10. Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story …… an on-going series — #6

#6   I know some people have a difficult time believing. However, I can assure you this UFO story is real…true, authentic, and accurate!

If it is truly true and accurate, I would suggest that it would be to your benefit if you knew
more about it. I believe it could benefit your life immensely.

For at least 70 years, while I have been alive, we as a culture have been trying to decide if UFOs and close encounters are real…or not. And it seems as if most human beings still don’t really know if they are real. Even though millions of people around the world have seen UFOs, some interacting closely with the so-called Ets, when it comes right down to it they still have a hard time believing.

This hurts my position and those like me significantly.

I presently am trying to acquire some part time or temporary income to make up for some of the thousands of dollars I’ve lost pursuing the actual, unadulterated truth throughout the past 30 years. At the moment, I’m primarily seeking income through https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-foster-51170568/ .

Of course, this is somewhat risky: If you are familiar with my story, you realize that I could be called insane, or imaginative…in the least psychotic. This would prevent honest ethical people who are seeking a temporary employee or a free-lancer from making contact with me. I believe this would not only harm me but them as well. I would be prevented from gaining much needed income and they would not benefit from very unusual information that could not only enhance their present life but their life in the future, even beyond death. It can shed new light on the past…as far back as ancient history. The benefits would be in the realm of knowing the real mysterious truth that lies at the very foundation of our human existence.

It’s important to know that so-called modern UFO encounters are compatible with our sciences, religions and history….even ancient history. They are especially compatible with historical Christianity and some of the ancient writings of Egypt, Greece, Babylonia, and Sumeria, etc.

For your own benefit, take a good extensive look at http://www.johnfosterufos.com and read the books I’ve authored:
– Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book
– Eminent Discovery
– To Earth From Heaven.

Copies of all of my drawings also are available by contacting me personally…at….  jafos111@gmail.com  .

You also can contact me for further information.

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