A July 2016 analysis of our entire 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO Encounter

(Please read the previous reviews of this 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO Encounter to bring you up to this analysis.)

General explanation

While one could say our 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO encounter lasted from before noon until 11 PM that evening, it would be somewhat misleading. This is because we encountered several episodes that were separated by our normal activities, when we were not fully aware of what happened previously. (However, we did recall some of the strange things that had just occurred during the normal periods and talked about it.) We encountered UFOs before noon at the Eisenhower Tunnel and possibly at and near the city of Dillon. We traveled to Frisco and ate lunch at a local restaurant. We then experienced other encounters, also as episodes, at the campground and possibly while initially approaching the campground. According to my recollections we experienced the episodes until about 11 PM that evening. We might have experienced a short sighting while at the toilets and showers that were located near the campground entrance the next morning. Generally speaking, the episodes we experienced before noon and in the early afternoon were short. The episodes we experienced in mid afternoon to late evening were longer, save a few.   

It’s important to realize at this point that the episodes were perceived by me and our children in the context of time. That is, it seemed as if time were passing as we experienced one incident after another, including those things that occurred during our shared out-of-body experience out over the lake. This is important because we are going to discuss what some  researchers have called “frozen time” and higher-dimensional time or multi-dimensional times.

It’s also important to keep in mind that, before we reached the Eisenhower Tunnel, I believe we experienced at least a few sightings at Swanson Reservoir near Trenton, Nebraska while camping, also possibly while traveling on the highway west of Benkleman, Nebraska and near Brush, Colorado…or the highway sightings might have occurred at other times. I know we experience at least short sightings at Swanson Reservoir and on this same highway at other times, in other years. It’s also important to know that we continued to experience short UFO sightings and episodes our entire trip after leaving Dillon Lake.

My intentions and qualifications

My intention here is to elaborate on the details of what happened, to discuss the suggested meanings of what happened in human terms or what you could call social or cultural terms, and to analyze how this type of thing actually can happen considering what we have believed are the limits of science or the limits of our time/space Earthly reality. This will include some simple observations of the newly discovered concepts in Quantum Mechanics and advanced Physics. Like some other novice researchers, I hope to touch the question of what the nature of our universe actually is or might be beyond our collective common understandings.

Also, I am going into in-depth detail on this website and particularly here in the articles that concern our family encounter at Dillon Lake because I feel most reports concerning UFO encounters are not detailed enough so that we can glean a more realistic understanding of how the encounters more truely affect our sciences, religions and history.

However, please keep in mind that I am an average older person with an average mentality…with the exceptions that:

1] I am a retired electro-mechanical engineer without a formal engineering degree, who has had extensive experience in research and development on several advanced frontiers of engineering science. I have participated in the design and testing of advanced systems that involved sophisticated hardware and theoretical concepts…utilizing mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics and fluidics…some in Earth and some in Earth and simulated space environments. These projects involved both practical and theoretical analysis and the design of monitoring and control of components, systems and logic. The professional positions I’ve held have ranged from technician, to research engineer, to middle management….governmental and commercial. I also have experience as an owner/operator of a home design/building and general contracting business, a convenience store owner/operator, logging laborer, Forest Service fire guard, horse trainer and wrangler, among a number of other things.

2] I’ve been a student of life in a practical sense, philosophically and otherwise, most of my life. And —

3] I recall an enormous number of authentic so-called UFO encounters that occurred since my birth…most all encounters experienced with other people who were close to me at those times. Some of them remember some things, yet most others do not yet remember anything related to the encounters. Yet, these people might be possible future witnesses. (I seriously consider the forgetfulness factor because it has been found that many or most UFO encounters are forgotten by the observers and experiencers, at least until some later date.)

Additional explanations

Most of my recollections involve simple sightings. However, I also recall many lengthy encounters. Some of the lengthy encounters lasted for hours. But those that lasted for hours, to my recollection, were composed of episodes separated by normal activity.  Also, many of the lengthy encounters involved what you could call “time travel.” These lasted for less than a single hour or for hours, or for a good part of the day. But they also involved episodes.

Yet the time travel episodes were not separated by normal activity in normal times. The longer future time travel episodes were separated by normal activities at some of those future times and the longer past time travel episodes, which were few, were separated by normal activities at some of those past times…so to speak, i.e.

According to my present recollections, we did not experience time travel during this Dillon Lake encounter, but we possibly or most probably did experience a time warpage or a time/space warpage.

As I continue to discuss what this all might mean, you will find that others and I feel that at least some parts of some UFO encounters defeat our time/space continuum. And it seems as if some encounters, or many or most, involve a time/space warpage…so to speak. I feel the warpage included in the form of another mysterious dimension overlapping our normal three dimensional time/space.

This 1975 family Dillon Lake Encounter is one of the few that are supported by witnesses who somewhat clearly remember at least some parts.

(Keep in mind, I am not an expert by any means, except that I do firmly know those other people who were with me and I experienced an enormous number of UFO encounters for a period of at least 46 years.)

As stated previously, our 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO Encounter is one of the best to analyze because 6 people were present, not to mention other possible witnesses who were strangers. My oldest daughter and I and my youngest daughter and I recall some of the same events, and my son recalls a fairly significant encounter episode while alone that evening. Our witness lends credence, not only to this Dillon Lake encounter, but in various degrees, to all of the encounters that others and I experienced since my birth in 1937.

The manifestations  and disappearances of the crafts and other objects at Dillon Lake

At the entrance to the Eisenhower Tunnel:

The manifestation of the windowed saucer just above the tunnel entrance was from clear distorted atmosphere or a slightly hazy or foggy atmosphere. The saucer was approximately 6 to 10 feet in diameter…the haze or fog 15 to 20 feet. It came into view rather quickly. I hit my brakes and I believe it disappeared or moved off after a few moments. When I hit the accelerator again, it reappeared, but I drove under it, driving on into the tunnel, keeping an eye on my rear view mirror to see if it had followed. I believe it might have momentarily reappeared in the tunnel, about half way through. The traffic came to a near stop…after which we continued on to the exit. However, my memories of that incident are not crystal clear.

Since I didn’t notice anyone else seeing the saucer directly, I can’t say that it was a three dimensional manifestation. However, if my recollections are correct in regard to the traffic stopping in the tunnel, there possibly was a three dimensional manifestation there, several cars ahead of us, at that time…i.e. of course if the manifestation caused the delay in the flow of traffic.

The other momentary sightings that occurred this day can be placed in this same category: If I saw other people reacting to what I saw, I can comfortably say that the manifestations affected our three dimensional world…if not, other possibilities might be involved. And I can personally claim, the mysterious manifestations themselves indicate other normally unknown elements of reality were most definitely involved, whether there were multiple witnesses or not.

The boats, fishermen and the surf board sailor:

(Left click or right click and select “view image” for a larger picture.)

a1The next significant manifestation was the fisherman in the boat, out on the lake, just a few yards out in front of my father and me. This occurred in mid afternoon, at first with some sun reflecting off of the trees, lake, clouds and fog. At one point the fog clouds came in rather quickly.

dillon lake area

Neither my father nor I noticed the manifestation of the first boat with the fisherman in it. This is because we had turned to talk with one another. When we turned back to look out over the water, the fisherman was there. However, I recall some strange variations with my first observed images of the boat, the fisherman, and the fog in that general area. There was no sign of direct sunlit clouds that we had just seen previously. I recall he was heading straight toward us, but then turn the nose (bow) of dillon lake area 2his boat out toward open water. And during the fist milisecond or milliseconds, I saw a distortion that was limited in the immediate area of the fisherman and boat. I would guess this was an indication of a manipulation of time and space or a manipulation of at least my mental perception and possibly my father’s mental perception. I feel it could be either or both.

My father and I turned toward each other to talk a few times. After one of those times, when I looked out at the fisherman again, he seemed almost instantly closer. It was as if, in a very short time, I could see a very short transformation of the boat from one location out on the water to another location that was closer to us. He then continued to fish with his pole hanging off the side of the boat. I believe at this point, he momentarily looked directly at us.

My father and I turned to ask each other what we saw and when we turned back again, we saw that he was looking directly at us. He appeared to be totally human. We turned toward each other again and when we turned back we saw not one but two men in the boat…and we were astonished. Both were wearing bill caps.

When the boat then began to move very slowly out further into the lake a short distance, the men were standing, facing each other, as if they were discussing something. The one furthest to the bow then turn and it seemed as if he went below, as if there were a cabin in the boat, which seemed impossible because  I was sure it was a simple fishing boat before, with no cabin.

The first man we had seen sat down at the back of the boat and stayed there for a while. He then took off his bill cap and held it high, revealing a very small human head. It was so shocking, I could hardly believe what I was seeing. He then stood up and it appeared as he had an elongated gray body, similar to the lizard-like beings I have seen. The other man then appeared, I assume from the cabin, and he also seemed to have a lizard-like body. The boat then took off into the lake, the stern sinking below the surface of the lake as if the boat were accelerating very fast. Before the boat took off, I feel strongly that he turned and looked directly at us again.

After the boat came to a very slow speed or stopped out further on the lake, we saw another boat with a fisherman trolling back and forth with his fishing pole hanging off the stern. Needless to say we were completely puzzled.

After the second boat had moved back and forth for a short time, we also saw the surf board sailor tacking back a forth in high wind just to the left of the second fisherman and a little further out in the lake. We saw his sail balloon each time that he turned and it appeared obvious that the waves were higher in his area.

They all then moved off toward the east where they disappeared behind the two massive fog clouds with the shear vertical edges. I believe this is when my father returned to the picnic table to help Annie and Kindy fix our evening meal.  I remained standing at the shoreline and Brad and Kari were still at the shoreline playing with their pile of rocks.

The two boats and the surf board sailor then moved from east to west in front of us and stopped to our northwest where the horizontal and vertical objects began to manifest, etc.

The manifestations of the “black-as-a-void” disc with headlights and the “bell-shaped object”

(At this point, we were not to see the two boats, the fishermen, nor the surf board sailor again)

This seems to be one of the strangest episodes others and I have experienced. As I recall, the visual manifestations were unique in a few ways.

For instance, when the horizontal “black-as-a-void” disc manifested, the front view was more rectangular than when I and others saw the small discs manifest previously during other encounters. Yet, the form eventually changed to a more disc-shaped silhouette with the outer edges thinner than the center. Yet, they didn’t come to a perfect point as during some other manifestations. When it approached Kari and then me, the edges were more pointed. However, this realistically would depend on one’s angle of sight.

The black disc moved some, but not much, when I began to see the vertical rectangular shape manifest. It was sort of a nebulous manifestation until I could see a perfectly shaped vertical rectangle with what appeared to be a window centered in it. This took at least a minute or two. The black disc was off to the left I believe, and when the vertical rectangle was formed, the disc moved up in front of it, blocking my line of sight of the lower part of the vertical object. The vertical rectangle then began to change its form into the bell-shaped object, with the right and left sides angling in toward the top. At this point, I could see sunlit fog behind the bell through the front and back windows.

I got completely confused, and I believe Kari was also. However, I’m not certain she saw everything I saw. I do know she saw the “black-as-a-void” disc in front of the vertical rectangular object or the bell-shaped object with its two headlights.

Just before I walked over to Kari and Brad to tell them about the black disc and bell-shaped object, I began to have a very strong feeling that I should walk over and tell them that everything was alright, not to be frightened. I then walked over and pointed the crafts out to Kari and told them both at all was well, but if anything strange should happen, be ready to run. I then uncharacteristically walked back to the spot where I had been standing and saw the black-as-a-void disc approach Kari. Brad remained kneeling down playing with his pile of rocks. I feel my strong feeling was an ESP communication from whoever was in the crafts.

Our shared out-of-body experience out over Dillon Lake

The process of “popping out” of body

When the black disc moved up in front of Kari, it moved slightly closer at times, as if it or someone in it knew they were directly confronting her. It appeared to be a predator stalking its prey. However, for some strange reason, I still knew all was well. I assume that there might have been a verbal communication with her about her leaving her body, just as “the voice addressed me before I was forced out of my body. I now have the impression that whoever was controlling the disc was possibly taking control of Kari and Brad mentally or what you could call spiritually.

It was shortly after this that I heard both Brad and Kari behind me and to my left laughing and yelling as if they were having a super great time. They sounded as if they were completely out of control…exuberant beyond their own control.

I looked back and to my left to the area where I heard them laughing, but I could see no one. When I looked back toward the lake, the disc was not black as a void but a gray metallic disc with it two headlights looking directly at me. It was not more than 6 to 10 feet away. I immediately got shocked, but the voice began talking to me about something I can’t recall and  he then told me to leave my body. As stated in the previous review, I got repulsed by the mere thought of it. I don’t know if I said anything out loud, but I loudly thought NO and began to turn, I suspect because the kids were yelling for me to “pop out!”

When I turned back toward the disc, the voice told me that if I wouldn’t do it myself, “they” (whoever they might have been) would do it for me. I then suddenly felt myself swoop straight forward toward the disc a very few feet, then left, back and down.

I was not only confused, but disoriented. I saw that I was on the ground or just a foot or so above it.

I looked up and to my right and saw a tall stranger with a western hat just standing there. He stood as still as a statue. I asked who it was and both the kids and “the voice” told me that it was me.

The rest of our out-of-body experience is described fairly accurately in the previous 1975 family Dillon Lake UFO Encounter review. Yet, there are some additional observations that are important to discuss.

The elemental characteristics of being “out-of-body”

One of the first is that I strongly felt that the kids and I could only move through our own wills. That is, the only way I could move forward was to think that I was moving forward. I moved primarily through the coaxing and verbal prodding of “the voice.” I realized eventually I didn’t have a body, but it was obvious that I was me with all of my perceptive faculties, especially my visual abilities. I saw most everything ahead of me and to my right and left…but nothing behind me. I also felt the emotions of curiosity, fear, anxiety, etc. throughout the experience.

I couldn’t feel with what might have been hands, for instance, because I didn’t have hands…nor feet, nor a torso, nor a head. But I strongly felt that I was me as strongly as I had during normal times previously. I had no sense that anyone else was involved with my perception…nor that I had merged with any other kind of intelligence.

I also had hearing of some sort, clearly, because I audibly could hear “the voice,” Brad and Kari. I don’t recall if I could hear the waves on the surface of the lake below me, but I could see them. And I believed the waves were moving. However, I am not completely certain about this. I also could clearly see the mountains across the lake to my northeast between an opening in the fog clouds. However, I am not certain that I saw the fog clouds moving at any point while out-of-body.

Kari has testified that she felt extremely exhilarated. She has said it was like “a free-fall feeling.” And she has stated that she could see the waves below her, and she heard the voice telling us  we had to go back to the shore. She apparently heard this at least a couple of times.

The fact that Brad and Kari were laughing and screaming as if they were out of control was somewhat confusing…until they finally were allowed to exit the craft that was floating on the surface of the lake or hovering just a foot or so above it.

The significance of “the voice” or the voices insisting that I get into the craft so I could meditate on my future task

The significance of the voices insisting that Brad and Kari then I get into the floating craft for meditation (for me in regard to my future task) demonstrates some kind of mysterious control or influence the “mysterious intelligences” had over me, I can now assume, at least throughout the 46+ years. This sort of routine was forced on me many many times since I was born, until my 1986/1987 flood of recollections. When I was verbally forced to kneel down by the north window and concentrate on my task is when the large apartment building manifested out on the water. And, of course, constructing and maintaining buildings was to be my task after I met “the familiar strangers” in the Spring of 1987.

After I escaped, hid in the pocket of fog, then followed Brad and Kari to the clearing in the fog to the north, another apartment building was manifested and I again was urged to concentrate on my future task that then was obviously related to buildings when the other multi-story apartment building manifested.

Why Brad and Kari were involved in the 0ut-0f-body experience, I am not completely sure. Yet, I am certain that they were involved in other experiences previously. And I can only assume that whoever contacted me over the years also has contacted them, but possibly in more clandestine ways and possibly for other purposes of which I nor they are presently  consciously aware.

After we returned to our bodies on shore, I once again was exposed to “the familiar strangers” who the voice told me were riding in the windowed craft that hovered to the west of brad and Kari, when we all were fully aware.

We then left the shore and headed for the picnic table…and met Kindy, Annie and my father on the knoll…where Kindy and I saw the strange booth-like object floating below us on the surface of the lake.

Seeing the strange booth-like structure floating on the surface of the lake

After we all stood on the knoll for a time, trying to explain to Annie, Kindy and my father what had happened down on the lake, all but Kindy and I walked over to the picnic table to start preparing for our evening meal.  Just as Kindy and I were leaving, she mentioned a strange boat down on the lake just north of us. it was similar to “the small booth” I had seen many times before. However, I didn’t know that at the time.

It was similar to a rectangular box with one open window on each side of an open door that was centered in the front. It had the usual flat sides and top. Yet, being a little different from the other booths I had seen, there was no black bumper around the bottom. There was what appeared to be a short wall that was positioned about a foot away from the bottom. It was floating in the water and seemed to be a boat.

As I recall, we stood there looking at it for some time and the image seem to change a little as we looked at it…a distorted hazy atmosphere slightly fluctuating around it a couple of times. Yet, nothing else seemed to happen, so we turned and joined the others. But I had the impression then and still do that something else occurred that we don’t remember.

We ate supper at the picnic table, did a few simple chores, and then Kindy wanted to see the booth-like boat closer, so she and I walked down the road to the parking area at the boat launching area.

The craft hovering just above the water near the parking area

As we were at the north end of the parking lot, turning to go south, I noticed a disturbance out on the lake several feet. I am not sure Kindy saw it at this point. There seemed to be a couple of manifestations, i.e. a white craft came into view in a hazy distorted atmosphere, subtly disappeared then subtly reappeared. Kindy was involved at this time, but like our previous sighting of the booth on the water, I and I believe Kindy experienced a period of disorientation. And I don’t really know how long that lasted. We eventually communicated with each other, saw the craft no longer, and walked back to our camping site.

The sun had just set or was setting at this time. We could see the reflection of the sun from the clouds as we walked to the parking lot and it was a little darker when we walked back to the camping site, but not nearly dark.

Craft moving in from the direction of the lake as we were singing songs at the campfire

After the sun had set, we made a fire in the fire pit and all gathered around singing songs with Kindy playing her guitar. I don’t believe anything strange happened between the craft manifestation at the parking area and what was about to happen.

When we paused between a couple of the songs, we noticed two young men setting up a domed-shaped blue tend a few yards to our east, down in the small valley. We then continued singing until I heard a strange noise or someone said something mildly alarming.

I was on the northeast side of the fire, facing southeast. I turned and saw what appeared to be two small metallic discs in two volumes of slightly distorted hazy air. They at first were to my northeast and about head high, which would be about 6 to 8 feet above the ground…not more than 25 feet away. I believe I turned back at this point and asked if anyone was seeing what I saw. And someone said something alarming. I turned back and saw what appeared to be the two discs turn east and move around the blue tent, just a few feet above it. What is most astonishing now is that I realize there were not two discs, but one that was disappearing and reappearing a few feet ahead of itself as it moved.

This is an excellent example of the manifestation process because of the clarity of my view. I saw two distinct volumes of hazy distorted atmosphere, one to the side and ahead of the other. However, at the time, I was somewhat confused and thought I saw two distinct craft flying side by side, one ahead of the other.

When the craft arrived at the tent, it moved in a circular path around it and shot a spotlight down on it. It then swirled the spot lights and at one time I saw two versions of the craft shining two spotlight down on the tent.

The single or the two crafts stayed near the tent for what seemed to be about 5 minutes, hovering, circling, etc. Although, between turning to talk with others at the campfire, then turning back to see what was happening, it seemed as if there might have an interruption  in perception…i.e. it seemed as if there might have been a short loss of time. However, this feeling might have been the result of being confused by those strange things we were seeing. The craft eventual was out of sight and I figured they had gone out of sight somewhere above the trees.

During one period when I had turned to the fire to talk with the others, I believe we began to sing again. Then someone yelled and I turned back and saw that the two versions of the craft had manifested along the east side of the clearing, southeast of us. They hovered their for a time and then once again disappeared.

And again, we began to talk and sing, or Kindra began playing her guitar. I believe it was Brad who said something about lights to our south. I turned and saw the luminous craft again down the slope about 300 feet away. But what was stranger at this point was that they were hovering just a very few feet above the ground. They moved slightly for a while, then shot their spotlights up into the tops of the Pine trees, illuminating the needles and branches.

The craft then moved off or once again disappeared. And we once again began to talk and sing. We didn’t get up to over to the blue tent nor the trees because we, especially I, thought it might be dangerous. It’s important to note that we were definitely confused and thought the craft with lights might be the law looking for an escaped criminal…which of course was not really rational since the craft and light were below the tops of the trees.

The mysterious brilliant light appears, hovers above us, and shines directly down upon us at the campfire.

Being confused, talking and trying to sing again, we were startled by a brilliant light shinning down upon us. It was directly above us at approximately 60 feet…about tree top level.

This confused us even more, and I feel there might have been another short time-loss episode that none of us have recalled to date. After a time, the light moved off to our north-northwest, about half way to the picnic table.

Kindy and possibly one of the other kids and I decided that we needed to go over and investigate. But strange as it may seem, we still thought it might be a helicopter searching for an escaped criminal.

Before we arrived at the spot just half way to the picnic table, I believe the other kid got frightened and returned to the campfire, while Kindy and I just stood there trying to look up to see what the craft or brilliant light might be.

My recollections remain the same as I’ve described in the previous review. And I still feel strongly that “the voice” was the same voice and the light was the same light that Don and I encountered during our night-long UFO experience at the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin in June of 1957…when it was explained to us by the old man and the voice itself that the brilliant light and the voice was the historic Arch Angel Michael.

At this time at the campground at Dillon Lake, the voice was on what you could call a rant, talking about history, eternal knowledge and wisdom, and something to do with the American Indian and buffalo. This was a routine I have heard many times, most often when “the small booth” was involved.

During this encounter I asked them what business they had interrupting our camping. The voice paused his rant, but I believe then continued with the standard message. I asked a few other questions to no avail, then the craft flew off over the trees to our southwest…and Kindy and I walked back to the campfire where the others were waiting.

I’m not quite sure about the sequence of events at this point. We eventually saw the windowed saucer above the trailer and then the small booth that was sitting in front of the tent. We walked over and the remaining happenings in the booth and those with Brad are as described in the previous review. And we eventually went to bed…the kids in the tent and my father, Annie and I in the trailer.

Especially Kari had a melancholy feeling the next morning and didn’t want to leave. And I don’t believe the encounters of the previous day were up front in the minds of the rest of us. We finally drove down the highway and headed for Lake City.

An review of the reviews

The following statements are related to our 1975 Dillon Lake encounter. I believe they are import in understanding what happened to me from my birth until my 1986-1987 flood of recollections. I believe the statements also are important in understanding the relationship of “the mysterious intelligences with my father and immediate family. They also vaguely suggest similar relationships with my family when I was young.

  • The continuous short sightings we had from the time we left Lincoln until we left the campground at Dillon Lake indicate that my family and I were of particular interest to the particular mysterious intelligences who normally reside beyond the veil of the visible. Like it or not, I cannot deny this. As a matter of fact, during another encounter with my father, while both of us were out-of-body, the voice told me that they could change one type of craft into another somewhat quickly by manipulating the molecular and atomic structure of matter. I assumed at that time that they manipulated the molecular and atomic structure of clouds and fog to create the original craft we saw many many times. However, I would like to investigate the suggested implications of this in another article.
  • The more lengthy episodes were an indication that this mysterious intelligence was trying to condition some of us to believe, or to create an interest in, certain ideas or missions.
  • Our out-of-body experience out over the lake was particularly aimed at me and my future task, and possibly it was aimed at Brad and Kari for something I am not completely aware of at this time. I would guess it was aimed at stimulating them subconsciously to be in contact with the intelligences during their normal lives.
  • This also applies to Kindy who was intimately involved seeing the strange booth floating out on the water, the white craft we saw at the parking lot, and the experience in the small booth before we went to bed.
  • Brad was intimately involved with another possible purpose or mission that was related to something neither of us can figure out, except possibly it was related to some speculation. It involved Brad physically seeing strange looking beings. There was a craft, a strange somewhat short being standing under it, and a line of strange short beings walking in a line out into the woods and a line returning, each with a medium sized box in their hands. The being under the craft knew that Brad was there and eventually walked over to where he thought he was hiding. Brad got up and met him and he extended his hand out with his the palm of his had facing Brad, and Brad extended his hand and they touched. This is where his conscious memories end of that episode. I feel the symbolic message is that “they” are here to take something from Earth or our three dimensional time/space, possibly to another unknown dimension or foreign time/space reality.
  • It’s important to know that all of our kids were involved in other lengthy encounters that suggested that we all were being conditioned and educated at other times for some purpose not totally know to us.
  • However, I definitely know from this and other encounters that I in particular have been groomed for my role in “the project” in my later years…a role that I have refused to complete unless “they” can convince me face to face that this is in the best interest of humankind and who we know as God.
  • The men in the boats and the surf board sailor possibly was a demonstration aimed at my father and me to indicate that “they” were working with the both of us for our somewhat separate hidden or clandestine purposes. I feel this especially was symbolically suggested because my father was the Chief of the Nebraska State Fisheries and Assistant Director of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission most of his life. Yet, the surfboard sailor still is somewhat of puzzle…unless it was a simple demonstration that the beings who were involved enjoy penetrating our three dimensional time/space. This was indicated also in other encounters that involved the visual contact with the beings and what seemed to be normal men.
  • Another guess or implied meaning of what seemed to be the man in the first boat being totally human and then appearing to be a lizard-like with the other lizard like man or being, both with a small human heads, I believe subtly suggests that my father and I are in some way connected to the lizard beings.
  • My father was normally not aware all of the strange things that were happening during the entire trip. However, he was intimately aware and saw some of it, including the events down by the shoreline with the men, boats and surf board sailor. However, I know from other experiences that he, like me, was singled out to carry out his tasks as they were related to his job and profession. See the Memphis Lake encounter in Chapter 6 of the book Eminent Discovery.
  • Other encounters involving my father, mother, sisters, Annie and our kids indicate that all of us are involved to varying degrees, in various ways, with the mysterious intelligences, crafts, objects, and/or men and beings.
  • The final destination of our trip was Lake City, Colorado where my father spent a few summers of his youth, and where my grandfather was half owner in a silver mine. This would have been around 1920. My grandfather also was a Christian minister, and subtle events and facts point to the fact that he also might have been involved with the mysterious unseen intelligences. (As an aside, this along with other information indicates that Christ experienced similar phenomenon.)
  • Like all other encounters that involved the manifestation of crafts and objects, this Dillon Lake encounter was an excellent example of the mysterious manifestations. However, other encounters other people and I have experienced seemed to be closeup demonstrations about what was involved in the transition of the crafts and objects from the other dimension, or the other dimensions…or from some kind of never never land between dimensions…into our normal three dimensional time/space.
  • The fact that the crafts, objects, beings and men cannot normally be seen points to elements of time and space being compromised, or at least time being manipulated in some way, a phenomenon I have referred to as a time/space warpage. Prominent researchers have theorized this, recently in the form of “frozen time” or other dimensional time. In my opinion, this most probably involves the frequencies of our individual and somewhat collective DNAs…a detailed elaboration of which I don’t wish to get into here, except to say that I feel it is apparent from historic encounters with so-called spiritual entities and recent paranormal entities that we live human life on Earth in a sort of body-box of perception that one could say is somewhat of a prison, for the express purpose of learning and growing. I will get into this in a little more detail in a following article.
  • I feel the purpose of the mysterious intelligences using short episodes to deal with us is related to the fact that we don’t normally recall the episodes in terms of Earthly existence. This allows them to continue their contact in a clandestine way and not alert us to so-called missing time.

I could go on and on from here, but  would like to include the meanings of all encounters in a sort of final summary or short book.

I would deeply appreciate any comments on any of the articles I’ve written, particularly so I can cover the subjects you might be interested in and so I can gain a better idea of how my encounters can help others understand the true nature of our universe.

(To be continued and “cleaned up” later)

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website (http://www.johnfosterufos.com) to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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