2. About the Blue River UFO Blog

…John Foster…11-20-15:

New Years Eve, 1954: We were ushering in the new year of 1955, during which, in late Spring, we all would hopefully graduate from our high school located in a town not too far away.

About ten of us teenage boys were privileged to occupy a small rustic cabin of our friend Dewi’s parents, a cabin that was located along the shore of a small sandpit lake that was very near The Blue River.

By midnight some of us had enough alcohol to drink that some of the boys decided to test our skills at ice skating on the lake, which was solidly frozen. So we did.

As some of the other boys were trying to hold each other upright on their uncontrollable ice skates, a mysterious volume of air developed in front of us and a mysterious small craft appeared. It was not more than several feet ahead of us. But what was most astonishing was “The Voice” who began to speak. It was a rich male voice who spoke in perfect English, however I was so shocked, I don’t recall what he said.

Not use to drinking alcohol, one of the boys and I decided to head for the cabin. Yet about half way there, a large volume of distorted atmosphere developed several feet to our west, and what appeared to be a large apartment building or buildings manifested in the strange air. At that time I believe we again heard the voice, but again I don’t quite remember. We were so startled, we ran for the cabin.

Later when the other boys had returned, we all fell asleep. And some time later we suddenly were awaken by the sound of at least two loud explosions. It was so puzzling, we couldn’t discover the source of the explosions. One of the boys coming out of the bedroom asked another boy if he should tell the rest of us about the strange thing they had seen in the bedroom. The other boy assured him that he shouldn’t tell us or we might believe they were hallucinating.

Then as three or four of us stood by the kitchen counter, one of the boys got extremely excited and pointed toward the trees that were located down by the Blue River. He kept explaining that he was seeing “small lights in that tree down there.” A few of the rest of us also saw the lights. He continued to say, “I don’t know what they are, but I do know those lights in that tree down there by the Blue River don’t belong there.” He went on to say that he knew there were no cars, no roads, nor trails in that area. The trees were located less than a city block away from the cabin.

The boy never forgot the lights in the tree and, as a mature man, has mentioned them to me in recent years. He also has mentioned to me and others that he an another friend saw very mysterious lights from time to time, during the 1950s, east of town while hunting at night. He and at least two other boys also have mentioned, in recent years, all of us waking at the same time that New Years Eve in the cabin that was located down near The Blue River.

I can confidently say that, since that mysterious 1954 experience at the cabin, I have seen many similar small lights in trees, especially one night in at least one tree that was very close to me. There seemed to be 50 of the small lights or more. It was when I participated in a Native American Vision Quest after my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections.” This particular sighting of lights also occurred here in eastern Nebraska — but in the 1990s.

It also is interesting to note that others and I saw at least two, three, and more of the small lights move right past us, about chest and head high, during another evening during that same period. They move left to right as close as 7 feet away. They all were semi-brilliant white lights shining continuously….in no way similar to Lightning Bugs. However, they were about the size of Lightning Bugs.

I also saw a bright beam of light the night of the 1990s Vision Quest. It was a beam of light that shined high in the sky from one small cloud to another. It was fixed in the sky, just somewhat motionless, directly above me. It remained there for half an hour or more. I have never forgotten that 1990s night with those mysterious lights…and keep in mind, it occurred well after my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections.”

What is equally astonishing is that additional colored light displays were seen by my friends in and above a sweat lodge during the 1990s Vision Quest experience. As the Native American ceremony requires, they were praying for me. After the Vision Quest experience, they told me the lights they saw were similar to the aurora borealis.

The Blue River cabin experience was so strange and enchanting, and it included so many of the mysterious elements of many of my other encounters, I have decided to name this website blog Blue River UFO Blog.

Yet again, my overall story is extremely long and complex. It not only involves my encounters and other UFO encounters of our modern times, but also those occurring since the beginning of humankind…incredible encounters that can expand our present understandings of science, religion and history. My encounters began at least in 1939 or 1940 and I experienced my last overt encounter in August of 1986…a period of 46 + years. My more close encounters, well beyond these types of sightings mentioned above, ended when I was 48 years old, when the so-called ETs and I had “a parting of the ways.”

My story especially involves mysterious crafts, objects, men and beings who are connected to current and ancient brotherhoods of physical and multidimensional natures …also mysterious time travel (believe it or not), “familiar strangers,” a mysterious ET/human “project,” and many other unusual things. You can find more detailed information on this website, in the three books I’ve written, and also on the websites and in the books of others who are mentioned here….as well as other sources that extend from ancient history to the present.

See the Home Page Overview of John’s Story or the book Eminent Discovery for additional witnesses to my UFO encounters.

Keep in mind, when you read on, the material I write is primarily related to my own encounters. I use “I” and “me” frequently simply because I can’t tell the story without them. This is particularly important because I feel no one understands reality except from their own pigeon hole body box of perception — through memory. You are invited to use I and me as well to explain your experiences and your concepts concerning the nature of our universe.

Again, thanks for visiting. I hope you benefit immensely from the very unusual knowledge that is offered here. You need to know, after some 32 trying years of reflection, study and research, I feel all of this, or any of it, does not negate or degrade any religion or theology…especially Christianity as it is offered to us by the words of Jesus in The Bible.

To be fair, even considering the unusual mysterious information you will find here, you need to know that I still consider myself a “Christian.”

…wishing you and yours the very, very best….John