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Home Page Overview of John’s Story

This is a true story about one man’s encounters with UFOs over a period of 46+ years. It involves physical contact and other dimensional contact with mysterious beings, crafts and objects. As hard as it might be to believe, it was obvious the beings (some appearing to be human) normally reside somewhere beyond the veil of the visible.

This man was virtually never alone when the encounters occurred. One or more relatives, friends and/or strangers normally accompanied him. The encounters occurred at all times of the day and night, but normally from noon to midnight…from coast to coast and from Canada To Mexico. However, most occurred in Middle America. It all began shortly after his birth in 1937.

The story is supported by some witnesses and what the author/experiencer believes is an enormous number of facts and happenings that extend from the depths of prehistory into his personal modern life and more broadly into our modern human culture. This includes phenomenal occurrences reported through our major religions and folklore, including those historic tales of the tribal people of the entire World. The story is further supported through implications suggested via new discoveries in science…in psychoanalysis, in parapsychology, in modern physics and quantum mechanics. It is a very complex and lengthy story that can help lead to profound answers to the many questions related to all of these fields and other traditional  fields of study and understanding.

If you read to the bottom of this website and review the books mentioned, you will receive incredible information with which most people have not been aware since the beginning of humankind.

However, for one to understand the many mysteries of UFO phenomenon, an open mind is simply a critical  must…i.e. the personal characteristic of “openness,” but an openness accompanied by a sincere sense of logic, discernment and judgement.

The following passage came to the author as he began to write Chapter Six in his second book, To Earth From Heaven…a book that reveals some of the mysteries underlying normal human existence on Planet Earth. The words just came to his mind spontaneously, in a flowing manner, as if they were being dictated by someone unseen who normally resides somewhere beyond the veil of the visible.

The beginning of Chapter Six in the book, To Earth From Heaven:    Chapter Six– Openness

‘If I can open my heart and mind, as the river of life flows, the currents move through me — I am the river.

If I am closed and empty, I simply float the currents of time, the torrid streams — I am merely a modest bobber gliding upon the surface of the living waters. The river takes me where it goes.

If I am closed and full, I sink like a rock to the muddy cold bottom and the river flows over.

I am all of these in different ways, at different times, in different places.

Openness is required of us, by “them,” the mysterious UFO intelligences, if they are to help humankind……so they say.’                               ……….John Foster


Four books are available, in ebook format or paperback format: (Please click on the titles.)

Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book

A brief introduction is followed by over 170 freehand illustrations (with short comments). The illustrations represent John’s point of view as he and other people experienced the encounters.

paperback: $6.95           ebook: $3.95


Eminent Discovery – Volume 1    The “discovery” and more simple encounters. An extensive, representative detailed account describing what happened and how it happened…includes many illustrations as above. (This book was written “for the record.”) Chapters 1 through 8

Foreword by R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD… Psychological Opinion by Fowler Jones, PhD

paperback: $8.95             ebook: $4.95


Eminent Discovery – Volume 2   An extensive, representative detailed account describing what happened and how it happened…includes many illustrations as above. (This book was written “for the record.”) Chapters 9 through 14.

Appendix A – Contributions from others: Donna Henricksen, PhD — Bob Teets — Donald Ware, MS — Wendle Stevens — Joe Lewels, PhD — Annie Foster

Appendix B – Statements From Witnesses: Bob Collingsworth (pseudonym), Karen Beaman, Kindra Foster, Brad Foster

paperback  $8.95                    ebook   $4.95


To Earth From Heaven

Narrations of additional encounters are followed by extensive discussions concerning what it all might mean. John’s encounters and other UFO encounters are reflected against science, religion and history.

paperback: $8.95                         ebook: $4.95

These books can be found on Amazon.com in ebook format and on Amazon.com and in bookstores and libraries around the world in 6″ x 9″ paperback format. The ebooks are inexpensive. To order from amazon.com click the title.

Comments from John:

I offer you my story and the books not for self aggrandizement or profit , but simply so you can truly understand. I’ve included information about my professional life so you can know more about who I am and to lend some sense of credence to the entire story.

If you are destitute and cannot afford the price of the books, please let me know through “comments” below.


While living with this incredible knowledge during the past 36 years, I have sacrificed a great deal. My sacrifice includes: 1) my multifaceted professional life, 2) good relations with people I truly care about, 3) my good health, and 4) significant monetary wealth.

I voluntarily and involuntarily sacrificed these things: 1) so that I can more fully understand, and 2) as above, so you also can truly understand…so you can know what I believe is true of the hidden realities underlying normal three dimensional human life on our shared Planet Earth. I feel my story is your story also, and that it reflects and affects human life on Earth since its very beginning. Please read to the bottom of this home page and purchase the books, not for my benefit but yours, as I feel I have represented the actual truth, as I see it, as best I can….Thank you for visiting.” ….John

See below for: 1) comments from others about the story, 2) comments from witnesses, 3) John’s professional history, 4) brief explanations concerning the story, 5) information from “inside the front covers,” 6) how some diagnosed psychosis might be connected to real UFO encounters rather than insanity and 7) why John believes these encounters actually occurred in our real time/space reality.

A true story that affects our sciences, religion and history

This is a very complex, astonishing, lengthy true story conveyed very sincerely by the experiencer, through the three books above.

As above, it is a story about one man’s encounters with UFOs over a period of 46+ years, a story that affects all of humankind from its very beginning. It especially involves “mysterious intelligences” who have been active clandestinely, multidimensionally and physically…in prehistory, in ancient history and in modern history. It involves close contact with human and nonhuman entities who utilize unidentified crafts and objects in their quest to control, enhance or guide the destiny of our modern human culture.

Close study of the phenomenon witnessed  during the encounters can give us clues to advance our understanding of Physics and Quantum Mechanics. The personal nature of interaction with the mysterious intelligences, “the voice,” the men and beings can give us insight into psychology/psychiatry, etc. Many aspects related to what happened throughout the 46+ year period can give us insight into what has already been written in our major religions. And the information received can give us insight into many mysterious happenings in history.

[Please note, this website has been drawn down to a minimum. The details and comprehensive information that were here possibly will be included in a new book that will be offered as a companion to the three books above. (A brief explanation about the story is provided below.)]

A part of this story is supported by several credible witnesses and what the author believes is an enormous number of supporting facts and happenings.

It is suggested that you read the books in order: 1)  Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book, 2)  Eminent Discovery, 3) To Earth From Heaven

When I was young

001Hearing “the voice” for the first time:
“When I was very young, about two or three years old, I sometimes would play on the sidewalk, at the corner, in front of our house. And at times I felt excruciating forces on my body and mind; I could hardly move. Hearing roaring sounds above me, I struggled to look upward. I sometimes saw the craft (disc-shaped craft) hovering and moving slowly several yards above me in the fog or haze. And I sometimes heard a voice talking, at times to me about something I could not understand. After I gain control again, I would run to the house to tell my mother.

These mysterious, shocking episodes were only a part of the very unusual beginning of my entire lifetime that was peppered, for more than 46 years, with three dimensional and multidimensional contacts of mysterious crafts and beings that arrived strangely and physically from the unknown…from another place, beyond our time and space”……..John

(The drawing is the opening slide of a CDROM slide show that John has used in several talks that took place across the country for several years. See this video to view his talk to the 2001 International UFO Cogress Convention:  https://rumble.com/vx79nj-ufos-at-the-core-of-our-culture.html  )

My contribution to Brad and Sherry Steiger’s new book

“Just a note to inform you that I have been asked to make a contribution to Brad and Sherry Stieger’s new book, REAL VISITORS, VOICES FROM BEYOND, AND PARALLEL DIMENSIONS. It was released in the Spring of 2016. My story supports their works in many ways, and visa versa. Some of what I wrote is also included here.

To purchase the book, click here:    https://www.amazon.com/Visitors-Voices-Beyond-Parallel-Dimensions/dp/157859541X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535033867&sr=8-1&keywords=real+visitors   .

Sorry to learn that Brad and Sherry Steiger have died……John

Comments concerning John’s story

Throughout the past 36 years, John has been questioned and evaluated by numerous professionals in various fields, including but not limited to the following renown personalities.

“The story of John Foster is a remarkable one.”“In the years that I’ve know John, I ha ve not found him to be delusional or to have psychotic episodes.”“In the course of my career as a psychologist, John Foster’s story of his interface with anomalous phenomena (UFOs) is one of the most interesting that I’ve followed. It is also quite consistent. In the eleven years that I’ve known John, I have heard him speak to selected audiences and I have asked him to review many of his experiences. His retelling of the many incidents have not deviated from the first times that I heard them.”  —————— Fowler Jones, PhD, former Psychologist for the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, renown psychologist now in private practice and Director of The Psychic Studies Institute…also Board of Directors of “The Monroe Institute.” Fowler has written “The Psychological Opinion” in the book Eminent Discovery.

“The books can be viewed as a journal of many UFO experiences; as an autobiographical account of a UFO contactee; and as a commentary on the personal and transpersonal aspects of  UFO activity” “…I do know that John has shown courage and determination in sharing with us his doubts and anxieties, his joys and successes, and his view about the possible significance of UFO experiences. His discovery is a lesson to us all; his commitment to self understanding, and his compassion for others who are experiencing UFO encounters, is an inspiration to us all.
I invite the reader to join John Foster on his journey–and our journey–of Eminent Discovery.” ——————————————————————————— R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD, Professor Emerius Director and Chair of Counseling Services University of Wyoming, renown psychologist now in private practice, UFO researcher and founder of “UFO contactee studies” since the 1950s. Leo has written the “Foreword” in the book Eminent Discovery.

 “To say that John Foster encountered the Great Mystery throughout most of his life is a gross understatement.”  “…this 75-year-old retired engineer is going to rock your world.”————– Bob Teets – best selling author, investigative journalist, researcher, editor, publisher – former representative of the Human Potential Foundation. Bob has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery.

“…It was truly the start of an adrenaline rush that would propel me through several years of UFO research and interviews with some 3,000 ‘experiencers’ all over the country. None would be so intriguing, so absolutely riveting, bizarre, far-out, instructive, challenging and representative of the entire UFO phenomenon as John Foster’s incredible story, though.” —————— Bob Teets

“…though I interviewed hundreds of UFO experiencers during the few years of the (Human Potential) Foundation’s existence and later, no one came close, not within a mile, of the mind-blowing, enigmatic, utter fantastic, incredible narrative of this humble man from Lincoln, Nebraska. His is the ultimate UFO story and, like the phenomenon itself, it is next to impossible to wrap your head around it.” “Few researchers are willing to tackle John Foster, for he defies categories, eschews classifications, turns their theories upside down.” —————————————————————————————– Bob Teets

“Let me say this…I began with Eminent Discovery, and even though you declare it a ‘report’ it kept me up way past my bedtime last night. I’m drawn in by the information…it’s compelling and sincere.”     “…I believe both presentations (Eminent Discovery and To Earth From Heaven) were compiled with taste and variety. I thoroughly enjoyed both.”————————————  Donna Henriksen, PhD – researcher, Professor Emeritus English and Rhetoric Ball State University. Donna has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery.

“Believe me, this is one of the most important stories that UFO experiencers have to offer – I think he was inspired to write To Earth From Heaven for our benefit, for the benefit of all truth seekers.” ———————————————-  Donald Ware, MS – fighter pilot, scientist, nuclear engineer, teacher, birder, researcher, former regional Director of MUFON, board of directors of the International UFO Congress Convention. Don has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery.

 “This is a work that had to be done and John Foster is the one doing it.”    “John, I think you have the most remarkable set of drawings. Your posting looks great. I think you have a fantastic story and would like to see it get a lot more attention.” ————————————————————————————– Wendell Stevens – renowned UFO researcher since the 1940s, author and World-wide lecturer, Board of Directors of the International UFO Congress Convention, former military officer. Wendell is now deceased, but has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery.

“John’s story …serves as an inspiration to the many millions of persons around the World who have lived with the constant knowledge that they too are somehow connected to the mysterious beings who travel in the amazing vehicles we call UFOs.” ——————————————————————————  Francisco J. (Joe) Lewels, PhD – independent researcher & free lance writer, distinguished pilot, editor, publisher, author of the landmark book, The God Hypothesis…all with many honors. Joe has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery.

Concerning the book, Eminent Discovery“An engineer and methodical, reasonable thinker encounters unbelievable and extraordinary experiences of UFO and extraterrestrial contact. Worth every penny from cover to cover. From the simple glimpses of the odd and unusual to what Foster describes as ‘complex experiences’ which is an understatement. You get it ALL in this heartfelt and thought-felt book. The ridicule factor is alive and well in both UFOlogy and the skeptics point of view. But nowhere will you find such extraordinary experiences written from the perspective of a reasonable person who is so careful to think on both sides.”    “Foster recounts experiences as both an observer and participant and is careful to let you know exactly what are the objective sides of the story (some of which are corroborated by witnesses) and the subjective side, i.e. what are his suppositions, impressions, guesses, etc. This is a rare treatment on the subject of UFOs and alien encounters. It will leave you pondering the plasticity of the human mind, trying to discern what is an altered state of consciousness, what is ‘real’ and what seems to be an amalgam of both. There is pure motive for truth and understanding in this book. Highly recommend.” ——————————————————————————————– Steve Snodgrass, prominent UFO researcher, primary MUFON type investigator of John’s story, mental health practitioner, author of papers advancing the investigation of UFO phenomenon to a new level.

Concerning the book To Earth From Heaven“Imagine you’ve been overwhelmed with direct phenomenological experiences of UFOs, extraterrestrials, religious and Native American spirituality that scientists, psychologists and mythologists cannot explain…experiences that seem to suggest an extraordinary reality underlying everything you have come to know and believe as ‘truth.’ In other words imagine your world, as postmodern philosophers have tried to suggest, has become completely deconstructed. No one has the answers. And those who do try to explain it simply reject the entirety of your story as fantasy and too impossible to imagine. How can you piece together a glimpse into discovering what these intricately complex UFO/Extraterrestrial experiences mean and what they might have to do with the nature of physical reality and consciousness itself?”     “John Foster does just that in this book. He will touch base with some of his complex experiences, and then journey into philosophical inquiry to imagine how in the world what he experiences can make sense. This is not a book of instruction. It is a book of questions, of inquiry, and hypothesis to describe things most people would rather sit back and avoid. In other words, you can take the ‘red pill’ and remain content in the reality you’ve constructed and have been conditioned to see. Or you can buy this book and take the ‘blue pill’ and see a universe much more like the matrix than you are afraid to admit. Have courage. John Foster has plenty of it.”Steve Snodgrass

 “It was early in 1986 when our lives began to unravel, through his recollection of the Bethany Grade School playground encounter. And in the fall of 1986, John not so calmly told me of his on-going memories of an enormous number of experiences that had occurred throughout his life. I couldn’t understand how it could all be true, but I knew John was honest and not imaginative. Because I knew John didn’t lie, if he said it was true, I knew it must be true. If he says it’s real, it is real.”—————————————- Annie Foster, John’s wife and fellow traveler. Annie has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the bookEminent Discovery.

Concerning Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book — “Beautifully illustrated with hand drawn pictures of the abducted artist author. Very easy read. It’s a companion volume for the text story but complete enough to have a general understanding of this abductee’s experience.” ———————– Fernando Abruna

Concerning the book To Earth From Heaven — “The author provides detailed versions of his memories. I did not have the patience to get to the bottom lines. I have heard him speak in person, along with his family members. I believe he is truthful.”———————— Linda Kress

Concerning Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book —  “Eclectic and penetrating personal examination of a very complex phenomenon. The exceptional illustrations really helped add another dimension of strangeness to the high strangeness within.” ———————————————- Gerald J. Gaura 

Concerning the bookTo Earth From Heaven — “Astounding!!!  John Foster’s experiences and his conclusions are a must read for anybody whose interested in UFOs, spirituality, metaphysics, and the development of the human species and the universe. This book is not to be taken lightly as John uses logic and profound insight into the “why” of our existence. In a world of superficial and amoral mindset, it is refreshing to hear the new truth of the future and in essence, John brings new hope for our acceptance into the inter-dimensional, inter-galatical, and inter-spiritual community.”  ————————————– Mikes

“John Foster’s detailed memories of his experience span decades and reveal just how extensive and clandestine this anomalous presence in our society can be. While some are allowed to retain memories of the events, others are clearly prohibited to ensure select projects proceed in the manner they are intended.       ……..To continue to deny and ignore this agitating presence is to be complicit in perpetuating a false narrative. Experiencers like John provide compelling evidence that Humans are being surreptitiously influenced by an unknown agent.    …………In drawing attention and offering examples of how this enigma has inserted itself in his personal life, John exposes the hidden influence, the manner in which the others might present themselves and blend in to everyday events and activities without interference. He illustrates how easy it can be to manipulate the reality of those who are afraid to do the personal work of asking questions and investing more time on endeavors that broaden conscious awareness.   ………Whatever their ultimate role, we are challenged to become more self-aware. We are challenged to admit this influence is above anything known to our science. ………..It’s time to acknowledge and express our latent PSI abilities to know more and see more.  …………Thank you, John for all that you have endured and your continued efforts to bring this phenomena to light.”. ………………………………Wendy Garrett….Broadcast Journalist, Communications. Experiencer, Blogger, Interviewer, Podcast host, Channel, Intuitive.  https://wendyscoffeehouse.blogspot.com/

John Mack (now deceased), Phd, MD, Pulitzer Prize Winner, former professor of Harvard University, who was a renown psychiatrist, UFO researcher and world-wide lecturer invited John and another UFO “contactee” to be a part of his lectures to the University of Missouri Medical Center, to the University of Kansas Medical Center, and to the general public…all in Kansas City one weekend in the 1990s. They with others spent the weekend together, periodically discussing John’s personal UFO contacts among other things, a courtesy arranged by  Dr Fowler Jones. After a full day of conversation, John Mack told John Foster that he had no reason to believe he was in anyway psychotic or imaginative, that he believed John Foster’s interpretations of his own UFO encounters. They both, along with Fowler Jones were featured in a five day news cast series on Channel 4 TV of Kansas City.

(See other video interviews and information featuring John Foster by searching “John Foster, UFOs, video” and “Omaha UFO Study Group.”  http://www.omahastudygroup.com)

Comments from witnesses

(See Appendix B in the book Eminent Discovery for complete statements from the witnesses below.)

10, Chadron Pk, men coming down from object“Alright, I’ve just talked to John about what I saw, and what we recalled at Chadron Park, on the first part of this tape. And now John has taken some sketches, which he never showed me before. He showed me the sketch of what he recalled (at Chadron Park), and basically it’s the same thing I recalled. And it wasn’t because I saw the sketches ahead of time; I saw the sketches after we talked this over. Now I’m looking at the sketch, right now, and it’s the same thing that I recall. Now, he includes some figures in the sketches, which might have been there that I didn’t recall, because I stared, all the time, up at whatever was in the air…I wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on on the ground, and I know there were some other children there that had run around and stuff, and some people around…But basically the sketch is what I recalled and I told John about this before he showed me the sketch. So that’s pretty good verification so far as we seeing the same thing.”  ————————————————————————————— Bob Collingsworth (pseudoname), witness of a “Chadron State Park encounter. (Actually, Bob picked this drawing out from a stack of 30 or 50 while I was out of the room. Bob’s full account of this Chadron State Park encounter is in Appendix B” of the book Eminent Discovery.)

6, Dillion Lk, kids and craft out over lake“And once I started really trying to recall what really went on, I remembered seeing some shapes out in the water. Ah. All I could see was, like, the dark area – no detail I don’t remember. But I remember two shapes. One of them was kind of flat and long. And I do remember seeing something that looked like headlights on the flat long shape. And I remember seeing a tall rectangular type shape. And I remember yelling at my sister to come down and hurry to see what was going on out here, or else she was going to miss it.” —   “I remember my brother and I being out over the water, and I remember us laughing. It was a free-fall feeling. And I remember looking down at the water and I remember the feeling of turning somersaults. You know, airless. And we were having a really good time, my brother and I. And I remember a voice telling us we had to come back. And I remember, maybe like three times in a row, this voice telling us we had to come back.” ———————————— Karen Beaman, youngest daughter concerning the sighting of UFO craft and a shared “out-of-body experience” with her brother and John out over the water during our lengthy 1975 family UFO encounter at Dillon Lake in Colorado.   (Karen’s full account of this Dillon Lake encounter and other sightings is in “Appendix B” of the book Eminent Discovery.)

6, Dillion Lk c.g, craft over sm tent“And later one night, what I thought was a helicopter came in and shot a spotlight on our – actually first shot a spotlight down in the hollow. It moved around the whole clearing, as if it were looking for something. And there was a little blue pup tent down there. We hadn’t seen anybody, but there was this little tent down there and we saw the spotlight shining down on it – like we thought maybe they were looking for an ex-con or something. And the light stopped on the blue tent. It was up there above the trees.
And then, it came back up the hill to the campground. And I remember getting butterflies in my stomach or something. And it just hovered over our camping spot. And I remember being really afraid, looking around to see where you were. And a light was shining down and there was a voice coming out of it.
And I can’t remember what they said. But, as I was thinking about it later, I realized there was not wind, there was no helicopter noise. I don’t remember any kind of noise or anything, but I remember the voice – it was a man’s voice, kind of a deep man’s voice. And he was talking directly at us, like having conversation with us, which we thought was kind of weird. And we thought it was a helicopter, some kind of helicopter, and he was talking with dad.
I don’t remember anything about what it said. I think it was asking questions, about something – that’s all I remember. The weirdest thing about it is that I don’t remember anything blowing around or any helicopter noise, you know, roaring or anything like that. The voice sounded really close and clear.
And I wish I could remember what it said, but I can’t. I felt like I was just terrified. But I was confident, because I thought you had it under control; you were talking to it. I remember it was all very polite, or, kind of business-like. You know you were talking to them, making them accountable for why they were shining their light into our campground. The voice had a lot of authority to it. And he wasn’t talking mean or harsh or commanding or anything like that.
The feeling that I had was that he was just gathering information. I was watching you to see how you were reacting and you were very calm. You were on guard. You were calm and you had a smile on your face part of the time. You were talking with just as much authority with the guy in the – whatever it was. I mean I thought you were talking with him as a peer, you know”   — “And I remember seeing the fog.” Kindra Foster, oldest daughter, concerning the sighting of  a brilliant UFO craft and she and I speaking with “the voice” coming from the craft during our lengthy 1975 family UFO encounter at Dillon Lake in Colorado. (Kindra’s full account of this Dillon Lake encounter and other sightings is in Appendix B” of the bookEminent Discovery. Kindra also recalls seeing a mysterious blue haze or fog develop behind the old cottage of our old farmstead. The manifestation disappeared somewhat gradually just as it had appeared. She and I walked over to the exact location but, as we can recall, there were no other mysterious activities that occurred.)

6, Dillon Lk c.g, walking toward booth“What I saw, you know, thinking about it and visualizing it, there was a line of guys, little guys – I want to say, four feet tall – They’re going out to the woods, toward the lake – I don’t know how far in the woods they’re going, because I can’t see them after they go into the woods. They’re going into the woods and they’re (each) carrying some sort of box. It’s a box, I don’t know, about two feet wide, by a foot high, a foot deep. And I don’t know what it is. — They’re coming back from wherever they’re going to the ship.
…The figures themselves… Also, one of them walked toward me. … As I’m sitting there behind a tree, there seems to be like a leader. He’s standing, pretty much, right underneath the craft – just kind of standing there watching everything going on. And, he knew I was there. He just turned, he turned and looked right over in the area I was and just started walking toward me. And this is really where I don’t know what happened; I knew he knew I was there. I stand up. I walk right toward the edge of the open area and trees. And I meet him. …That’s definitely something I wouldn’t do. I think I would have just kept hiding until he found me. But, picturing it, I actually walked over there.
And , again, I don’t know if I’m just making this up, or —. …I walk over to him and he holds his hands out and I really don’t know what I do. I’m standing there face to face…within a foot. I don’t think we’re communicating. Except, sitting here thinking about it, I’ve got a feeling he knows what I’m thinking. He knows I’m scared. And he holds his hands out, like waste high. And I don’t know if he’s giving me anything. And from there, I don’t know what happened after that.” —————————————————- Bradley Foster, son, concerning the sighting of Ets and a strange craft while he was alone during our lengthy 1975 family UFO encounter at Dillon Lake in Colorado. (Brad’s full account of this Dillon Lake encounter is inAppendix B” of the book Eminent Discovery.)

“…After being hypnotized by Dr Jones, he and John told me that I had admitted, during the session, that I had experienced UFO encounters, but I stated that I didn’t want to talk about it. This didn’t really surprise me, because John had already told me that I was present during many encounters.”     “…As I sat there, absorbing the healing powers of the sun, in a split instant, I saw a bright, white half circle appear off to my west. It then disappeared nearly as quickly as it had appeared. Yet, I knew it was real and that I had witnessed a classic ‘sighting.’ There was no other explanation. (You really don’t know how real it is until you experience it.)”     “…We also saw a very strange light that night, through the back window of John’s old van.”     “…It’s also worthwhile noting that I saw a mysterious gray fog materialize in a room of UFO experiencers (John among them) who were relating their stories to a concerned audience. At least one other person also saw it.”  —————————-Annie Foster John’s wife and fellow traveler – See “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery for complete statements of Annie’s accounts concerning John’s story.

“I don’t know what they were, but those lights definitely didn’t belong in that tree down by the Blue River.”  ——————————————————————- Leon, one of John’s high school classmates, concerning an extensive UFO encounter at a cabin and lake near the Blue river on New Years Eve, 1954.

Corroborating information establishing, to some extent, that the 1950 summertime “Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter” actually did occur:      ……….After recalling most details related to this encounter in 1986, John telephoned an old friend who’s family house was south-center of the playground across Holdredge Street during their school years. As they discussed the possibility that the friend might have been present during the encounter, the friend said he didn’t recall the encounter, but he said that a friend had told his family that year that a strange light was seen near and over their house when they were away. He emphasized that the friend said the light was very weird. He also stated that he saw a very mysterious light travel from West to East a few feet over the length of the playground after he began to walk across it after school one evening during that same period.       …………In addition, when John began meeting with a UFO support group in Lincoln during the early 1990s, a lady from Iowa arrived at one of the meetings and related a story about a time or times when she also encountered UFOs at one or more movies that were held in the evenings in the summertime during the same period as The Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter. The Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter is described in Chapter 2 of the book Eminent Discovery. It is interesting that John has met many people in Eastern Nebraska who also had experienced or were experiencing so-called UFO encounters.     ………..In addition to this, the year after the 1950 Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter, a friend and John were hanging out at the friend’s house at Cotner Boulevard and Madison Streets. As they stood in the middle of Madison Street, they saw what seemed to be more than one windowed saucer or more than one of the small discs fly over the house located on the south side of the street. One of the craft flew west. John followed it and he saw it  hover near some other houses at 65th and Madison Streets. When John returned to his friends house, his friend said he had seen the same craft the summer before at a Bethany Grade School Playground movie. John then, temporarily, recalled the same encounter and told his friend. However, his friend got extremely angry and thought John was lying just so John could be as important as he. They later saw a small booth develop next to his friend’s garage and his friend insisted that John talk to his friend’s mother because his friend began to think it was all Satanic. His friend’s mother spent some time trying to convince John that he should change his ways, etc, so that he would not attract the evil happenings. John didn’t believe that the crafts were evil and didn’t hold a grudge because he thought his friend’s mother was a kind individual. This friend was present during many shorter sightings and some of the more lengthy time travels. John knew his friend’s wife and asked her years ago if John’s friend recalled any UFO activity when they were young and she said he didn’t.

Additional corroborating information supporting John’s encounters:     …….One particularly interesting and verifying occurrence happened when John  and his wife were separated in the early 1990s. John loaned his apartment to a young Native American family while they were conducting sweat lodges in eastern Nebraska. John invited the father to look at his various UFO drawings while they were there. When John returned to check on them later, the father went in another room and brought back a drawing of “the windowed saucer.” He then told John that it was the same thing that he saw when he was experiencing his “vision quest” on Bear Butte in South Dakota. Bear Butte is the North American and South American Native Americans’ Holy of Holies. He said it was spinning so fast, he couldn’t see the windows. He thought that it was a spinning Medicine Wheel. (An article with more details will be included in The Blue River Blog.)

There is a significant volume of additional corroborating information that support John’s story…for example information that has been offered to John by a few relatives who recall mysterious lights that were seen on an aunt and uncle’s farm near Imperial, Nebraska where John recalls numerous UFO encounters occurring when he worked there in 1952, etc. Also, other corroborating information support John’s memories in various ways, sometimes in detail. Furthermore similarities of mysterious encounters in history and encounters reported in more modern times by other so-called “contactees” substantiate John’s descriptions of what occurred at times during the entire 46+ years of his experiences. Before his 1986/1987 “flood of recollections,” John was not aware of most of the historic evidence supporting his encounters. Neither was he aware of much of the more modern evidence that later supported his memories.

An additional sighting that occurred well after John’s 1986-1987 “flood of recollections:     ………Sometime in the late 1990s Kindra Foster (John and Ann’s oldest daughter) visited them in Lincoln. As she got out of her car (that was parked on the driveway) she saw what appeared to be strange craft flying over the house and garage. After she entered the house and told the others about it, John told them if they all went out, if the craft were UFOs, they might fly by again. (John did not know how he knew that.)  The others didn’t want to go out, so she and John went out and witnessed the strange craft fly over the house again. Kindra saw a flight of a few craft (possibly 4 or 5) fly north to south over the drive and garage while standing in the drive south of the van, while John saw one craft fly north to south over the west side yard while standing on the patio just south of the back porch. He didn’t take his eyes off of it even for a second. John’s craft seemed to be a simple wing flying without a fuselage in haze or fog.  John supports most of her observations that are written below. It is obvious from John and Kindra’s observations that the craft were moving significantly too slow to  be airplanes.   Also, there wasn’t enough time that passed between Kindra’s first sighting and the second sighting (witnessed by the two of them) for airplanes to turn around and fly the same flight path…and it seems unlikely there were two sets of aircraft, especially because of the timing.

Kindras account of the UFOs flying over the Foster house….late 1990s — written  on 11-21-17:     “I drove from our home in Omaha to my mom and dad’s house in Lincoln. When I arrived, I believe it was a fall evening about an hour before dusk. I pulled up into their driveway on the east side of the house, positioning my car behind their van, which was parked very close to the closed door of the garage. As I pulled up behind the van, I looked up at the sky through my windshield. I saw three aircraft flying south — they had come from behind me. The sky was light, but I believe it was slightly overcast. They were in a loose triangular formation, and it looked as though they were not that high in the sky. I gathered my things, exited the driver’s door of my car, and began walking along the east side of my car toward the van. I kept watching the aircraft as I crossed behind the van and stepped onto the patio. I’d say the craft were not as high as jet airplanes, but not as low as you would see a small-engine plane flying. Each of the aircraft was an elongated triangle, medium gray against the light gray sky, with no distinguishing characteristics apparent. That seemed strange. When you see a commercial airliner at about that height in the sky, you can usually see some variation in color and at least a hint of windows. These craft did not make any noise that I remember, and it didn’t seem as though they were flying as fast as they should be. It was almost as if they were floating while still moving in a southerly direction. The aircraft and their formation were remarkably different enough from what I thought airplanes should look like and behave that I quickly ran into the house and called for my parents to come out and look. They both came out, and the craft were still there moving toward the horizon of the garage roof. We watched for another 15-30 seconds as they slowly moved south, and then they were gone past the edge of the roof.

I have no idea how long they were in feet, but they were larger than a jet plane. They were elongated triangles, with the front to back width of the craft about 1/3 of the length. The flight pattern was smooth. I don’t remember any interruption in the flight path. I don’t remember perceiving any sense of thickness from top to bottom. We were just looking at the bottoms of the craft.

I was thinking it was only one flight, but now I do remember two groups. They both looked the same, I think.


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See: http://www.johnfosterart.com for John’s art.

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Steve Snodgrass and The Omaha UFO Study Grouphttp://www.omahaufostudygroup.com/events-activities/john-foster-ufo-portal –  videos and opinions by Steve Snodgrass, prime investigator and interpreter of John’s story, from a UFO investigator’s point of view

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Audio interview of John by Robert Stanley —  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/unicus/2012/08/24/the-unicus-radio-hour ,    http://www.unicusmagazine.com/TMM.htm  ,  robertstanley.com

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Kindra Foster and “Foster Writing” —   http://www.fosterwriting.com  

See YouTube.com for additional videos concerning John’s story…search “John Foster UFOs”
Search “John Foster radio blog” for audio interviews.
Search “2001 International UFO Congress Convention” for complete video of John’s talk.
Search “2000 Ozark Convention” for complete video of John’s talk.

Author’s personal history

john photo jpgJohn Foster       (Photo taken in 2000…age 63)

✽ 85 years old — October 2022
✽ Married to “Annie” in 1958 – three children, 7 grand children, 4 great grand children
✽ Experience in research & development electro-mechanical engineering, in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields – general contracting, home building – other endeavors

  1. Nebr Survival Project — state and federal project — mapping in the Nebraska development project for a survival plan for humans during & after nuclear war…..Mapping Technician
  2. Nebr Interstate Highway Design Dept …new interstate highway design and interstate highway surveying…Engineering Aid (Note that the Interstate Highways were created to provide the military access to all parts of the country in case of internal conflict or nuclear war.)
  3. Federal Raderock Corp — one of Americas first open pit uranium mines …..in charge of the development of new ore extraction methods as well as participation in claim surveying
  4. Hallam Nuclear Power Plantwith Atomics International/North American Aviation Corp — Startup and Testing Division in Nebraska — start up & testing of a one-of-a-kind-first-of-it’s-kind sodium/graphite nuclear reactor…..Junior Engineer
  5. Snap 10A Earth orbit nuclear satellite research projectwith Atomics International/North American Aviation Corpat the Santa Susana Research Complex in Southern California — (with three other engineers) in charge of a around-the-clock non-nuclear systems environmental testing lab for the development and around-the-clock testing of a one-of-a-kind-first-of-it’s-kind sodium/potassium cooled thermal-electric nuclear power unit. — It is more than interesting to note that the satellite was launched into orbit; it was started to produce nuclear powered electrical output, but was mysteriously shut down within a week and a half when, what seemed to be, strange small spheres moved intelligently around the nuclear power unit. The intelligent movement of the mysterious spheres was conjectured to be extraterrestrial interference…..Engineer In Charge of the Non-Nuclear Environmental Testing Lab
  6. Sunstrand AviationAdvanced Motors and Generators Research & Development Department in Denver, Colorado …the creation, research and development of Advanced Motors & Generators to be used in the guidance systems of ICBMs & space rockets…research & development lab…..Environmental Testing Engineer
  7. Norgren Fluidics Research & Development Complex in Denver, Colorado — the creation, research & development of systems and components for a then new sister science to electronics (using air flow instead of electron flow)……Systems Research Engineer
  8. Notifier Company — Supervisor of Applications Engineering Department in Lincoln, Nebraska …Also participated in the creation, development & applications of new advanced security & alarm systems..…….Applications Engineering Supervisor
  9. Spectronics Corporation — Participated in the design, development and applications of new advanced security and alarm systems, including the design and applications of one of the World’s first multiplexed High Rise Security Evacuation Alarm Systems…….Design and Applications Engineer
  10. Foster Designers & Builders in Lincoln — general contracting, new home design & construction …home builder owner/operator.
  11. etc, etc. — including logging, breaking and training horses, US Forest Service fire guard, house design, convenience store owner/operator, hardware-sales, home improvement consultant, author, artist.

4-1/2 + years of higher education
✽ Besides formal college courses, I received advanced education, formal and practical. This was during the several professions in which I had significant experience. It included as above: research and development engineering on the frontiers of science.

Formal Education: Architecture Design & Engineering, general basic Engineering courses, Math, Chemistry, English, Anthropology, Botany, Ethics, Sociology, Geology, and several other subjects…also Electronic, Pneumatic and Fluidic Systems Design & Logic Design…Civil Engineering, Surveying, Business Management, Construction Management, Logging, Forest Fire Management, recreation area and park maintenance, breaking and training horses….all without a formal degree.
✽ UFO contactee for over 46 years.
✽ Student of life and philosophy since childhood.
✽ Self-taught (with help) author & artist

Beyond his professional careers, John has been a featured speaker at several UFO conferences and UFO gatherings across the country, including the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention and on various occasions at The Psychic Studies Institute in Kansas City. He was the keynote speaker at the 2000 Ozark UFO Conference, at a 1990s national conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and at a few other conferences and UFO gatherings.

He has been interviewed extensively on a variety of radio and television programs – including a three hour national radio broadcast of the Jeff Rense show, Sightings — as well as a five day news series of TV Channel Four in Kansas City. His story has filtered throughout the United States and other parts of the World via the UFO News Clipping Service and the Internet. It was presented in various forms in several major and minor newspapers – also in a few minor magazines, including Fate Magazine and a UFO publication in England. See this and other information on http://www.johnfosterufos.com in the right hand column.

John has participated further in UFO studies sponsored by prominent Universities and in other academic investigative research, including doctoral studies. He has written articles for a few minor magazines and the on-line UFODigest.com magazine (https://www.ufodigest.com/article/comments-posted-concerning-john-fosters-upcoming-talk-to-the-psychic-studies-institute/). His primary interest has been to inform the general public, including a variety of new and traditional disciplines, institutions and organizations.

John Foster    (photo taken 2015…age 78)

(Websites: http://www.johnfosterufos.wordpress.com,
http://www.johnfosterufos.com, &

A brief personal explanation about the story and why I have drawn down this website

1, glowing disc, Lincoln

By John Foster

As you might know, up until early 1986, at age 48, I didn’t recall anything about UFO encounters in my life, except for a few mysterious things that I couldn’t understand…and at least one obvious sighting in 1981 with my now ex-son-in-law who has born witness to what we saw.

During this sighting, the craft, a glowing orange disc, flew about 100 feet over our heads after we (I) said a prayer that we might be able to see a UFO. As it flew off toward the horizon, it (at least twice) tipped slightly as if to say, “you’re welcome!’ We have never forgotten this encounter. We especially wondered what connection God might have with UFOs. And we also wondered who it might be who flew the craft…where it came from and where it went.

Then in early 1986 through early 1987 I began recalling an enormous number of encounters that had occurred since my birth in 1937. In August of 1986, during this flood of memory, I experienced my last encounter.

During this final overt encounter I got extremely angry and we (“the mysterious intelligences” and I) had a “parting of the ways.”

During our parting of the ways, “the Voice” coming from the craft asked me why I was so angry and I told him it was because I couldn’t remember the experiences and that it was ruining my more normal life. He then told me that they didn’t want me to remember what had happened to me in the way of UFO contact. He said if I did recall, it would negate the purpose of the encounters. He went on to say that they preferred we continue as we had been (me not remembering) so that I could develop my metaphysical or spiritual talents and abilities, so I would be able to carry out my task, for which I had been trained and educated my entire life. It was a task I was expected to accomplish in my later years. It was a voice and a task I knew nothing about at the time. And, furthermore,  I had no idea who “they” were.

Yet, he said I had a choice to remember or not remember. If I chose to remember, he said, I could meet the people I would be involved with in “the project,” and they could possibly help me develop those talents and abilities. They were people and a project I, likewise, knew nothing about at the time.

He said I had to chose there and then during this last encounter and that my choice would be final. (See Chapter 14 of the book Eminent Discovery Volume 2 for a narration of that last encounter.)

I don’t recall choosing and I might have just ignored him. If I did chose, however, I must have chosen subconsciously to recall because I soon began recalling most everything that happened related to UFOs since my birth in 1937, including this last encounter. And I did meet those same people in 1987…people with whom I was told I allegedly would meet who could help me develop the metaphysical and spiritual talents and abilities…people with whom, I was astonished to recall, I had time traveled in the 1950s, etc.

I gave it a go with them for a few years and found that the entire pre-planned “project” caused personal problems for all of us. Besides this, I developed severe life-threatening health problems cause by my fear, anger, anxiety and frustration.

Yet, I felt a great relief when I discovered through my recollections that, during the “Sheridan Creek Fireguard Cabin Time Travel Encounter” (Chapter 12 of Eminent Discovery), I was told I could chose to participate in the project or not participate, etc. So, years ago, sometime in the 1990s, I decided it wasn’t worth it, that “the project” was not only affecting good relations in my family, but also other families, etc. So I decided not to participate in the project. I will now only pass information on if asked.

I established the website because I felt I owed other fellow humans in the traditional community the unusual information, so they also could realize there is indeed a spiritual world out there that sometimes interacts with our physical world, multidimensionally…including physically.

And because of our “out-of-body” experiences, I felt it would be helpful for others to know there is indeed rational, mental and spiritual life after death. According to my experiences, investigations and research, all of this is related to actual facts that affect our present understanding of science, religion, history and Legendre, to put it broadly. (New discoveries in Quantum Mechanics also support the accuracy of my memories and the unusual phenomenon we witnessed and experienced during the encounters.)

Remember, I’m primarily coming at this from a research and development engineer’s point of view (etc), accepting nothing that can’t be supported by rational evidence. This is one of the reasons it has been so hard on me. I cannot rationally deny the rational evidence. In my opinion there is no mistake: These things actually happened.

In light of all of this and more, I will no longer maintain an interest in my UFO website; and I no longer will do most interviews or talks. Instead, I hope to enjoy my family and my art. See http://www.johnfosterart.com.

(Please note that, since I originally wrote the paragraph above, I have decided to continue upgrading this website, hoping to use it to roughly lay out my last book and write it before I die… possibly with your comments and questions…and to encourage those who knew me in the past to try to recall some of those strange things that happened when they were present, especially during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.)

However, under the right circumstances in my view, I would be happy to pass more of the information along.

I hope you understand. It’s been 28 years now. I’m not saying goodbye to you, but I am pulling away from it all to enjoy my life in a more conventional way…which, it seems, is the way “they,” the mysterious intelligences wanted it.

(As an aside, I know several other so-called UFO “contactees” and “abductees” who also have drawn away from their involvement in related post encounter activities. Some have drawn away completely to live a more conventional life, and some to live a more spiritual life.)

I still believe they, the mysterious intelligences” who I encountered, are most probably who they said they were…brotherhoods (historical brotherhoods) who are “the monitors or keepers of the earth,” who are responsible to a hierarchy that includes the historic Arch Angels Michael and Gabriel, who in turn are responsible to the entity who we have historically considered the entity called Christ, who is in charge of this corner of the Universe.

They (the brotherhoods), I was told, are not allowed to interfere with the affairs of humankind except at certain times when things are going awry or are dangerous. They clandestinely (sometimes subliminally) orchestrate the lives of some individuals…at times so that they can guide the destiny of our human culture…as they have throughout the ages. “The project” is a good example of their interaction with humans.

Several pieces of convincing evidence indicates that the brilliant light and “the voice” were indeed the historic Michael.

The best….John

(Basically, this writing above was my contribution to Brad and Shelly’s book, REAL VISITORS, VOICES FROM BEYOND, AND PARALLEL DIMENSIONS.)


Inside the front covers of the books Eminent Discovery & To Earth From Heaven

002Eminent Discovery and its companion book, To Earth From Heaven offer you a true story about an incredible journey…an expedition of truth and understanding. If you can believe it, it is a voyage that will surely change your perception of human reality on Earth since the beginning of time. Written in the form of an authentic saga/report, it boldly touches the very nature and meaning of life and UFOs. It is conveyed very sincerely by the experiencer.

An astonishing tale of John Foster’s personal experience, this story spans well over one-half century …from the despair and poverty of the Great Depression and World War II to the recent “best time to be alive in human history.” It blankets an area from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico. Yet, it primarily occurs in Middle America.

Today, as the meaning of many UFO reports are theorized, many UFO investigators quickly assume they are evil…closely connected to extraterrestrials coming to Earth from another planet. The popular scenario involves an also evil government who also is hiding the real truth about UFOs.

At this late date, it is undeniable that UFOs are real. This has been established through many multiple witnesses, photographs and video tapes for more than six decades. But what if UFOs are not evil?

What if they have been with us since the beginning of time, whatever time is…whatever is is? What if they are an integral part of our Legendre and history, an inconspicuous part of our beliefs, religions and cultures? What if they had a hand in defining the reality we perceive today, actually lying hidden – inter-dimensionally – within the very foundations of our remarkable, Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries?

What if…?

Seldom does one have a chance for deeper understanding…an opportunity to unveil important mysteries that can change the soul, as well as the course of human history. Yet, deeper understandings often require that one set aside enough time to genuinely contemplate. Let us hope that you also, like John Foster, have enough time to ponder the unusual truth that lies between the front and back covers of these amazing pages.

Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book provides a brief visual adventure, telling the story pictorially; Eminent Discovery reveals what happened and how it happened in some detail…while To Earth From Heaven draws you into the complex depths of probable and possible meaning.

John Foster has no agenda other than to simply pass on the truth about his life-long experience. He is independent, owing nothing to any other individual or organization in this regard. Although most of the information contained herein was known by the summer of 1987, it is interesting to note that the research and writing of both books consumed a tumultuous period of 14 years. The various illustrations included in Eminent Discovery were sketched by John Foster over a period of 13 years. They represent his point of view as he and others experienced the encounters. Yet, he has altered the scene a little in a few of the drawings to encompass more realistically what happened. Some of the sketches were drawn as he recalled the experiences for the first time in 1986 and 1987.

Forward by R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD

Psychological Opinion by Fowler Jones, PhD

See Appendix A for contributions of others to Eminent Discovery and To Earth From Heaven: Donna Henriksen, PhD – Bob Teets – Donald Ware, MS – Wendell Stevens – Joe Lewels, PhD – Annie Foster.

See AppendixB for statements from witnesses: Bob Collingsworth – Karen Beaman (Foster) – Kindra Foster – Brad Foster.

See http://www.johnfosterart.com  to view some of John’s artistic creations


My letter response to a psychiatrist who asked me if I thought real UFO encounters might be connected to psychosis such as schizophrenia:

“Do I think UFO encounters might be connected to psychosis, such as schizophrenia…?

From my post 1986 recollection experience with UFO investigators, professionals of various persuasions, and common ordinary people like me (many of whom include individuals in the previous two categories), I feel that humans are now taking a giant step forward in understanding the nature of our universe, which of course includes Earth. This is because of clues that are sometimes obvious and sometimes subtle….including the observations below.
✽ Through memory (which is the only way one can analyze anything), I have analyzed the minute details of my encounters closely and have determined that my memories of UFO happenings and other things physical and otherwise are accurate.
✽ I have met many people like me and many of the elements of their experiences match mine, sometimes in astonishing ways.
✽ There are several witnesses who recall parts of some encounters, our memories matching in some cases down to the minute details, suggesting our memories are accurate.
✽ Some elements of my encounters and others’ encounters are described nearly perfectly in written history, including the ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek texts, among many others, including some of the phenomenon and happenings described in the Bible.
✽ Other elements of my encounters are reflected in new discoveries of modern science, including the behavior of subatomic particles…which seem to be modifying Eienstein’s theory of relativity. This suggests that our concept of life in time/space is somewhat an illusion…time being the most misunderstood…which leads to most other human perceptions being misunderstood (all of which is probably orchestrated as below).

Time and space being illusions was one of Carl Sagan’s most advertised concepts and many other scientists’ most advertised concepts since his death. (Eric Julean’s The Science of Extraterrestrials and Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe are two books that help in understanding the unusual nature of UFO encounters, historic and modern.) The nature and development (arrival) of the craft and beings of my encounters also support the idea that time and space are illusions, at least to some extent. (You would have to read my books to completely know what I’m referring to here.)

Sometimes they, the craft, were just there when we turned around and saw them. Or they could come flying in just over the tree tops as we, at times, heard music and/or rumbling or roaring sounds. And at times they developed out of a clear distorted atmosphere, a light blue or gray haze, or a churning smoke-like dark gray fog (when the roaring sounds could knock our socks off). (Many UFO experiencers see this but do not report it.) This along with many other things strongly suggests other-dimensional qualities, not only of the Ets and craft, but of our concepts concerning the physical nature of the Earth.
✽ After recalling most of the information concerning my encounters (which occurred from birth to the summer of 1986) and then after meeting the “familiar strangers” in 1987, the sometimes minute details of my encounters indicated I had been trained, physically and mentally conditioned, and educated throughout my entire life to carry out a particular task in my later years. The task was related to the “familiar strangers,” as well as specific locations and buildings, among other things, mostly located in Nebraska and the Midwest. (This was explained to me verbally and experientially, including visually several times.)

The others found that their tasks, revealed to them by various means, including UFO encounters and so-called spiritual encounters, were very similar, in a few cases identical to mine down to the minute technical details. This included particular locations and well known landmarks.
✽ All of this and many other happenings could not have occurred unless our lives, as individuals, were being orchestrated by some mysterious intelligences that normally resided and still reside beyond the veil of the visible. But when appropriate they could/can become visible, also breaking the lower barrier of sound…such as a rich male voice, for example, speaking from a craft, from thin air, or from inside our heads. We talked about it to verify it was actually happening at those times.
✽ Annie and I separated for a period 18 months at one time because of all of this…and I experienced phenomenal things that could only be classed paranormal….once, seeing a magnificent pattern in the sky that included clouds and the sun, multiple unusual interaction with some animals, strange lights and happenings related to Native American mythology, shocking coincidental happenings with other people, a few shocking visions, what seemed to be real living dreams that I later found connected to history and other realistic things…among many other things.

Only once did I hear a voice in my right ear, my mostly deaf ear. It said something similar to, ‘Prepare yourself, they are adjusting the transmitters so you can understand more clearly.’ I was shocked and thought I was hallucinating…but then, it twice repeated the same message in louder volumes and I knew there was no mistake, someone, some intelligence beyond our common reality was then communicating and most probably had always communicated with me through something similar to ESP, in this case breaking the lower sound barrier, at least in my brain or right ear. It was a time when I had isolated myself to complete the manuscript of my first book, Eminent Discovery. (During what appear to be the physical/other-dimensional time travels, I was shown and told that I would write at least two books that would not sell well because most people would not have even the slightest interest…of course a fact that is now evident….but I wrote them anyway.)
✽ OK, I could go on and on, but it wouldn’t contribute that directly to your work. I included all of this to help you see that what I’ve experienced is real and is related to current human endeavors.
✽  One of my at least temporary conclusions is that if what I experienced is true and somewhat accurate and if this sort of thing also occurred in history (events that suggest the so-called Ets are connected to who we understand are the “ancient gods” and who we have understood to be angels and even God Himself) then that intelligence, whoever it truly is, is now orchestrating the progression of our culture, even in minute ways that we can’t now totally imagine.
✽ So, in your field, psychosis in some cases might not be what some professionals believe it is…therefore the common treatments used may not help but harm. Most of my and others’ encounters can not only be classed as paranormal, but spiritual…thereby lending credence to at least some of the unbelievable happenings described in historical religious documents. As you have suggested Schizophrenia may truly be related to communication with the other side so to speak, at least in some cases. Etc, etc, etc.
✽ During my last close overt encounter, I was told by the Ets that remembering my encounters would negate their purpose. I was given a choice, only there and then, to continue and not remember or to remember and be connected to the “familiar strangers” who could possibly help me develop my more spiritual or metaphysical abilities so I could carry out the task I had been trained to do my entire life. I don’t remember choosing, but I must have chosen the latter…which includes helping an influx of Central American, Mexican and other orphans and immigrants who, I was told, would enter the US at some future time (which obviously is now). Yet, unless the “Ets, gods” show up again in a close caring manner, I have opted out of the program in favor of art. Among several other things during the time travels, I was personally told by a young female that she would personally die if I chose not to participate. But, that is not enough…I won’t play games.
If this is true (the orphans, etc.) you are in a strategic location. I wonder if there is a connection. (I wonder who it is that we both know.) Others here have already worked with the orphans and immigrants. Also, the encounters of a few others indicate the Earth is in a trial period, being given a chance to become intergalactic, inter-dimensional citizens…but, “they,” whoever they truly are, say we will have to put our house in order and learn not to kill and harm each other over some insignificant turf war and other petty things…yet, I wasn’t personally told this. I hold all things suspect.
Well, I did go on and on didn’t I. I wasn’t that brief. But, the story is so long and complex. I feel I didn’t do a very good job in giving you more details that could relate to your work, but hopefully you get the general idea. I have taken the standard psychological tests and have been declared sane, not imaginative by most all of the professionals I’ve mentioned and several others. I am told that I harbor no psychosis…and again, there are the several witnesses who validate parts of the story. And as above there are many other things that also validate my story.

I hope this answers at least a part of your question of whether or not real UFO encounters might be related to psychosis such a schizophrenia, etc……the best…..John”


Why I believe these encounters actually happened in real three dimensional time/space

Below is a letter answer to Steve Snodgrass of the Omaha UFO Study Group, an answer to the question why I believe these encounters actually occurred in three dimensional time/space:

“Hello Steve, John Foster again…

Why do I believe these encounters actually occurred?

The answer to this question is multifaceted and very extensive, including 1) unusual interrelated happenings of my 1986/1987 intense period of recollection, 2) some eye witnesses, 3) some witnesses of circumstantial evidence and facts, and 4) coincidental happenings that occurred with other people who I actually met after my 1986/1987 recollections, people with whom I allegedly had traveled in UFO craft into the future some 30 odd years prior to my recollections, etc. (when we were shown and told what we were to do in the future). To my astonishment I personally met those same people and the future happenings began to occur in the late 1980s and early 1990s (after my recollections) and I began to identify landmarks that I had only seen during the future time travels.

The other people and I compared information related to 0ur respective encounters/experiences and we found that we had been told and shown some of the exact same things…in some cases down to the minute technical details.

Furthermore, I strongly felt my first 1986 recollection of the 1950s Bethany Grade School Playground encounter was a valid memory just like any other memory I had experienced, only it was more startling than most. As my memories of that encounter somewhat spontaneously increased over a period of a few months, 1) the complex and intense emotions I felt, 2) the length of the overall encounter and 3) the complexity of the occurrences the night of that encounter convinced me that I simply could not have imagined it. I found later there were interesting interrelated links within the Bethany Playground encounter and I found that there were solid links to other encounters and future happenings which I experienced after my 1986 initial memories, such as suffering the heart attacks and the one unsuccessful coronary bypass surgery in 1988 and the second series of heart attacks and successful coronary bypass surgery in 1995, etc. Also, many other things that occurred the night of the Bethany Playground encounter were fundamentally linked to an enormous number of other encounters, some of which have been at least partially substantiated by witnesses. (The complexity and interrelated nature of all of my encounters are mind boggling.)

The first person I contacted to see if an encounter actually occurred some 36 years earlier recalled the first and last sequences of that encounter which I estimate lasted approximately two hours. When talking with him later, he actually picked out the drawing of that encounter out of a stack of about fifty drawings when I was out of the room. He declared that the drawing accurately represented what he had seen the night the encounter occurred…which again was some 36 years earlier. And he then spontaneously began recalling UFO encounters and other strange happenings that had occurred in his past when I had not been with him. That day, we began to think UFO encounters might not be as rare as they seemed.

Subsequently, after my initial questioning of the first witness, a few to several others have recalled small parts of other lengthy encounters. This includes my children who recall parts of our 1975 family Dillon Lake encounter. A significant piece of evidence is that one of my daughters recalls me talking with “the voice,” whose source was unseen, or rather it seemed to originate from a brilliant light hovering above the trees at Dillon Lake. We previously had seen craft come floating through the air, in distorted atmosphere, above and near our campsite. My other daughter recalls parts of an out-of-body experience she, her brother and I shared at Dillon Lake that day…out over the water. She and I also recall “the voice” talking to us from time to time. And my son recalls a somewhat extensive episode he experienced alone that night at Dillon Lake. (Some of their witness comments are above on my website and in the book Eminent Discovery.)

To continue, a battery of approximately 13 different types of strange craft and objects repeatedly manifested at various times over a period of at least 46 years, about 4 of them being the most common. My initial 1986 memories lasted for months, the encounters lasted for over 46 years, and I feel that the consistency of my memories concerning the technical structure of the crafts and objects could not have occurred if my recollections were not of real crafts, objects and time/space happenings. The human-like men and the lizard-like beings also appeared to be the same or very similar over that same period. I discovered after my 1986 recollections some of the craft had historic and modern significance, some represented in historic religious paintings and some appearing to have connections with modern scientific or military development projects…yet, I had not encountered them previously in situations apart from my so-called UFO encounters. I’ve seen an ancient painting of a coffin-shaped object, for instance, that appears exactly the same as those I encountered. The men and beings, likewise had historic significance as related to the information they gave me. This included connections to ancient and modern brotherhoods, religion, scientific inventors and inventions, ancient gods, Native Americans, modern orphans, The Masonic Order, the Mormon story, the Christian story, the changing of humankind and much more…some if it in great detail.

In order that I might convince you that my encounters actually occurred, I could go on and on from here…but I would have to write another book. In the end, you have to believe that I am being truthful and representing my encounters accurately in order that you might place a positive value on my story. As you contemplate this, if you have not been to Europe, consider that there might or might not be a Europe; you have seen pictures and videos, but you have not been there. Your conviction that Europe actually exists, then, is based on the veracity of the evidence others have provided. Most likely you believe them. However, when it comes to believing UFO stories, humans seem to have a very difficult time.

Believe it or not, I believe my story, as represented in the two books I’ve written, is very close to being totally accurate.
Ref: 1) Eminent Discovery (a lifetime of UFO experiences) by John Foster
2) To Earth From Heaven by John Foster

New scientific theories explaining how the unusual phenomenon connected to UFO encounters can actually occur can be found in the following books (among many others):
1) The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
2) The Science Of Extraterrestrials by Eric Julien
Historic explanations: The Earth Chronicles by Zechariah Sitchin

See (search) Thunder Valley Drums, My Spirit Care, Brad & Sherry Steiger’s books, Soul Samples, The Psychic Studies Institute, and The Keys Of Enoch and others mentioned on this website for more possible explanations related to modern UFO encounters, as well as John’s Encounters.

Wishing everyone all the best……John”

Steve’s Omaha UFO Study Group website is    http://www.omahaufostudygroup.com .