My view of the nature of our universe: Part 9 — The Collective Creator

God, The Arch Angels, The Brotherhoods, Others, You and Me…

As I continue to write and you continue to read, please keep  in mind that most of my observations and speculations are the fruit of my memories of my normal past life, my memories of my strange past future time travels, my memories of the other strange encounters others and I experienced for a period of 46+ years, since my birth in 1937 until that last overt encounter that occurred in August of 1986 when the so-called Ets and I had “a parting of the ways.” A few of the observations and speculations I have made and will make also can be considered the offspring of several post 1986 recollection UFO sightings. And many are the result of my interaction with “the familiar Strangers” and other somewhat normal humans I encountered after that 1986/1987 mysterious spontaneous “flood of recollections.”   

(Please note: Again I apologize that I use “I” and “me” frequently. It is simply because I cannot tell my story without them. I primarily am writing about my own story here because I know many of my encounters well, some in extreme detail. Also, I don’t feel I am an authority or expert in analyzing anyone else’s encounters.)

Some of my more complex encounters in a nut shell:

As I still recall clearly, it all started shortly after I was born. The simple encounters, such as simple sightings, began when I was still wearing diapers, the more complex encounters when I was 2 or 3 years old. During my first recalled complex so-called UFO encounter the mysterious voice, a middle aged man, and a small crocodile or alligator creature told another young boy and me that “they” were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me. He (they) went on to say that we would have to fool some people because some people didn’t like change. He discussed my relatives for a time and said we would even have to fool them. (I didn’t feel very good about that.) He also said that people would learn to live without tobacco, cigarettes and narcotics and that they would learn to build airplanes without rivets or seams, all within our lifetimes…which of course some 77 years later has actually occurred for some people. They played some classical music and “the voice” said that listening to classical music was good for us. I have since found, by reading about an academic research study, that listening to classical music tunes up the neural pathways in the brain.

During other encounters, during the early periods of my life, I met people in the UFO crafts who seemed to be strangers and we all were told to concentrate on what we were to do in the future. I spent several minutes each time concentrating on something I knew nothing about. This happened a few to several times. And as the years crept by, my family, friends, relatives, and I experienced shorter encounters and simple sightings from time to time. And my family and I and some relatives and I and some friends and I experienced more lengthy encounters that turned out to be more meaningful, as described here on and in the books I’ve written. It seems as if the crafts, the strange objects, the voice, the men, the lizard-like beings, and the alligator or crocodile-like beings (all who were normally unseen), as well as the strangers (who, throughout the years became “the familiar strangers”) were following me behind the continuous somewhat seemingly free flowing three dimensional scenes as I grew and progressed from infancy to adulthood. They gave me practical and not so practical lessons on a number of things that were somewhat commonly know and some that were beyond our common understandings of those times.

I nearly always was encouraged to settle down and cooperate with them and to do as they asked. Many times I was asked to concentrate on what I was to do the future. Many times I tried to get away, but nearly always was coaxed back by the voice or one of the mysterious men or lizard-like beings. And also many times there were messages that didn’t quite make sense concerning eternal knowledge and wisdom, the Native Americans and Buffalo, the wildlife, the wilderness and the wetlands, etc.

During nearly all of the strange encounters, those people with me and I witnessed the bizarre manifestations and eventually the equally strange disappearances of the crafts, the objects, men, and beings. The manifestations normally occurred between noon and midnight. They occurred from coast to coast and Canada to Mexico, normally while I was with other normal human beings. Because my memories were crystal clear concerning many of the manifestations, after my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections” I realized that these unusual phenomenon were described nearly perfectly in historical and religious literature and legend, and that the phenomenon  also seemed to fit perfectly with some of the new discoveries in the sciences, especially including quantum mechanics.

When I was 11 years old, they told me to always know where I was in relation to the four directions…north, south, east, and west. I again met the familiar strangers and they (the voice and men) encouraged me to work with them (the familiar strangers) in the future. Through a visual demonstration and audible verbiage they told me that if I didn’t want to be like one cow in a herd of cattle that I should do as they ask and cooperate more willingly with them. They also said that American Corporations placed too much emphasis on profit. They said the the churches were not accomplishing what they were set up to accomplish, which was to help individuals develop their metaphysical or spiritual talents and abilities. They said I would teach others in the future about construction techniques. They encouraged me to learn how to move objects, such as a door with my mind…and move through a solid door by controlling my mind.

When I was 12 years old, during an orientation meeting just before I entered junior high school, among other things, they told the entire crowd of parents that they should treat their children more fairly.

When I was 13 years old, they briefly informed me about an invention I was to develop in the future. (More information about the invention was provided during other encounters as well…sometimes in extreme detail.) They lectured a friend and me about the function and founders of the United States, and they gave us information concerning the Native Americans and buffalo. They put my friend and I through excruciating conditioning sessions in an elliptical-shaped object, after which we seemed to be able to float a foot or so above the ground. There was a large crowd present and they hypnotized, paralyzed the entire crowd of 30 to 50 people then levitated four or five of us separately, one after the other, up into a hovering windowed saucer and returned us to the ground. I was the last to go up and return. Before I entered the saucer, I met a mysterious man who explained what was happening. He seemingly took my arm and guided me as we ascended and then momentarily descended. They then demonstrated what I later found was a Masonic ceremony…and they put me through an Ancient Egyptian ceremony as I entered the craft. It was like Ra’s initial steps on his journey to the underworld. They encouraged me to join the boys’ auxiliary organization of the Masonic Lodge. I met small alligator/crocodile creatures who they said were in charge of my life-long education, development, conditioning and protection. I received brief visual and verbal information concerning propulsion for the craft. I was showered with brilliant white light (which was similar to Leo Sprinkle’s statistical academic studies concerning “the UFO Contactee Initiation Experience”). Two strange creatures put me on an examination table. They examined me and told me that I would have heart attacks and heart surgeries in the future…which actually happened some 38 and 45 years later. They hinted or suggested blatantly that they were involved with genetic engineering, which was obviously reflected through the information they gave me and the strange features of one of the creatures who seemed to be mostly, but not totally, human. I was told he was and he indeed seemed to be a doctor. The doctor placed a long shinny cylinder on my lower abdomen and I felt a strange sensation.  (They previously had told the entire crowd that they would take 5 or 6 of us up separately into the hovering saucer and that a needle would be placed in our abdomens. They told us not to worry, they could make us forget the encounter if that was our wish.) As I descended out of the saucer, they scolded me for not being a good boy and told me that they knew what I did. It was as if they could see through solid structures and know my inner most thoughts and feelings. It seemed as if they knew the five or six of us well and that they were just stopping by routinely to examine us physically and for other reasons as well. Many other things happened that evening.

The next week or a few weeks following, my family and I experienced another encounter at and near that same area. Among other things I witnessed closely the future scene of a number of garages just one city block away from the experience above. As I stood there between the garages, I was told the garages would be built in the future. And decades later I again stood between the garages and saw exactly what I had seen previously during the future time travel episode. The garages were and still are a part of a retirement home for the elderly, a part of which is the old school building where I attended Grade School.

When I was 14 years old,  9 of my relatives and I were levitated up into a high hovering “large object” by two tall lizard-like beings. My two uncles were reprimanded verbally by a very old lizard-like being for giving me trouble because they (my uncles) thought I was responsible for the strange encounters occurring. He went on to say that “they” (I assumed then and still assume he meant he and the brotherhoods) had been active in prehistory, especially during the ancient Egyptian culture, during Biblical times and more modern times. When I refused to cooperate with them, small craft came flying in, one after the other, to a foot or so over my head where they disappeared with moderately brilliant flashes and moderately loud explosions. A brilliant light then shined down upon me and the others could see my bones through my flesh…after which the old lizard or “the voice” told my relatives that I would help my fellow humans in the future. I was then shown a narrated program on what seemed to be a TV set. The program reflected the life of the Native Americans hunting buffalo on the plains against the suburban-metropolitan life of modern America…all suggesting that our routine modern life was destroying nature, as well as the human spirit to some extent. As we left, we saw two of the lizard-like beings in the pilots’ compartment of “the large object.”

Also when I was 14 years old, during another encounter, while traveling in the middle of the night just east of Hastings, Nebraska, just before I entered High School, I was told that I would take mathematics, chemistry, and physics in high school and that I would go to college and take them in college…and as a matter of fact that I would be an engineer in the future, essentially whether I liked it or not…all of which has occurred just as I was told some 65 years ago.

When I was 18 years old, “the familiar strangers,” a friend and I were taken up into a windowed craft where we were lectured about taking care of the forest and wildlife. We were lectured about the weather patterns of the area and we were told to understand them, especially how they eroded the hills and mountains and how they nurtured the forests and wildlife. I was shown the micro-organisms down in a lake and told about the creatures of the wetlands. We met the “familiar strangers” again and the orphans and we were encouraged to participate in the future “project,” especially to help the orphans. Upon our departure from the area, my friends and I witnessed the disappearance of several large dark crafts. Flying in formation just several yards above us, the crafts left the area by merging up into dark mammoth twisting churning clouds, very similar to the churning clouds shown in the movie, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. The churning clouds settled upward into what then seemed to be a perfectly natural overcast sky.

At a US Forest Service cabin in western Wyoming, when I was 19 years old, the same friend and I experienced, all night, many encounter episodes with several to many strange entities and what seemed to be normal  but strange humans. Just after supper, we first encountered a six foot lizard-like creature inside our cabin. He told us that “they,” some mysterious someones, were waiting for us outside. When we went outside we witnessed the repeated mysterious appearance and disappearance of a strange craft, with a mysterious voice projecting verbal information from it when it was visible. The voice spoke of history and the Native Americans, etc. While the craft was still appearing and disappearing, a strange man came walking and talking up behind us. We were shocked to see him come walking out of a large volume of distorted atmosphere. He continuously explained something about historical brotherhoods who he said were then in crafts that were flying above us, appearing and disappearing, etc. We then saw a small tornado or whirlwind come flying in toward us over the trees. It landed on a small bush just in front of us and begin to dissipate. As it dissipated, we saw a windowed enclosure emerge. The man then told us “they” were preparing a place where we could learn. Many things occurred after that. I was put through an excruciating conditioning session so I could improve as a human being. We were levitated up into a tree and were told that “they” were trying to enlist us into their army to fight a battle to save men. After returning to the ground, they levitated me up above the clouds and told me that they were preparing people for a time when they would return and take them away. I saw disc-shaped crafts come flying toward me and dive through the clouds to the ground. I followed them and witnessed how they would take people away. After I returned to my previous location, we (believe it or not) met who we were told was the Arch Angel Michael who seemed to be nothing more than a brilliant white light. He hovered not more than 10 feet above us. He told us to cooperate with the men and brotherhoods. An old man then told us about the brotherhoods and how they were somehow related to the Masonic Order. He said the Masonic Order had built many buildings in the United States, since the it’s inception. We were told that the brotherhoods (“the voice, the mysterious men, the lizard-like beings and the small alligator or crocodile-like beings) were the monitors or keepers of the Earth, that they were responsible to the arch angels Michael and Gabriel, who were responsible to the entity we have considered the historic Christ, who was in charge of this corner of the universe. They said that the brotherhoods were not allowed to interfere with the affairs of humankind except at certain times, when things were going awry or were dangerous. We met the familiar strangers and orphans and we were encouraged to cooperate with them and join the brotherhood so we could help the orphans, etc. We were given information about the Native Americans, and the founders of the United States. We experienced an out-of-body encounter with the horses and we were told that the horses were here to help humans, but that they also were here like humans to improve  themselves. We met historical inventors. We were warned that they all took their assignments very seriously and that was what was expected of us, i.e. that we also should take our assignments seriously. However, we at that time didn’t recall any assignments we had been given. I was shown how I could create reality by using my mind. We were then shown and told details about “the project” and were encouraged to participate in the project. We witnessed and lived a future episode concerning “the project” at what seemed to be a two story motel building. I suffered another excruciating conditioning session and we were told about the propulsion system of one craft. It was demonstrated how we could qualify to be a part of the project. The only requirement was simply to believe we were good enough to a part of it. We finally ran for the cabin, but experienced other encounters inside the cabin, until it was time to go to work that morning. We actually were about an hour late for work.

A few days later my friend and I experienced more than a half -a-day time travel from that same Forest Service cabin to the nearby town of Dubois, Wyoming; to eastern Wyoming; to western Nebraska; to central Nebraska; to several places near Lincoln; to our final destination which was the site of the first building we were told we, with the “familiar strangers,” were to design and construct in the future for “the project.” As we had stopped at the previous different times and places along the way, we were told various things about those times and places. We met the familiar strangers at some of those different times and locations and we witness future events in detail concerning the construction of the building at our final destination. Especially I was shown and told extreme details concerning the construction specifications for the building. I experienced an intermittent sub-time-travel back to Lincoln where I lived other future time episodes with other people, etc. After I returned to the building site, the familiar strangers, the orphans, my friend and I took a tour in a craft around the area, landing at a cemetery where we witnessed other future events and significant things that would later aid in the validation of the fact that this overall time travel was real. Those future time travel events also gave us experiential information concerning some of what happened in the past. We then entered one of our original crafts with the familiar strangers and orphans, flew back to Wyoming and, leaving the others at a building that was to be used by “the project” in east-central Wyoming in the future, my friend and I transferred to our original craft and returned to the US Forest Service cabin after the sun had set. While there that evening and a few of the following days and evenings, we experienced other more simple encounters, some of them conveying complex meanings.

It was just before the time travel above or just after, my friend and I had a shorter time travel episode from the cabin: One evening we spotted what I believe was a windowed saucer manifesting from the blue haze or fog just a few hundred feet to the south southeast. It appeared so strange, we decided to investigate.  As we approached, a large volume of distorted atmosphere materialized a few feet in front of us and what seemed to be a solid three dimensional two or three story building emerged. To make a long story short, we entered the building, saw other people moving around the area, and we saw and talked to a doctor who explained that the building was a hospital in the future and he showed us and explained what advanced techniques would be used in the building in the future to heal people. He also talked briefly about “the controlling board.” (It is interesting that while inside the building I believe we saw me lying on an examination table as doctors and nurses were treating me for my future heart problems.)

At the end of June, my friend went back to Lincoln to get married and I quit working for the US Forest Service to break and train horses at a local dude ranch…where the dudes, horses, others, and I experienced a few minor encounters with UFOs. The horses reacted violently to the sometimes subtle appearances of the crafts, indicating that the manifestations were real. Those short encounters and another encounter that had occurred at the Forest Service cabin indicated that “they,” “the mysterious intelligences,” indeed worked with the horses just as they worked with humans.

After returning to Lincoln that Fall in 1957, two other friends and I experienced another lengthy time travel to the same future building location in eastern Nebraska. We met the familiar strangers again and the orphans. During the entire lengthy time travel we witnessed, lived and were told about extreme details concerning the past and the future including the future building, the courses to be taught in the building, my possible future, others futures, and other astonishing things that were related to the so-called Ets, others and me. We were told that the Middle United States would be the center of American culture in the future. We were told and shown that the future headquarters for UFO operations in the Middle United States was on top of that future building. We saw several strange creatures through various translucent enclosures that were located on the roof of the future building. We were told and shown that most people would be depressed economically and emotionally at that future time and that most would look to the federal government for subsistence. I was told that I could be a future astronaut who would fly others to various places in the universe, but that it would take three lifetimes of study to qualify. I was told that I came from another place in the universe and some of the familiar strangers and I allegedly then visited such a place. I recall leaving in a craft with some of the familiar strangers. I recall seeing stars pass by my window, and I recall returning in the same craft while all of us were waking from what seemed to be a deep sleep. I don’t recall being there. I experienced all of this among many other things. We finally returned to Lincoln well after the sun had set. It is interesting that I recalled enough about the building site of the first building we were told we are to construct in the future that I later identified, with two or three others, the exact location…among many other significant landmarks in the area. I also, years later, drew the preliminary architectural plans for the three story building that is to function as a high school for the orphans, as well as a learning center for adults in the evenings.

Continuing this astonishing sequence illustrating how “The Collective Creator” creates, at least in my case, it is important to know that UFO crafts followed us to the hospital and appeared at the hospital when our first daughter was born, when my wife Annie was 19 and I was 21 years old. Other unusual things occurred at that time that indicated our daughter also would be involved with “the mysterious intelligences.” This included more than one encounter with “the spirits” at a local Native American gathering the night before she was born and several simple encounters later in the local wilderness. Our family then had fewer periodic or intermittent encounters throughout our lives, until that last overt encounter that occurred  in August of 1986 at Maloney Lake in Nebraska. I experienced my “flood of recollections” from late Winter of 1986 through late Spring of 1987. I met “the familiar strangers” in late Spring of 1987. We compared information and found that we were told and shown some of the exact same things during our respective mysterious so-called UFO encounters and spiritual encounters. I met a few of the orphans who I had previously met during my strange encounters including, but not limited to the future time travels. I was astonished to find that the project had already begun nearly exactly as I witnessed it and lived it during the 1950s time travels. And I continued to live episodes that I had witnessed or lived during the previous time travels and time travel episodes throughout the 46+ years…etc, etc, etc…all contributing to the fact that my encounters primarily occurred as I recall them occurring…many in extreme detail.

To make a long story shorter, my adrenaline flowed so strong during that 1986 through 1990 period of Eminent Discovery that I suffered my first heart attack in 1988. That  first heart attack occurred just after I turned 51 years old. I had coronary bypass surgery which didn’t work, had another coronary bypass surgery in 1995, had other surgeries and aliments during the 1990s and early 2000s. I was told I could die at anytime, at any second, for a period of about 10 years. Even so, I met R. Leo Sprinkle, Ida Kannenberg, Fowler Jones, Bob Teets and others during that period and was asked to give some talks around the country about my strange encounters. As above, I met the familiar strangers in the Spring of 1987 and I met and interacted with them periodically for a number of years…just as I was shown and told during the 1950s time travels.

It is shocking to know that the so-called Ets, “the mysterious intelligences,” ultimately with my cooperation, have orchestrated not only my immense number of UFO encounters, but my multiple engineering vocations, architectural/construction vocations and other various vocations so that I would develop the abilities to participate with the “familiar strangers” in “the project” during my elder years.

And there are many, many more facts that I can relate to you that validate the reality of my encounters, but they will have to wait for later articles or the publishing of my last book, or after we all move on permanently beyond the three dimensional veil of the visible.

So, as you can see, during my life, The Collective Creator, which includes me, was at work guiding my destiny toward my participation in “the project”…which I have been shown and told will, with the participation of  “the familiar strangers, benefit the orphans and many others who also will have contact with “the project.” However, you will discover in previous articles here and in the books I have written that I have rejected “the mysterious intelligences’ “ plans for me to participate in “the project”i.e. unless the so-called Ets show up again and convince me without a doubt this is all good, for the betterment of humankind, and in the interest of who we have considered God.

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website ( to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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2 Responses to My view of the nature of our universe: Part 9 — The Collective Creator

  1. I don’t remember this event, but I can imagine how disconcerting it is to drive by that space all the time and remember. I do remember thinking the fields to the north and east of our house are full of adventure! Maybe we were subconsciously remembering some things we saw.


  2. Actually, I think this is really great! It’s a terrific summary of the things that happened to you from beginning to “end”. For some people, the books are too much. For others, this summary would be very helpful to understand the big picture. It even kind of tied everything together in my mind, since I’ve heard about it and read about it for the better part of my adult life. One thread that seems to go through is the excruciating experiences for you. I can’t imagine how difficult this must have been — and even now how difficult it must be to think back on it. I can understand that it makes you angry. As your daughter, it makes me angry that you had to go through this. At the same time, I feel privileged to have had all these years to hear about and try to understand how different our world might be from what it first seems. If other people had the opportunity to hear about it and then years to think about it, they might be more willing to try to understand.


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