t remember any engine noise or wind. I had always thought it was a helicopter, but a helicopter hovering over our camp would have included loud engine and rotor sounds, as well as strong blowing from the rotors. I always remembered thinking the houseboat on the lake was odd. It had holes for a door and two windows, but no glass and no door on hinges. There was no railing around the outside of the “boat” and we could not figure out why someone would anchor a boat in the middle of the bay and then somehow leave it. Would they have swum to the shore? Would they have hopped upon someone else’s boat? None of it made sense. When dad produced his drawings of the “booth”, I suddenly realized it was not a boat on the bay — it was a craft, and that explained the oddities. It’s frustrating that no one else saw these things, and when we checked with the newspaper no one had reported it. I know, for dad, it’s infinitely frustrating, because there are so many other experiences and so few collaborators. These guys, whoever they are, are obviously very good at covering their work. I’d like to think they are benevolent and have our best interests at heart. However, I can’t rule out the thought that anyone who has to cover up their work is not completely benevolent. Then again, for those who are believers in God, having faith in things we can’t see is a daily occurrence.


  2. jafos says:

    Hi Kindra,
    I believe you are combining “the booth” memories of possibly four or five sightings at Dillon Lake, two or three at different times than our 1975 encounters. We had sightings at the condos or apartments on the north side of the lake near the dam, and we had sightings on the west side of the lake south of the dam. The dam is on the northwest…see Google Earth. The time I recall you and I standing alone on the knoll just north of the picnic table is where we saw “the small booth” out in the water….with the open door and open two windows. We then ate supper and returned to the campsite. Then you and I walked down where the blue tent was later erected, then on down the road to the parking lot of the boat launching area….where we saw a craft out in the water, not more than yards away from shore.

    Does this trigger any other memories? ….Dad


    • Kindra says:

      I’m sure it’s possible I’m combining memories! In my mind, what I see is you and I walking along what was more like a highway or paved road than a dirt road. We passed some apartment buildings or maybe a hotel that was between the road and the water, then as we walked along the road, we saw the boat/craft down the hill from the road to our right. The way memory works, I have no doubt it’s possible I’m splicing together the memory of the apartment buildings and the bay where we saw the craft. I think you’re right about it not being the dam. At the time, at the age of 19 or however old I was, I thought of it as a dam because it was high above the water. I do kind of remember you and I walking down the hill from the camp spot into the trees, where the pup tent showed up later. But I don’t remember seeing anything unusual down there. What I wish I COULD remember is what the voice was saying coming down out of the light! All I remember standing behind you and looking up into the light and hearing the voice. Then I remember running over to grandpa and standing behind him! LOL! It’s all very strange, isn’t it?


      • jafos says:

        As I recall, you are right about it not being the dam. There were larger rocks from the old high shoreline to the water….about 12 to 20 feet down. You could easily construed it to be a dam with rocks on the slope. Your description of the small booth is exactly what I saw. We were standing on the knolle between the picnic table where we had supper, just before we ate supper, and the lake. We ate supper, then walked down to the spot where the blue tent was put up later, then on down to the parking lot and boat ramp where we walked during our revisit, where we saw the craft out in the water in 1975, and we had a loss of time for a period in the parking lot…or we or one of us might have had an encounter in the craft that was hovering out over the water, but I don’t recall.

        When we first heard the voice speaking, he was doing one of his normal blurbs, I believe, about history, Indians, etc. Then I interrupted him and asked him why he was or they were interfering with our camping. I believe he directly addressed us, but then continued his rant. I’m quite sure he was the arch angel Michael because it was the same voice and the same light I saw with Ron at the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin in June of 1957, etc.


  3. jafos says:

    PS: Some of the sightings at Dillon Lake were when we visited there with the dentist and his family when we lived in Denver.


  4. Kindra says:

    Just wondering…what do YOU remember seeing on the north side by the apartment buildings. I remember walking past the buildings to what seemed to me like the east, then there was a bay and that’s where I remember seeing the booth. Again, it could be a splicing of two memories, but I’m curious what you saw by the buildings…


  5. jafos says:

    This could have happened when we first went to the town of Dillon, after leaving the tunnel. We drove by the apartments and got out to see the boats in the marina. I recall having an encounter there and seeing some crafts and maybe the booth. But we didn’t stay too long and went to Frisco and ate lunch.


  6. That makes sense. I can still see the apartments in my mind, but I only remember seeing the booth. I’ll be I’m remembering two times, back-to-back. Thanks for the clarification.


    • jafos says:

      We could have seen the booth near the apartments also…and the booth I’m fairly certain was connected in some way to the white craft we saw out in the water a few feet from shore while we were in the parking lot after supper. I suspect for a few reasons that you possibly had an experience in the white craft during a short time-loss episode.


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