Ancient aliens are alive and well, influencing humankind just as they have throughout the ages! …The important questions are: Who are they? What are they? What are they doing now?

“This is one of the most important, amazing, unusual UFO stories of our time”(….spoken by John Foster and many credible experts in many fields of knowledge).

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…..See three books authored by John Foster below.

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Mysterious UFO intelligences always have been at the very core of our human cultures!   They have been connected to individuals and our human societies in mysterious ways that are beyond our common understandings.

John Foster’s many unusual encounters, spanning a period of at least 46 years, is just one example, among several, that illustrate how these normally unseen intelligences have influenced our sciences, religions, and history.

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What are the important implications of John Foster’s so-called UFO Encounters?

Rationalized as of today, Sept 3, 2017.
(This is an on-going article that will be written over a period of several days. Please understand that the encounters others and I experienced were real and that I reserve the right to change my understandings of them as I progress. There are several witnesses and an enormous number of tangible facts, historical and modern, that support the validity of my memories. Also, I have been very careful to try to understand factually and rationally.)

(The first drawing above represents my view as my relatives and I were levitated to “the large object” sometime during the summer of 1952 or 1953. The oldest were taken first – the youngest last.)

The obvious as well as the suggested implications of all of my strange encounters (and the encounters of some others), if analyzed closely, should ultimately change our collective understandings of human existence on earth since it’s very beginning.    Continue reading

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A brief summary of offers you a true, astonishing story about one man’s authentic encounters with UFOs. His experiences were intimate and awesome, spanning a period of 46 plus years…from near his birth to 48 years old.
The illustrations here and in the books he has authored were sketched by John Foster over a period of 14 years. The illustrations represent John’s point of view as he and others experienced the encounters.

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The extent of ET influence or interference in our human culture

If you have been following the articles posted on this website or have read the books I’ve written, you already realize or at least can conjecture that there actually are normally unseen intelligences who somewhat influence or manipulate ideas, beliefs and/or events in our human culture.

I experienced one encounter when I was 15 years old at Chadron State Park in Nebraska, during the summer of 1953… encounter that indicated these mysterious intellegences do indeed manipulate, not only some of the healthy societal conditions in our country, but also some of our political programs that aid cultural groups such as the middle class.

This encounter occurred the mid afternoon following a previous evening picnic of intense UFO activity. My family and the family of the Chadron Park superintendent were the only normal humans at the picnic (Ref: Chapter Four of the book Eminent Discovery).

When a “small booth” manifested on the front lawn of the park this mid afternoon, near the stone fountain, my friend and I walked over to see what it was. We were particularly curious because of the bizarre happenings that occurred the previous evening. As we approached, we heard “the voice” coaxing us to get into the booth so we could experience a special trip with the orphans who were already seated inside. When my friend saw that they were Spanish American, he thought that it was too strange and refused to go. However, for some unknown reason I crawled in and sat with the orphans.

It was not long before the booth lifted off of the ground and began flying or floating toward the highway. It then flew south a hundred feet or so above the highway, up the steep slope, and hovered at the top of the hill where we received a lecture about the forest of the Pine Ridge of Nebraska…most of which I don’t remember. It then was announced that we were going to rendezvous with someone at the upper Niobrara River which was several miles to our south.

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Back home from Wyoming with many photos where many 1956 and 1957 close UFO contact took place

We are home again preparing to set up shop for winter painting of landscapes, some of which will be the location where many 1956 and 1957 close UFO encounters occurred.


Previous Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin location

Brooks Lake 

Togwatee Pass


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“The voice” speaking to me and others compared to God speaking to humans in The Bible

In The Bible:“God said, let there be light and there was light!  …and God saw that the light was good!”

He said those things and many other things from the beginning chapter of Geneses through the last chapter of Revelations. He said those things from thin air, from a cloud, from a brilliant light, and from Ezekiel’s flying chariot.

During my many so-called UFO encounters: “The voice” said things related to “eternal knowledge and wisdom…and the Indians and buffalo,” etc.

He said those things and many other things from thin air, from a cloud, from a brilliant light, and from some strange flying crafts and many strange objects and crafts that were not flying!

During our family UFO encounter at Dillon Lake in Colorado, in early June of 1975, our youngest daughter heard “the voice” speak to us from thin air. And during that same UFO encounter our oldest daughter heard the voice speak to us from a brilliant light that was hovering several feet above us.

When speaking from a brilliant light at the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin in June of 1957, he, “the voice,” identified himself and he was identified by an old man near us to be the Arch Angel Michael!

Because I definitely know this actually happened, I know it definitely has astonishing implications!

(to be continued)

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Purchasing John Foster Art

Source: Purchasing John Foster Art

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Who are “They” — how did “They” arrive — what are “They” doing

Who are “They” — how did “They” arrive — what are “They” doing

When reading the following, I suspect most of you at first will not believe it at all. However, I assure you my memories are accurate and the encounters actually did occur as I’ve described them. They occurred in our time-space reality and  in many cases in our time-space reality that was overlapped by another foreign dimension. The foreign dimension was mysteriously physically superimposed on what we consider our natural World…our natural World remaining the same as before the mysterious transformation. In many cases there was not an interruption in our normal time or movement. Yet in many cases there were periods of disorientation during the transition, but only during the transition; after the transitions, everything seemed completely natural except for the strange crafts, objects, etc.    Continue reading

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