The second of several reviews of “The 1975 Dillon Lake UFO Encounter”

(Please read “The first of several reviews of The 1975 Dillon Lake UFO Encounter” a couple of articles back to bring you up to this episode(s) I call Being forced “out-of-body.”)

Dillon Lake, Colorado


Being forced “out-of-body”

After standing at the shoreline for several minutes, watching the strange manifestations of the dark black as a void horizontal object and the vertical bell-shaped object, and watching Brad and Kari, and being very concerned for their safety, a strange strong (almost audible) feeling came over me that “all is well.” I immediately walk directly toward Brad and Kari. I stood right next to Kari, but noticed Brad continued to play with his rocks. I calmly told Kari, “I want you to notice that strange dark object hovering out over the lake there. Don’t be afraid; I know that everything is alright. But if anything strange happens, be ready to run.”   

With that, I swiftly walk back to the spot where I had been standing. I kept my eyes riveted on the elongated dark object that seemed to be staring at Brad and Kari. I recall being ready for anything to happen at anytime. …Yet, I still somehow knew that all was well.

dillon lake area 2

Not detecting anything unusual, I gazed out over the water again, to my right. When I looked back at Brad and Kari, I was shocked to see the dark horizontal object with headlights had moved up to about 6 feet in front of Kari, eye-like headlights staring directly at her eyes.

I then heard someone laughing and yelling loudly back and to my left. I turned to see who was there, but I could see no one. Yet, I still heard the laughing and yelling.

When I turn back toward the lake, I could see Brad seemingly still playing with his pile of rocks and I could see Kari still standing looking out over the lake. But what was immediately shocking was the dark horizontal object; it had moved swiftly right up in front of me, not more than six feet away. However, it was not black as a void but gray metallic. At that point, I momentarily feared for my life. The eye-like headlights, as they had been with Kari, were oriented directly in front of my eyes.

Then, suddenly, I heard a deep rich male voice, coming from the craft, telling me to leave my body! I didn’t understand, so the voice again told me to leave my body. Of course I didn’t know how and the mire thought of it repulsed me. I then heard Brad and Kari yelling and laughing behind me for me to “pop out!” They were so exuberant, they sounded like the cheering section at a football game! At this point, I got completely confused.

As I looked directly at the black-as-a-void disc, the voice told me that if I wouldn’t do it, “they” would do it for me.

I recall standing there thinking there was no way I was going to try to pop out of my body. Besides not knowing how, the thought of it still repulsed me.

6, Dillion Lk c.g, seeing my body from out of bodyThen suddenly, I felt myself move directly toward the disc in front of me, then back and down to my left! I was completely confused. I seemed to be on the ground. I looked up beside me to my front right and I saw a strange man with a western hat just standing there. I asked who it was and the voice and my kids, who were behind me, told me that it was me!

Shock, devastation, abuse, confusion…I felt them all!

The voice then verbally took charge of me by coaxing me forward and I heard another voice verbally take charge of our children by coaxing them off toward the west. It was obvious by this time that they were out of their bodies. They eventually sounded like they were near their bodies. My voice told me that we were going to move out over the water.

It took some time for me to move, but the voice eventually convinced me that we wouldn’t be harmed. He said I would have to move by my own will. He was insistent and said he or “they” had something planned for me. I looked down and found that I was floating, now with my own effort, a few feet above the waves. I looked up and ahead and saw the beautiful Colorado mountains on the east or northeast side of the lake. Yet, there were banks of fog to my front right and my front left.

6, Dillion Lake c.g, windowed craft floating on waterWe eventually arrived at an area over the lake where a craft began to materialize and settle down to the surface of the water in front of me. It was about 50 feet to my west southwest. I saw a door on my side of the craft and there were two to three steps leading to the open door. It also had windows on the sides. The voice then told me that I was expected to enter the door. But I refused, thinking that it might be dangerous…and I began to resent, more and more, that I was being controlled by someone of whom I knew nothing. I began to panic and saw a pocket in the fog to my northeast. I move there as fast as I could, which seemed to be somewhat slow.

When I had secured myself in the pocket in the fog, I began to hear Brad and Kari screaming and laughing again…and I heard their voice talking with them as they approached the door of the craft. The voice was still trying to control them through coaxing and prodding…with not too much success. With the help of my voice, he was eventually able to verbally steer them inside the craft. I got very concerned. I feared for their safety. I thought it peculiar that I couldn’t see them but I just heard them. And I began to realized I hadn’t seen them when they were out-of-body on shore.

From the sounds of their high volume screaming and laughing, it seemed as if Brad and Kari were completely out of control, running around the dark interior of the craft. It was then that I decided I had to rescue them. I made a direct route, just a couple of feet above the water, toward the door of the craft.

Yet, before I arrived at the door, I conjectured, from the conversation between the two male voices, it seemed as if they (the voices) decided that they could not control Brad and Kari. Apparently because of this, they decided to let them leave the craft. When I arrived at the door, Brad and Kari came laughing out of the open door. And it was then I fully recognized that they were invisible. I could only know where they were though hearing.

I was at the door, close to both voices. They tried to make me understand that I had no choice in the matter, that I had to enter the craft where they expected me to follow their instructions.

I objected but finally decided I did not have complete control of what was happening. I entered and began to wander around the bare room. It had one window on the north and one on the south. The ceiling was low and the material seemed to be similar to mental or a composite of some kind. I saw a blank wall on the west as if it were a patrician separating the east room from what was probably a west room on the other side of the wall.

It was about this time that my voice insisted that I sit down on the floor at the north window and meditate. I refused, but he got so stern I sat by the window. He told me to meditate on my task for the future. After sitting there for a time, he insisted that I concentrate harder on my task for the future. I didn’t know anything about a task and I told him. So he told me that they would have to help. He told me to look out of the window and concentrate, which I did.

6, Dillion Lk c.g, building manifesting over lakeI began to see the fog move in an area about 50 feet to the north and a multi-story building began to manifest. It appeared to be an apartment building  that finally came into full view, as if it were a real solid building. But it was sitting upon the surface of the water, or hovering just above it. I could see people coming out of the front door. I sat there for some time, but again I began to resent the fact that I was being controlled. And I worried about Brad and Kari. I wondered where they were. So, after a time I decided to leave and make a break for freedom.

I got up and burst out the door where I heard Brad and Kari again begin to laugh and scream. I saw the pocket of fog in which I had previously hid. I yelled at Brad and Kari to follow me. I move quickly for the pocket in the fog and turned around. However, the kids were having such a good time they went laughing off toward the north, yelling at me to loosen up and experience the wonderful time they were having. I then got extremely concerned because it seemed as if we might be harmed. So I followed them.

I momentarily hid in a couple of pockets in the fog as the kids continually tried to convince me to loosen up and have the great time they were having. They had moved some distance north to an area of water that was somewhat open….I estimate just several to many yards northeast of the town of Frisco.

When I arrive at their location, I did loosen up my concerns almost totally and I almost immediately began to feel more free than I ever had before. I felt totally free, I assume because I felt no restrictions from my body. I began to understand Brad and Kari’s uncontrollable exuberance.

After a somewhat short period of indescribable exuberance, laughing and yelling, we heard one of the voices address me and tell me that I must concentrate on my future task. It was a task I knew nothing about at the time. But he told me it had something to do with the constructions of buildings, especially apartment buildings. And as he talked, we saw moving fog before us, toward the town of Frisco, and, again, another multistory apartment building manifested just above the water.

The voice got more stern and insisted that I take time to meditate on my task.

After a period, he explained that it was time that we return to shore. The kids seemed disappointed and resisted a little. Yet, when we returned to the craft that was still floating on or hovering above the water, they seemed to be convinced that they should move toward the shore. Again, the modivation and method of moving was through their own wills…and I moved through my own will….of course in response to the prodding and coaxing of the voices.

Their voice again took charge of them and mine me. I remember seeing the waves below me, the mountains to my east and my body standing on the shore where I had left it. As I approached it closely, I swiftly swooped into it, not though my will but by some other means. I heard Brad and Kari again laughing and yelling as they neared their bodies.

Almost instantly I began to adjust. I can recall being somewhat confused at this point, but I looked over and saw Brad and Kari still playing with their pile of rocks. The vertical bell-shaped object and the dark horizontal object with headlights were in their original positions or nearly so. I walked over to begin to talk with the kids. And as I drew near, Kari turn and yelled up to her sister, mother and grandfather telling them to hurry and come down to see what was happening or they were going to miss it.

They had been at the picnic table which was out of sight, about 30 to 50 feet back from the small knoll that was positioned just feet from the high water mark of the rocks. When we saw and heard them on the knoll, we turned back to point out the objects. But at that time, they were gone. However, we immediately saw a hovering windowed craft to our west…and we heard a voice explaining something about people who were inside. The people, he said, had something to do with my task for the future.

At that point, we got so confused, we didn’t understand what was happening. It appeared to possibly be dangerous. So Brad, Kari and I then decided to join the others on the knoll. We climbed the rocky slope and stood on the knoll, looking back at the area where our adventure had taken place…not fully understanding what had happened.

The others moved on toward the picnic table, but Kindy and I remained at the knoll, looking down on the water.

A version of the small booth floating out on the water

As we stood there, I briefly tried to explain to Kindy what had happened…in as much as I could recall, i.e. And just before we left, we noticed a craft that was out on the water below us. It seemed strange because it suddenly or swiftly seemed as if fog had enveloped the area around it; we saw no sunshine.

I now know the craft was similar to what I call the small booth. But at the time, I was not aware of the small booth. However, it seemed somewhat familiar, yet strange. I know now it seemed different because the base of the craft was thicker and more substantial than the booths others and I encountered during other experiences. Kindy seemed to be unusually impressed and mystified by the sight of it. For what reason, I can only conjecture. It possibly was because she had an other-worldly connection to it. Or, considering that time and space are illusions in some respects, it’s possible we at that time were transcending time, because, as you will find later, she was emotionally and intellectually attached to a small booth later in the evening of this same day.

Kindy and I talked about what we were seeing as we stood there looking down at the craft on the water. It had one open door with one open window on each side of the door. Its form was like a rectangular box, higher than wide and wider than thick front to back. The thick base extended all around the bottom of the cabin…and it, the booth, floated on the water just as if it were a boat.

There didn’t seem to be a purpose for what we were seeing because, as far as I can recall, nothing else happened and we saw nothing more. However, judging the nature of my other encounters, I would guess that Kindy and I at that time had a “loss-of-time” experience.

Kindy and I then joined the others at the picnic table and our campsite where other strange things occurred into the evening…until well after sunset, to approximately 11 PM.

Another mid-encounter analysis

First I would like to address what most people call “out-of-body.”

If one analyzes reality as individual humans perceive it, it eventually becomes obvious that we perceive as individuals, most commonly from what others and I have called a “body box.”  That is, our perception is individual, whether someone is controlling us or not. Our motivation comes from what we think is right for ourselves at anytime. And we normally perceive though the limits of our five senses. But, unknown to many of us, we perceive through other unknown or mysterious individual faculties of which we are not completely, consciously aware.

With this in mind, the movements and obvious motivations of the fishermen and surf board sailor had to originate from some mysterious intelligence with whom we were not in the least consciously familiar. This intelligence obviously orchestrated the on-going experience in respect to our perceptions and our reactions. If it were a virtual reality video played on our brains, it had to be played and perceived the same in my father’s and my brains equally…because we talked about what we were seeing at the time and it was similar to both of us. I suspect it possibly was perceived by our out-of-body minds (brains not necessarily involved) while we were still in our bodies.

However, when the man in the boat looked at us and when he later took off his bill cap and held it high so we could see his very small human head, it was obvious that he was silently communicating with us. He was an individual who symbolically was sending us at least a couple of inaudible messages.

If the mysterious intelligences, indeed, manipulated the physical material of the water and atmosphere, the material of the boats, surf board and men, they (the mysterious intelligences) had to be connected to who we have considered the prime creator…who was then creating things near us beyond what we have known as the status quo.

As an aside, the fishermen possibly were symbolically linked, in some respect, to the fact that my father was Chief of the Nebraska State Fisheries Division and Assistant Director of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. If this is so, the symbolic suggestion of the lizard connection to both of us might be true. This idea has been conveyed somewhat directly as well as more vaguely in other symbolic ways during other experiences.

Whether brain virtual reality video or material manipulation by God, it was real and it was awesome! What was more awesome was our experiences that were definitely “out-of-body.”

I’m sure you picked up the fact that I, when standing on the shore, heard Brad and Kari laughing and yelling back behind me to my left…while at the same time I saw their bodies as they were before…Brad playing with his rocks, etc. However, I don’t recall that he and Kari were moving. If their bodies were not moving, it would be an indication that they were indeed out-of-body. And it might suggest that time had stopped…or rather the illusion of time had stopped.

When I felt myself move forward then down and to my left, if I had been at least somewhat aware, it would have been obvious that I had just left my body. But I was confused, primarily I suspect, because I was not use to being out-of-body. It’s not necessarily the fact that I was out-of-body that concerns me, but that someone who I do not know forced me out. Who is that….really?

I think it is interesting that I had to move by my own will. According to my recollections, this seemed to be a fact throughout the experience. In other words, if this was really true, i.e. if it truly takes ones own will to move when out-of-body, the voices, whoever they truly were, could not actually control me unless I eventually agreed…through fear or otherwise.

In my view, the fact that we could not see each other but we could hear each other is extremely important. This indicates that we will survive our Earthly life of time/space, but our post earthly survival will not include an existence where we will be able to see each other. If one extrapolates or conjectures from here, it seems as if our awareness in eternal existence will depend on our own will…to be or not to be…to be active and meaningful or partially or totally inactive. It will be a matter of what we care about. And, because of the encouragement of the voices, it is possible we will be able to obtain help from the other unseen personalities with whom we are somehow connected…even now, at present, the same entities we have a connection to in three dimensional time/space.

The voice or voices encouraging me to concentrate on my future task of building buildings or being an aid in building future buildings is a theme that was repeated from time to time throughout the 46+ years of my UFO encounters. And this assigned task conveyed to me from the mysterious intelligences was validated after I met “the familiar strangers” in 1987….and it continued to be validated by various means after I met them.

In summary, we live in and out of our bodies from time to time as we live life in time and space, whether we are aware of it or not. If you really think about it, it seems as if we do exist or can exist out-of-body at anytime, even when we are in our bodies. It has something to do with imagination and dreaming, but imagining and dreaming with the reality of eternal reality in mind…which includes all of time and space, especially as it is related to our own lives…and our own tasks, as it might or might not be assigned to us by “whoever they are.”

Throughout the years, Kindy has been somewhat puzzled with our sighting of the boat-like small booth floating out on the water. I agree that the sight of the booth was very puzzling. You can find her account of her recollections concerning our 1975 Dillon Lake UFO encounter by clicking “Home page overview of John’s story” in the black strip above…and in Appendix B of the book Eminent Discovery.

(Additional reviews of our 1975 Dillon Lake UFO Encounter will be in following articles.)

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