Important information heard and gleaned during John Foster’s so-called UFO encounters

(For a deeper understanding concerning this story read the three books authored by John “Foster:   )

To begin, here is a brief basic outline overview of the important information heard and gleaned from John’s 46+ years of UFO encounters that he and others with him experienced:

  At two or three years old, another young neighborhood boy and I were told by “the voice” that they (the mysterious intelligences) were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like us. To improve us as human beings, among other things, the voice encouraged us to listen to classical music as often as we could. (I have recently read that listening to classical music tunes up the neuro pathways in the brain.)

✽  At six years old, at a YMCA camp, I was encouraged to cooperate with them. A light shined down on me and the other boys could see my bones through my flesh. Another boy took my place; the light shined down on him as well, and the other boys and I could see his bones through his flesh. (This was similar to The Transfiguration of the Bible.) Several other strange things happened at the camp and the camp Chaplin and camp leaders though I was responsible for the crafts appearance. The Chaplin admonished me because he and some of the others thought it all was satanic. However, I  believed and now believe it was the opposite.

  During a Boy Scout overnight hike, at eleven years old, a friend and I were levitated up above the clouds near Max, Nebraska where we were encouraged to cooperate with them (the mysterious intelligences) and we were given information concerning the four directions, the familiar strangers, the corporations, the churches, my future and many other things.

  At thirteen years old, at The Bethany Grade School Playground:

  1. I was given information about trees.
  2. A friend and I were put through excruciating conditioning sessions inside an elliptical-shaped object to improve us as human beings.
  3. We were given information about the Native Americans and the development of the United States, including some information about prominent historic people.
  4. I was taken by a middle-age to older man up toward the windowed saucer.
  5. On the way I was given a demonstration concerning a Masonic ceremony.
  6. I was told to join the boys auxiliary organization of the Masonic Lodge.
  7. I was taken through an ancient Egyptian ceremony similar to Ra’s journey to the underworld.
  8. I was taken into the windowed saucer.
  9. I met small alligator-like beings who I was told were in charge of my life-long education,  development, and conditioning.
  10. I was forced to watch the scene of a future building with people around it and I was told I would be involved in constructing buildings in the future.
  11. A brilliant light shown down on me in the center of the windowed saucer to initiate me in some strange way.
  12. My guide and two strange looking beings helped me up on an examination table, a table like one you would see in a hospital. The surgery light above was explained in extreme detail.
  13. What seemed to be a strange short doctor examined my legs and he told me I would have varicose veins in my legs in the future. He said I would have heart attacks and heart surgeries in the future but not to worry because I would survive but be restricted (which actually happened some 36 through 45 years later). He place a long shinny cylinder on my lower abdomen and I felt a strange sensation.
  14. They told me to quit getting into trouble because they knew what I did. It was as if they could see through solid structures and know my inner most thoughts and feelings.
  15. …among several other things.

✽   At eighteen years old a friend and I experienced strange all-night encounters with several crafts, objects, men and beings all night at the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin (a US Forest Service cabin) just west of Dubois, Wyoming:

  1. We met a strange lizard-like being inside the cabin who told us we were wanted outside.
  2.  We met a man who told us about history and explained things about a small whirlwind that came swooping in near us from over the trees. We saw craft fly in above us and the man explained about history and that we were to educated.
  3.  I suffered an excruciating conditioning session inside another object and we were told about the historic craft that flew in near us.
  4.  An old bearded man explained that we were to be taken out-of-body and we were told that “they” were fighting a battle to save men, etc.

(to be continued)