The extent of ET influence or interference in our human culture

If you have been following the articles posted on this website or have read the books I’ve written, you already realize or at least can conjecture that there actually are normally unseen intelligences who somewhat influence or manipulate ideas, beliefs and/or events in our human culture.

I experienced one encounter when I was 15 years old at Chadron State Park in Nebraska, during the summer of 1953… encounter that indicated these mysterious intellegences do indeed manipulate, not only some of the healthy societal conditions in our country, but also some of our political programs that aid cultural groups such as the middle class.

This encounter occurred the mid afternoon following a previous evening picnic of intense UFO activity. My family and the family of the Chadron Park superintendent were the only normal humans at the picnic (Ref: Chapter Four of the book Eminent Discovery).

When a “small booth” manifested on the front lawn of the park this mid afternoon, near the stone fountain, my friend and I walked over to see what it was. We were particularly curious because of the bizarre happenings that occurred the previous evening. As we approached, we heard “the voice” coaxing us to get into the booth so we could experience a special trip with the orphans who were already seated inside. When my friend saw that they were Spanish American, he thought that it was too strange and refused to go. However, for some unknown reason I crawled in and sat with the orphans.

It was not long before the booth lifted off of the ground and began flying or floating toward the highway. It then flew south a hundred feet or so above the highway, up the steep slope, and hovered at the top of the hill where we received a lecture about the forest of the Pine Ridge of Nebraska…most of which I don’t remember. It then was announced that we were going to rendezvous with someone at the upper Niobrara River which was several miles to our south.

To make a long slow story shorter and faster, we eventually landed beside a large enclosure that was similar to “the elliptical-shaped object” and another craft. We were told to exit the booth and enter the enclosure. As we entered the enclosure, we saw who I now know were “the familiar strangers” exit their craft and enter the enclosure with us.

Several things occurred inside the enclosure. But one sequence seemed very interesting and revealing.

As I sat beside “the partially bald man,” a familiar stranger, we were told to direct our attention to a large movie screen beside us…(or it might have been a very large video screen). The voice then told us that the middle class in America was not able to afford family housing and that “they,” whoever they might have been, were going to see to it that middle class families would be able to afford housing.

As he spoke, there was part of a city subdivision that appeared on the screen. And the view zeroed in on a couple of small brick houses. The voice then explained that this would be an area of Denver, Colorado where affordable small brick houses would be available to middle class families. He went on to say that I could be a part of the building project if I wished.

Well, the encounter finally ended and we got in the booth and floated back to the park were I was allowed to exit. And of course, like most all other encounters, I forgot this one until my flood of recollections in 1986.

I have near total recall, including pictorial recollection. I remember many happenings in extreme detail, including visual detail.

It is astonishing for me to now realize that years later, after my wife and I were married and after we had our three children, in the latter part of the 1960s, we moved into one of those small brick houses that appeared nearly exactly the same as the one I saw on the screen in that UFO enclosure during the summer of 1953. And while we lived in Denver, I seriously looked into being a builder as an occupation. And I eventually became a home builder in Lincoln several years after we lived in Denver….all of my various vocations contributing skills and knowledge that would benefit me if I eventually decided to participate in “the Eastern Nebraska Et/human project.”

It is astonishing further to realize that, about the time of this encounter, the federal government established the FHA housing program to help middle class America afford family housing.

Of course I realize in order for you to believe all of this you have to believe I am honest and representing the real truth as it happened. I cannot prove it, but I can confidently tell you that this story as well as the other stories related to my enormous number of UFO encounters are true. They happened very similar to how I have explained them here and in the books I’ve authored.

If you might be worried that foreign Ets are invading the Earth and interfering in our culture, I would remind those of you who have read my books that the mysterious intelligences who I encountered were identified as “the monitors or keepers of the Earth” who are responsible to a hierarchy that includes the historical Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel who in turn are responsible to the historical entity we have called Christ who is in charge of this corner of the Universe. I also was told they, the Ets I and others encountered, had a hand in our creation. It seems as if they therefore have been on Earth longer than humans…and they appear to be here for the benefit of individual humans and collective human cultural progress…among many other things.

(The first photo is near the spot where we first saw the booth and orphans. The second photo is our landing site — left of the highway — near the upper Niobrara River, where the orphans, the familiar strangers, and I entered the enclosure…all of which had landed on the ground. My wife and I took the pictures on our recent return to Lincoln from the Teton Mountains in Wyoming and the Black Hills in South Dakota.)

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website ( to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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