What are the important implications of John Foster’s so-called UFO Encounters?

Rationalized as of today, Sept 3, 2017.
(This is an on-going article that will be written over a period of several days. Please understand that the encounters others and I experienced were real and that I reserve the right to change my understandings of them as I progress. There are several witnesses and an enormous number of tangible facts, historical and modern, that support the validity of my memories. Also, I have been very careful to try to understand factually and rationally.)

(The first drawing above represents my view as my relatives and I were levitated to “the large object” sometime during the summer of 1952 or 1953. The oldest were taken first – the youngest last.)

The obvious as well as the suggested implications of all of my strange encounters (and the encounters of some others), if analyzed closely, should ultimately change our collective understandings of human existence on earth since it’s very beginning.   

I have conjectured this after analyzing, in detail, the many unusual things others and I saw and experienced during the encounters…which occurred from two or three years or less after my birth in 1937 until August of 1986 when I was 48 years old. This includes the information we were given verbally by “the voice,” the mysterious men, and strange beings throughout that same period. In August of 1986, during my last overt encounter, the so-called Ets and I had a parting of the ways.

Yet, many of the more simple mysterious sightings and occurrences that we experienced after that parting of the ways also have contributed to my understandings of the awesome implications.

Because this unusual information is so immense and affects most all areas of human life, I will at first simply list some of the more important implications here and add short comments so that you can possibly grasp my interpretation of the spoken and suggested meanings. More extensive discussions will be continued in other articles to follow.

Because the strange encounters basically included extremely unusual physical phenomenon, I will begin to discuss the bizarre physical phenomenon, then move on to what our interaction with the unseen intelligences, the mysterious men, and strange beings might mean.

(Keep in mind that I am writing to the average person on the street who might not be familiar with UFO or spiritual experiences.)


Some of the major areas of human existence that I feel are seriously affected through the understanding of my encounters:

✽ Science…the physical sciences as well as the human sciences: The phenomenon we witnessed suggests that our collective perception of reality is normally limited to our five senses, what I and a few others have called our limited pigeon hole body box of perception. But there is much, much more! The unusual physical phenomenon, as we witnessed it defied science, i.e. as we understand science today.

✽ Religion…especially Christianity, but all other world religions, including native tribal beliefs …historical and modern:    For instance, others and I seemingly witnessed and experienced some similar mysterious things that are described in The Bible and other religions documents. This includes the physical phenomenon that defied what we presently know about science. I feel the implications are awesome.




✽ All areas of history, including the stories conveyed about prehistory…and the ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, and aboriginal native stories:     My encounters suggest the so-called fables and seemingly unbelievable things experienced in ancient times, as described in historical documents, might indeed be more accurate and real than some of us have believed.

✽ UFO, spiritual, and other-dimensional or multi-dimensional occurrences: My encounters suggest that at least some of those mysterious occurrences were/are real.

✽ Common everyday human and animal experience:     My encounters suggest that life on earth encompasses much, much more than we presently comprehend in our various pigeon hole body boxes of perception. …This includes animals of all kinds and possibly plants. I believe it is possible and even likely that we normally only perceive a small part of reality that is available to us. If we can develop the right attitudes and correct ways of thinking and feeling, I believe it is possible to perceive truthfully and correctly beyond the five senses.


The implications suggested by the unusual phenomenon that seemed to defy our reality…especially the reality we believe we know concerning the physical nature of our World…

The manifestations of the crafts and objects from thin air, from a blue or gray haze or fog, from a brilliant light, from twisting churning clouds, and from violent explosions:     (Out-of-body experiences will be covered in additional articles.)

Clear distorted atmosphere …Some of the crafts and objects manifested somewhat slowly from a clear distorted atmosphere. Because one or more of the people who were with me also saw it, I can conjecture that this type of manifestation was real…i.e. I can assume the manifestations actually occurred just as we witnessed them occurring in our time and space. This implies that another dimension or other dimensions truly do exist beyond what we normally see. Because the objects or crafts behaved in what seemed to be an intelligent manner, I can assume there was a mysterious intelligence or intelligences who were in control. It also implies that somehow the mysterious intelligences who normally orchestrate the encounters actually transformed the crafts and objects that reside in that normally unseen dimension or those dimensions so that we could see them. Or the mysterious intelligences somehow modified our physical bodies or minds so we could see and interact with the overlap of the other dimension(s) on our normal time/space. The purpose of the manifestations is another question which I will get into later.

Dense blue or gray fog or haze  …Many manifestations occurred in a dense fog or haze that seemed to just manifest slowly itself. When it was heavy enough to block our view of some of the landscape behind it, a strange object or craft would slowly come into view. Then after the object or craft seemed to be completely solid, the fog or haze would slowly fade away. In many cases the objects and craft remained and interacted with us through the verbiage of “the voice,” the mysterious men, and/or the strange beings. However, in some cases, the haze or fog would remain and other objects or crafts would come into view near the original object or craft. In some cases the haze or fog remained there until the encounter concluded. In those cases, at the end of the experience, the objects or crafts seemed to melt back into the haze or fog, or they would slowly fly off toward the horizon, etc.

During at least two encounters “the voice” told me that they used the haze and fog to screen off our activities from those humans who were not to be involved. And during at least one encounter the voice told me that they could develop an object or craft or change its form by manipulating the atomic and molecular structure of matter. As he spoke, I saw one type of craft change into another form. The haze and fog, as well as the distorted atmosphere have been reported along with mysterious happenings at various times throughout history. This implies several things that I possibly will get into later.

Brilliant lights: A few to several times a brilliant light would move in above us after the strange objects or crafts were seen. In many of these cases “the voice would speak to us about things related to the encounter, facts about modern and ancient history, as well as other things. During one lengthy encounter, the voice was identified as the Arch Angel Michael and the conversations during that encounter (which lasted from supper until a late breakfast the next morning) covered many things ranging from prehistory to that present. This included religion, especially Christianity, ancient and modern brotherhoods, the Native Americans, etc. (Read Chapter Nine of the book Eminent Discovery.) When the light was present, the voice sometimes spoke from the light for short periods. Along with other information this implies that Michael is still active, working to upgrade humankind, etc. It also suggests that the mysterious intelligences, crafts and objects were connected to religion throughout the centuries. This along with evidence conveyed through other experiences suggests that the spiritual influence of the entity who we know as God has always affected our human cultures through multi-dimensional beings who can function physically at least to some extent.

At times the light shined down on me and I apparently appeared very strange…more than once others with me seeing my bones through my flesh. I also saw some other boys illuminated in very strange ways. This seems very similar to The Transfiguration as it is described in The Bible. However, I’m sure it is not nearly that important. Yet, it lends credence to that historical story.

Also, many times when experiencing encounters at night, the landscape was illuminated by something we couldn’t detect. Yet, during a few encounters I saw what seemed to be spotlights shining down from crafts hovering above us.

All of the information above concerning strange lights implies that there are indeed mysterious intelligences who interact with humans at various times in our on-going developing history, somewhat defining who we might become.

Twisting churning clouds: Several to many times we witnessed the somewhat sudden development of twisting churning clouds that were high in the sky and at times low to the ground, or you could say on the ground. It was very similar to seeing the churning clouds in the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. The craft sometimes manifested out of the churning clouds and sometimes disappeared into the churning clouds, which in turn at the end of an encounter moved upward and became a part of the somewhat stable over cast sky.

This suggests that someone connected to the movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind had experienced similar so-called UFO encounters.

This, among other things, again suggests that a mysterious intelligence or intelligences have the ability to compromise our seemingly stable physical world. It implies that the entity who we have known as God most likely did mysteriously orchestrate the epic storms as they are reported in our religious documents of the ancient past.

The churning twisting clouds, along with the strange phenomenon mentioned above, also suggest that seemingly normal people, such as myself and those who were with me, have in the past been the specific target of those mysterious entities. I can assume or conjecture that we were the target for several purposes, most likely to change the path of our destinies individually and collectively. In the end I suspect the purpose is to change us as a human race so that our will will be compatible with the will or wills of those mysterious intelligences who I am certain include the entity who we have considered God, the prime creator of our immense universe.

Violent explosions:    Several times we witnessed a craft disappear into our normal three dimensional atmosphere with a brilliant flash and loud explosion, like dynamite. And a few times we saw the craft reappear into our normal atmosphere with the same type of violent explosion. At times, when I or another person reacted in defiant ways, small craft would swoop in above us and explode with small flashes and explosions right over our heads. I am certain the purpose for this type of orchestrated appearance and disappearance of the objects and crafts was to control me and some of those people who were with me so that the mysterious intelligences could continue their planned activities without interruption, so that they could impress upon us the fact that they were serious and that we had better react to the information and phenomenon as they had planned. In all cases I believe we did pay attention and did as they asked.

Among other things, the quick, instant explosions imply that the mysterious intelligences who orchestrate the encounters can control our physical world second by second. However, it has become obvious that we as humans also are given the opportunity to create our own destinies, at least to some extent. To get a realistic grasp of this concept, it is good to know that they told me that they (the brotherhoods, men, and beings) were not allowed to interfere with the affairs of humankind except at certain times, when things are going awry or are dangerous on earth. This means we do have some free will individually and collectively. It was stated further that if they hadn’t interfered in the past, we would have destroyed ourselves and if they don’t interfere now and in our near future, we will destroy ourselves. This fits nicely with the Christian religion, as well as others.


Other implications that are not necessarily connected to unusual physical manifestations….

Subliminal motivation or control from the other dimension(s): Conditioning through clandestine spiritual and UFO encounters, motivation through ESP, defining the intellectual nature of our eternal universe, defining the meaning of historical developments and events, and time travel, among other things:

Conditioning through clandestine UFO encounters  – It has been obvious that my recollection of all my encounters since birth has changed my life significantly. Essentially,  after my “flood of recollections” of all encounters, I nearly lost my life and I did lose my job as an engineer without any hope of wrangling another vocation. I experienced massive heart attacks after I was asked to go public with my strange encounters. I lost over half of my heart due to failed heart surgery and I was disabled severely from other health conditions and surgeries. I figure this all ultimately was triggered by my fear, anxiety, anger and frustration in dealing with my memories, as well as from the bizarre strange and coincidental things that began to happen after my flood of recollections. For about 10 years my doctors told me that I was “a walking time bomb,” that I could die at any second, even during those times when I stood there talking with them. Every time I tried to make money, the project failed or the bottom fell out of that section of our economy, etc. Yet, I was asked to give talks around the country and I was interviewed on radio and TV, in news papers and a few minor magazines. All of this gave me time to record my encounters and to contemplate the obvious and suggested implications.

In other words, recalling all my encounters caused my disabilities which in turn gave me time to consider the immense number of implications not only of all of the encounters collectively but each encounter in detail. This article is evidence of my on-going understanding.

Similarly, even though I could not completely recall any of the encounters for over 46 years, they continuously affected my life significantly. The feelings I felt and the knowledge I received during the encounters (even though I was not consciously aware of them totally) subtly affected the way I felt and the beliefs I formed during normal times. This caused me to do certain things and think in certain ways as I grew toward old age. This I have called subliminal motivation that silently and subtly seeped forth from my subconsciousness.

Another way to put it is to state simply that the clandestine encounters molded my beliefs and feelings throughout my life…without me consciously knowing about it.

Subliminal motivation through ESP:    During one encounter when I was about 13 years old my sisters and I were levitated into a low hovering “large object.” While there several unusual things happened. Among those unusual things was hearing a message from “the voice” who told us to kneel down and concentrate on or practice ESP (extra sensory perception), because we (i.e. they whoever “they” were and I) would communicate through ESP in the future.  Since that encounter it seems as if I indeed have received messages through mental information that just seems to come my way and deep knowings and feelings that are at times overwhelming. It also is astonishing to know that “the familiar strangers,” other humans, and I have experienced unusual unexplained coincidental happenings from time to time. All of this it seems has been oriented toward my predefined role in the Et/human “project.” (You can find out more about “the familiar strangers” and the “project” in other parts of this website and in the books I’ve authored.)

Defining the intellectual nature of our eternal universe:     As mentioned above, after remembering I was told to practice ESP, I realize that I possibly always received messages from the mysterious intelligences in the form of strong knowings and feelings, as well as what seemed to be obtuse messages in my mind that seemed to be spoken silently in perfect English. This, I felt, had occurred and was to occur throughout most if not all of my life.

Well, even though I didn’t consider myself any more important than any other human being, I felt that those individuals throughout history, who had made decisions that affected all or many other humans, most likely had knowingly or unknowingly received similar feelings and messages. In other words, I don’t believe I am a special human but that all humans to one degree or another also are connected to the mysterious intelligences just as I am/was. Ideas and decisions therefore that flow from all humans either advance or hinder the growth of our diverse worldly cultures. In this way, at least to some extent, the mysterious intelligences guide our advancement as a human race in most any way or all ways you can imagine.

Of course I realize we all also have the ability to individually create. As a matter of fact, because of the nature of our makeup as human beings, I believe we cannot exist or be alive unless we create; we have to make decisions minute by minute, second by second whether we like it or know it or not…even if our decision is to do or think nothing, which of course is not possible. It is the nature of our reality, as well as the nature of our immense eternal universe to continuously make decisions. The decisions that we choose minute by minute, second by second form and change our destiny individually and collectively. And it is the mysterious intelligences who silently and sometimes not so silently correct our path, through their decisions that are made according to their will(s) and desire(s). Most of their decisions I suspect are made in the interest of who we know as God for the betterment of humankind.

According to the information I’ve read and the experiences I have lived, this most likely is the intellectual nature of our eternal universe…time and space being only one tool used in the growth of our eternal being.

(In thinking about the definition of the intellectual nature of our eternal universe, it might be interesting for you to consider the fact that some ideas and mental messages seem to be mysteriously coming to me as I write. And I have heard other writers in the past talk about what seems to be “automatic writing.” So, this, the exercise of thinking and writing, simply can be considered “automatic writing”…or a mysterious function of the intellectual nature of our eternal universe. It’s like catching those messages that are continuously being conveyed though our subconsciousnesses. I’m sure, if you try, you also can perform “automatic writing.”)

Defining the meaning of historical developments and events:     The definition of the meaning of historical events, I feel in one way or another, include most all of the information above. Considering that the mysterious intelligences deal with at least a representative sampling of human individuals, when our destiny seems to be flowing toward catastrophic events, it seems as if the mysterious intelligences’ interactions with us individually can change the course of human history. All of this of course is related to the physical nature of our universe, especially our near physical universe, such as the normal paths and the revolving of the planets of our solar system, among many other things, etc.

I believe the interaction of the mysterious intelligences with us individually and collectively is especially prominent when we are headed toward war, or when there are about to be changes in the political or intellectual structure of certain countries. According to written history, especially the history that is not so publicly distributed, strange mysterious events have been reported, such as “the Foo Fighters” of World War II, the Fairies of Ireland, etc, and the appearance of angels throughout ancient times…not to mention UFOs and other spiritual beings appearing at critical moments in ancient and modern times, and especially those mysterious things that occurred during the formation of our USA nation.

The definition of the meaning of historical developments and events, therefore, I feel, must always include the purpose of the interaction between the mysterious intelligences and humans. This should include the purpose and will of God (the prime creator of our immense eternal universe), and the wills and purposes of “the voice,” the mysterious men, and the strange beings. To me these individuals obviously are closely related to “the Foo Fighters” of World War II, the Fairies of Ireland, etc, the ancient and modern angels, and many other mysterious entities too numerous to mention here.

In my opinion, they always have changed the course of human history when things were going awry or were dangerous.

Time travel:         Believe it or not, others and I did indeed experience what is commonly known as time travel. Other articles written on johnfosterufos.com and the information in the books I have authored have explained in some detail how it happened and what happened throughout the decades of my life.

Essentially the primary purpose of the time travels was to visually show and to verbally inform the others and me what we were expected to do in the future. I was shown and told my tasks for the future in extreme detail. This primarily included the physical design, composition and maintenance of buildings to be constructed at specific locations at specific times in the future, etc, etc…for the purpose of providing subsistence and education for an influx of foreign people into the middle United States.

Of course I forgot each time travel after it occurred…i.e. until my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections” of all encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Meeting “the familiar strangers” shortly after my flood of recollections proved to me and some others that that time travels also had been real…i.e. they actually had occurred as I recalled them.

The details are too numerous and complex to include here.

Without going into details here, this means that we are headed for a somewhat historical change in our near future, a change that definitely has been orchestrated by those mysterious intelligences who I have been discussing.

From what I know, our future in the Middle USA will change according to what I have written in the books Eminent Discovery and To Earth From Heaven. Yet, when writing the books, I was careful not to do too much conjecture, but to simply relate to you what actually happened and how it happened. Yet, To Earth From Heaven relates to you some of my thoughts concerning what it all might mean.

About jafos

I am a 75 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website (http://www.johnfosterufos.com) to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs.
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