A list of my most important so-called UFO encounters

While I consider that all of my lengthy encounters and even the short sightings are important, there were a handful of key, more lengthy encounters that you could say were monumental, or extremely important, not only for me, but for all of humankind…i.e, if my encounters, indeed, are somewhat normal or typical in many respects of all contactees within the scope of all human experience…and if my observations are valid.

The key encounters began when I was two or three years old at 68th and Garland Streets in Lincoln, Nebraska. Several that occurred during my childhood and teenage years also were key encounters that were/are important. And of course my last encounter at Maloney Lake in Nebraska was the final key experience that contributed immensely to my understanding the underlying purpose or purposes of all encounters.

You can find more detailed narrations of the encounters below in the three books I’ve written: Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book,    Eminent Discovery,    and To Earth From Heaven.

It is amazing to me and some others that, like other contactees, my memories of many encounters remain crystal clear.

Here is a list of the more important encounters that identify the purpose of the encounters more completely — and also reveal the nature of our relations as humans with “the mysterious intelligences:”

(Please note: The important encounters listed below include some descriptions concerning what actually happened. Yet, keep in mind that many more things occurred and much more information was conveyed…all helping me discover more of the meanings and purposes of not only those individual encounters, but all of the encounters as they, inclusively, convey more general meanings and purposes that affect all of humankind from our very beginnings. During most encounters, beyond simple sightings, I was encouraged to settle down, not try to get away, and cooperate with them. Sometimes they encouraged me and one or more of those people who were with me to join the “brotherhood.” Also, among many other things, “the mysterious voice” and various men at times lectured us about and told us to take care of the forests, the wildlife and aquatic life, especially in the mountains, on the plains and  in the wetlands.

In the first entree below and a few that follow, I have included what I feel are some of the inherent suggested meanings related to a few things that were said or things that happened. I’ve included the meanings or suggested purposes as examples only. To keep this article somewhat brief, I haven’t included here what other happenings or information meant to me. You are welcome to make your own conclusions about any of the happenings and information conveyed in all of the entrees and I would appreciate it if you would make comments as you wish.)

1939 or 1940 summertime or early fall — 68th & Garland Streets, Lincoln, Nebraska — I was 2 or 3 years old...Chapter 7 of the book Eminent Discovery.    The most important information was from the middle aged man and “the voice” who told me that “they” were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me.  This means to me that “they” were a mysterious culture or organization who were visiting the Earth, our location at that time, to change us…toward what was a huge unanswered question. This question now is not so mysterious, not so huge, not so unanswered as you will see if you read my books and/or the articles below and above.

At least twice, they told the other young boy and I that listening to classical music was important. They forced us to listen to classical music at that time. This means to me that they were very concern about how we would develop as human beings as we grew older. I was to discover after my flood of recollections in 1987 that, according to scientific research, listening to classical music tunes up the neural pathways in the brain.

At one point, they told me that, in the future, humans would learn to build airplanes without rivets or seams. “The voice” also explained things about “the large” object which we entered later. He strangely explained further how the black tubular part at the bottom of the large object looked like the bumper of bumper cars one would see at a carnival or circus. The rivets and seams comment tells me that “they,” whoever “they” truly were, know our cultural past and, as unbelievable as it may seem, they know our future…because our airplanes now are indeed built without rivets or seams. It also seems to indicate that they monitor or possibly orchestrate our scientific and possibly military progress…military because most airplanes at that time were being used in World War II.

The nature of the manifestations during this encounter, like other encounters, indicated that “they” and their strange objects and craft transcended into our three dimensional time/space from another normally unseen dimension. At that time, this was mind boggling. Yet, the mysterious manifestations coming from another normally unseen dimension was at least somewhat evident during all encounters. As an example, during this encounter I was given a demonstration showing how “the small booth” had mysteriously manifested into our normal three dimensional atmosphere from a normally unseen dimension using hissing roaring fog. I saw small areas in the atmosphere spewing fog.

They said they used the banks of fog to screen off our activities from others who were not to be involved. This meant to me that the other young boy and I were in some way unusual when compared to other humans. I also wondered and I still wonder how in the world did they create and control the banks of fog, not to mention make the crafts, objects, men and beings simply manifest into our three dimensional atmosphere.

1944 mid summer — YMCA camp along the Blue River, between Milford and Crete, Nebraska — I was six years old, not yet old enough to be at the camp, but the camp officials gave me special permission — Chapter 4 of the book Eminent Discovery. Eventually the movements of the objects and crafts and the words of “the voice” identified me as their primary target. The camp counselors became aware of this and I was reprimanded because they thought it was all evil and I was attracting the unusual happenings. This was one of the encounters when a mysterious light shined down on me and another boy separately and the others could see our bones through our flesh. It can be described as a similar visual transformation as “The Transfiguration” of The Bible. The voice, coming from a craft, informed me that we would communicate in the future about something related to the Native Americans and the buffalo.

1949 mid summer — during a Boy Scout overnight hike north of Max, Nebraska, with the Benkleman Boy Scout troop — I was 11 years old, not yet old enough to be a Scout, but they gave me special permission to join them…Chapter 10 in the book Eminent Discovery. Many things happened and we received a lot of information both verbally and symbolically. We were taken above the clouds in a “small booth.” We met “the familiar strangers” and were encouraged to work with them in the future. I was given information concerning the importance of the four directions. “The voice” told me that if I didn’t want to be like one cow in a herd of cattle, I should settle down and cooperate with them and do what they asked me to do. We were put through excruciating conditioning sessions to improve us as human beings. We were told that modern corporations placed too much emphasis on profit. We were told that the churches were not doing what they were set up to do…i.e, helping people develop their spiritual and metaphysical capabilities and talents. They tried to teach me how to create things through my mind. I was told I would teach others about constructions techniques in the future…etc.

1949 August — at Camp Cedars, south of the Platte River and South across the river from Fremont, Nebraska — Again, I was 11 years old, not yet old enough to be at the camp, but they gave me special permission…Chapter 10 in the book Eminent Discovery. It was demonstrated subtly that the craft and mysterious intelligence were connected to the Boy Scouts of America in our area. I was singled out to some extent for being responsible for the crafts appearance, etc. The crafts and voice were particularly active during “The Order Of The Golden Arrow” ceremonies. It seemed as if the crafts and intelligences were connected in a profound way to The Boy Scouts and the Native Americans. A light shown down on me and the others said I looked extremely peculiar.

1950 early August — at the Bethany Grade School playground — the brotherhood’s initiation encounter — I was 13 years old…Chapter 2 in the book Eminent Discovery. This was one of a very few encounters where “the voice” spoke to the entire crowd directly and extensively. It was the only time I was placed on an examination table. I was told something vague about the invention I was to develop in the future. The entire crowd was hypnotized and my friend and I were put through an excruciating conditioning session. We were told about the Native Americans and the founding fathers of the United States. 4 or 5 of us were separately levitated up to the craft. I was the last to be taken. I witnessed a ceremony similar to the Masonic Lodge ceremonies and I was put through a sequence that was very similar to an Ancient Egyptian ceremony. I saw and was told about the small alligator beings who I was told would be in charge of my life-long conditioning, education and development. I was put through a typical UFO abductee ceremony where a bright light was shined down on me. I was told I would have heart problems and surgeries in the future…which actually happened some 38 years hence. I met what seemed to be a half breed human doctor who they intimated had been genetically engineered. They also intimated that he or others like him might be my or our neighbors in the future, etc. Etc.

1951 and/or 1952 summertime — a battery of encounters in and around Lincoln, Benkleman, Imperial, and throughout Nebraska. Others occurred throughout the United States, into Mexico and Canada on “lost trips” — several important encounters — I was from 13 to 14 years old…scattered throughout the books Eminent Discovery and To Earth From Heaven.

An encounter that occurred in a rural area in western Nebraska was the only one or one of a very few encounters where others and I were levitated as a group up to a craft. My uncles initially were reprimanding me and giving me trouble because they thought I was responsible for the many appearances of the crafts and beings. Two tall lizard-like beings approached us on the ground and prepared us to be levitated up to the “the large object.” An old lizard-like/alligator-like being scolded my uncles for giving me trouble. He told us that they, the lizard-like beings (who we eventually discovered were actually crocodile-like) had been active for centuries, especially during the Ancient Egyptian culture. A light shown down on me and my relatives could see my bones through my flesh. They were told I would help my fellow humans in the future. A TV video demonstrated how the American culture was ruining nature and the modern American culture was compared to the Native Americans hunting buffalo on the plains. We were told the starburst symbol represented a place of learning or school, as well as “the brotherhood.” Etc.

An encounter took place during a meeting with parents in August, in the Northeast Junior and Senior High School auditorium. It was my orientation meeting before I entered Junior High. A windowed saucer and the voice showed up and interrupted the principles talk. The voice then lectured the audience about how the parents should treat their children more fairly. The voice eventually hypnotized all who were there except for another young boy and me.

Many short encounters occurred as my aunt, uncle, cousins and I traveled the United States. We extended one trip into Mexico and another into Canada. We traveled the mountain states, the southwest, the northwest, the south and southeast, the east and northeast. We drove day and night and seldom stayed in a motel and seldom in a tent. This gave me a somewhat general knowledge of the layout of the United States. Later, most everyone who I traveled with and a few who we met at a few places, those who had traveled separately in their cars, forgot where we had gone during the trips; they could only recall that we took the trips. Then after Annie and I were married and had our children, we returned to some of those exact locations without me yet recalling any of my so-called UFO encounters…except in a few cases during those revisits that occurred after the encounter my now ex-son-in-law and I experienced in 1981. During the revisits, I was astonished to recognize many landmarks and other things, previously thinking I had not been there before. During all of the lost trips, we periodically encountered so-called UFOs, etc.

1952 Fall — A hay rack ride to Salt Creek, northeast of Lincoln — I was 13 or 14 years old — Chapter 5 of the book Eminent Discovery. My sisters’ Sunday school class and I took a hay rack ride to Salt Creek where there was a bonfire awaiting. Craft flew overhead and a “small booth” was deposited in the cane field or corn field. The voice then took over and had a lengthy conversation with the entire crowd. He encouraged them to get into the booth…etc, etc. Several other things happened. When I got in, the voice told me I would help others in the future.

1953 mid summer — a few encounters at Chadron State Park in northwest Nebraska — I was 15 years old…scattered throughout the books Eminent Discovery and To Earth From Heaven.

Meeting orphans and “familiar strangers”….During one encounter my friend and I saw a small lizard-like or alligator-like being manifest from a swirling twisting cloud that was on the ground. He was not more than 20 feet away from us. We saw the leaves and dirt swirl as the cloud swirled. We were then informed about the familiar strangers, some of whom we met in a craft that was hovering about chest high. After returning to our families, we all saw the craft burst out of the forest and streak up into the heavens…etc, etc.

During another encounter, our cars were blocked from traveling further, on a road in the park. We were blocked by a brilliantly glowing craft that sat in the middle of the road. A small lizard-like being got out and our fathers chased him up into the hills and forest. Later, we saw him enter the craft through what seemed to be its solid metallic wall.

During another encounter we met orphans in the park. The orphans and I flew in craft to the upper Niobrara River valley where we rendezvoused with the familiar strangers. They and we entered another larger craft where I was told and shown that the middle class of the United States could not afford decent housing and that “they” (I now presume the Ets and brotherhoods) were going to see to it that affordable housing was available. (It was about the time the federal FHA loan program was initiated.) We were shown the planned affordable housing in Denver on what seemed to be a movie screen and I was told that I could participate in the construction of the houses if I chose. Years later when my family moved to Denver, we lived in a house that was extremely similar to what I had seen on the movie screen. Not recalling the previous encounter, I looked into becoming a home builder at that time, but decided we couldn’t afford it. Yet, years later I became a home builder and general contractor in Lincoln.

During an encounter that occurred east of Hastings, Nebraska in the middle of the night, just before I entered high school, “the voice” told me I would take mathematics, physics and chemistry in high school and that I was going to go to college and would take those courses in college…and as a matter of fact that I was going to be an engineer whether I like it or not…all of which happened in the ensuing years. Without a formal degree, I landed several jobs in engineering from Nebraska Interstate Design Department, to the Startup and Testing Division of Atomics International Corp at the Hallam Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska, to the Atomics International SNAP10A nuclear satellite research project at the Santa Suzanna Research Complex west of Conoga Park, California, to The Advanced Motors And Generators Research Department at Sundstrand Aviation in Denver, Colorado, to The Fluidics Research Division of Norgren Company in Denver, to advanced alarm and evacuation systems applications and design at Notifier Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, to home building and general contracting in Lincoln, to advanced security and alarm systems design and applications at Spectronics Corporation in Lincoln.

1956 mid summer — at Bog Lake north of Dubois, Wyoming — I was 18 years old…briefly in Chapter 10 of the book Eminent Discovery and extensively in Chapter 7 of the book To Earth From Heaven. It was a half a day full of encounters.   My friend and I and the familiar strangers were lectured about keeping the forest healthy and natural. We were shown the erosion of the cliffs and mountains and were lectured about how they were formed. We were lectured about taking care of the wildlife and aquatic life. We were told to know the weather patterns so we could understand how the weather patterns affected the land and all that lived on the land and in the waters. We met the orphans and were encouraged to participate in “the project.” As the day ended, we saw, above us, large dark craft leaving the area by disappearing into dark boiling clouds, like the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind…and we once again were astonished.

1957 early June — at the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin — an all night encounter at the cabin (at least 14 hours), another shorter encounter the next night, and a day or a few days later a lengthy time travel to Eastern Nebraska and back — I was 19 years old.

During the all-night encounter, we saw strange crafts and objects and met mysterious men, the familiar strangers, the orphans, the brotherhoods, Native Americans, the spiritual bodies of horses, and the Arch Angel Michael. The men and “the voice” told us many things. We received a demonstration on how the craft could appear and disappear repeatedly. We were told about the crafts and men being active in history. We saw a small tornado or whirlwind and saw a craft or object manifest in it after it began to subside not more than a few feet away from us. A mysterious man told us that the craft or object was a place were we could learn. Other men told us about history, the brotherhoods, the project, the development of the United States, the proper role of the churches, things about Christ, the Christian and Mormon religions, the Native Americans, horses, the project, the familiar strangers, the orphans, my participation in the project, how I could create things by thinking and imagining, details about construction techniques, that the horses were here to help humans but like humans they also were here to improve themselves, etc, etc. They encouraged me and my friend to join the brotherhood. We witnessed the unusual appearance of the crafts and objects and we witnessed a demonstration about how “they” are preparing people for a time when they will return and take people away. Those who are willing and who qualify will go and others will stay and suffer some kind of consequence I don’t recall. We met who we were told was an important historical man and met historical inventors who were displaying their inventions. We were told that they all took their assignments very seriously and that was what was expected of us. Etc, etc, etc…Chapter 9 in the book Eminent Discovery.

The next night we encountered the craft and voice again at the same location. We again were lectured about the horses and how “they” worked with horses just as they worked with humans…so that the horses and we humans could improve ourselves. We were instructed on how to leave our bodies, etc…Chapter 10 in the book Eminent Discovery.

A few days later, we experienced, for over a half a day, a time travel. We witnessed a mysterious future scene of the area near the cabin. We met a mysterious lady who encouraged us to help save her people. We saw future Latin American people in the valley below us near dome-shaped buildings and at a future multi-story building nearby…and we began the half day time travel to the small town of Dubois nearby, to eastern/central Wyoming, to western, central and eastern Nebraska where we were shown in extreme detail things about those areas and certain future buildings and existing buildings that are to be used in the project. We were told many things about the project and construction techniques in extreme detail. Etc, etc, etc. We returned to the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin after the sun had set. We had traveled with the familiar strangers during parts of the trip…Chapter 12 in the book Eminent Discovery.

1957 late Fall — a time travel that began at Desoto Bend Wildlife Area and extended into an area near Omaha, Nebraska — I was 20 years old…Chapter 13 in the book Eminent Discovery. Two friends and I encountered crafts at and near the wildlife area. Two of us boarded a craft and saw the orphans and the familiar strangers. Many strange things occurred for more than half a day. We stopped at an area where the Nebraska Interstate Highway was to be built and while in the hovering craft I received lessons on how to calculate curves in highways using calculus. (As an aside, I did, a year or two later, hire on with the Nebraska Interstate Design Department at the Nebraska Department Of Roads were I participated in the design, layout and spot surveying of the Interstate Highway as an engineering aid.) We moved on and landed at a historic area where the Mormon Trail lay…and we received information about the Mormons and other historic persons and happenings that were related to the area. We received information about the orphans and the project, etc…then flew with the orphans to the location where we were to build the first building for the project, where we met the familiar strangers. We were then shown and told about the building and the area in extreme detail. (It was the same primary location we had visited during the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin Time Travel that had occurred that June of 1957.) During the Sheridan Creek Cabin encounter construction of the building was just beginning in the future. During the DeSoto Bend Time Travel the building was completed and we saw the teachers and student, among others. Returning to one of our intermediate previous locations, we took a side trip to a local college where we were given detailed information about how it would be used in the future. We finally returned to our car and returned to Lincoln. Etc, etc, etc.

A side note: While being given a tour of the first building we were to build in the future, during the DeSoto Bend time travel, my friend and I saw a man studying the near universe in a room on the third floor. We were told that he was studying to be an astronaut who would ferry people to different  parts of the universe in the future. I was told that I could be that man if I chose to do so…but that I should understand that it would take me three lifetimes of study before I would be qualified. If this was even half true, the implications are awesome.

1975 early June — a family encounter at Dillon Lake in Colorado — I was 38 years old…Chapter 6 in the book Eminent Discovery. Our immediate family and my father traveled from Lincoln to Dillon Lake, to Lake City Colorado and back to Lincoln. We encountered short sightings and encounters along the way. However, at Dillon Lake we encountered various crafts and objects and three of us went through what seemed to be a preplanned, shared out-of-body experience out over the lake. While floating just a few feet above the water I was encouraged to join the brotherhood and work on my part in the project, which was to help with the design and construction of the buildings that were to be used in the project. My youngest daughter and son were going wild, not in complete control of a mysterious voice who was trying to manage them. My youngest daughter, among several other things, recalls parts of the out-of-body experience. My oldest daughter, among several other things, recalls that later that night she and I encountered a light hovering above us and a mysterious voice from the light talking with me. It was the same voice that, earlier in 1957 at the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin, was identified as the Arch Angel Michael. My son recalls a somewhat extensive mysterious UFO experience with small strange looking creatures that night while he was alone out in the woods. Some of the details of their recollections fit perfectly with what I recall. You can find their recollections in Appendix B in the book Eminent Discovery.

1986 August — an overt final encounter and “a parting of the ways” at Malone Lake south of North Platte, Nebraska — I was 48 years old…Chapter 14 in the book Eminent Discovery. This was when the voice told me that I had a choice to recall the encounters that had occurred throughout my life or not recall. If I chose to recall, he said, I could meet the people, the familiar strangers who could possibly help me develop my metaphysical and spiritual talents and abilities. As you can see, I apparently chose to recall everything in the way of UFO encounters that had occurred since my birth. And I did meet the familiar strangers after a few months of intense, spontaneous recollections.

1987 through the mid 1990s — I met “the familiar strangers” in the Spring of 1987 and discovered “the project” had already begun. I witnessed many things take place that I already had experienced, heard and saw during the 1950s time travels…etc, etc, etc.

You are invited to read the books Eminent Discovery and To Earth From Heaven in order that you might more truly understand how my encounters and others like them have helped humankind progress throughout the ages, as well as what might lie ahead of us in the near future.

I experienced many more important encounters, some lengthy and complex and some short and simple, such as simple sightings and manifestations…and there were many more important things that occurred after I met the familiar strangers.

(more comprehensive articles to follow)

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website (http://www.johnfosterufos.com) to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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