The Astonishing UFO Encounters Of John Foster

Read about one of most important mysteries in life.

Read information here and in the books “Eminent Discovery: UFOs – Living within & beyond the five senses”…Volume 1 & Volume 2.

Eminent Discovery is a miraculous true story that consumed more than 46 years of mysterious, intermittent, periodic encounters with strange beings, strange mysterious but ordinary men, a mysterious voice, and unidentified objects and crafts that were sometimes flying and sometimes not flying. According to information received during the encounters, as well as historical research, it seems all have been active since the beginning of humankind. Read below to discover some of the astonishing details. ************************************************************************* See the video ” UFOs At The Core Of Our Culture”  below.

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“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” ~ Albert Einstein

God bless Albert Einstein! …….But we are much more than that. We are much more than we perceive through current scientific research and our personal five senses…………..John Foster


Another featured story:

(In order to help you understand some of the intricate details concerning what actually happened, I have included here an on-going series of somewhat unbelievable UFO stories concerning real mysterious encounters that I experienced throughout my life. I will add interesting episodes, as well as some analysis, as time passes. Doing this hopefully will help you and me understand the true nature of our immense wonderful universe from a more microscopic point of view.)


A couple of encounters with “The Coffin-shaped Object”

Many of my so-called UFO encounters were short and simple. And many of them occurred during my teen years, especially the more important mysterious experiences.

A short encounter with The Coffin while practicing football

Here is a short simple encounter with a UFO during football practice…about 5 pm, Fall 1954.

I was in high school, Northeast High in Lincoln. However, we did not see it flying.

While practicing football one afternoon, on the north practice field at Northeast High School in Lincoln Nebraska – in the fall of 1954 (I believe) – one of our offensive running backs tried his luck at “drop kicking” a field goal (an accepted method for scoring three points in those days). He sent the ball sailing high, dead center, right over the uprights. He kicked it so far, it landed out of sight down a slope behind the goal posts.

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Watch the movie “Contact” to get a feel about John Foster’s story:

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************************************************************************* Also watch the movie “Encounters Of The Third Kind,” especially the abductions, to get a better feel about John’s encounters:

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Throughout the centuries humans have pondered the true nature of our immense wonderful universe. We have wondered who we really are and how we fit into the entire scheme of things.
I believe Albert Einstein and new discoveries in science, religion, and history can provide you with some deeper understandings. I also believe other people and I have a few insights that might offer you some important answers and deeper understandings. I feel the answers and understandings might truly help you in your private quest in life…no matter how simple or complex your present life might be.
I am an 82 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields…home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, and author among a several other things.
Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood…but I really couldn’t understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. I was astonished and over whelmed and remained overwhelmed! I soon found other people who had been with me during the encounters. Their memories compared to my memories established beyond doubt that our memories were true and accurate. Especially my memories indicated that encounters like those we experienced had affected many individuals and ultimately our various human cultures (including science, religion and history) since the beginning of humankind. This story suggests how in some very special significant detail. I also have met many other people who have experienced similar mysterious encounters.  — John Foster

************************************************************************* From the Prologues of the books “Eminent Discovery: UFOs – Living within and beyond the five senses” Volume 1 & Volume 2  by John Foster:

“If you have questioned what life is or should be, or what is is or should be, you might find insight in the following pages.
If you have wondered why we live a limited existence on planet earth, you might find solace in the following pages.
And if you have ever wondered if this is all there is, have confidence; this story, supported by some witnesses, proves within acceptable reason there is not only life after death but life beyond life in the present … beyond our five senses.
This monumental story offers you some sense of understanding through my narrations of mysterious happenings that have occurred since my birth or, as I clearly remember, since my very early childhood. However, it also is a story that seriously involves and somewhat redefines all of humankind since its very beginning … including you as you read today. It involves modern and ancient science, modern and ancient religion, and modern and ancient history … all so strongly that it has upset my entire concept of human life on earth since its very beginning.”


“This authentic true story has changed my personal and professional life dramatically! The story strongly indicates that life on earth is much, much more than we believe it is…that it is a multi-dimensional life within and beyond the five senses for each of us. It is a mysterious life, the intricate hidden details of which we most often are not aware or only vaguely aware. I was astonished when I found that this UFO story and other UFO stories are solidly compatible with The Bible, other historical writings, and the modern Ancient Alien Hypothesis, among many other things.
To understand the story more fully look at my 2001 International UFO Congress Convention talk video below and the articles and interviews in the right hand column.
For a more complete understanding read the four books authored by me. You can purchase the books by clicking the titles below or by clicking item 5 in the black strip above.”   — John Foster

************************************************************************* “To say that John Foster encountered the Great Mystery throughout most of his life is a gross understatement.”  “…this 75-year-old retired engineer is going to rock your world.”…Bob Teets, best selling author, writer, editor, publisher, in-depth researcher, artist. *************************************************************************

A new upgrade publication of the book “Eminent Discovery, a lifetime of UFO encounters” is available:

The new version is titled “Eminent Discovery: UFOs – Living within and beyond the five senses: Volume 1 & Volume 2.” (See a detailed description of both volumes below.) “To Earth From Heaven” and “Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book” also have been upgraded.    (See them below also.)

The abundantly illustrated Kindle eBooks are formatted in fixed page text that can be read on Kindle readers, most tablets, laptops, and iPhones. The text is not flowing. This provides a much better read and an outstanding presentation of the many drawings and photos.


A very unusual true story is briefly told through many excellent freehand drawings The drawings represent what author/artist John Foster and those who were with him actually experienced during the many strange UFO encounters that occurred throughout his life. The drawings include short comments that convey to you what happened, where and when it happened.

Paperback $6.95 click here to order from Kindle ebook   $3.95   click here to order from *************************************************************************

Eminent Discovery Volumes 1 & 2:

Volume 1: How it all began – “Discovery” and the more simple encounters – an astonishing extensive detailed account describing what happened and how it happened…includes many illustrations as above. This book was written “for the record.” – Prologue, Foreword, Psychological Opinion, Introduction, Overview, and Chapters 1 through 8, plus Author’s History.

Paperback  $8.95   Click here to purchase from! Kindle ebook    $4.95   Click here to purchase from! *************************************************************************

Volume 2: More Complex encounters – an extensive detailed account describing what happened and how it happened …includes Summaries and Conclusions and more illustrations as above. This book was written “for the record” – Prologue, Chapters 9 through 14, Appendix A Contributions From Others, and Appendix B Statements From Witnesses, Epilogue, plus Author’s History.

Paperback    $8.95      Click here to purchase from Kindle ebook     $4.95     Click here to purchase from! *************************************************************************

John rationalizes and speculates more thoroughly about what it all means…and what it might mean. He touches base with some of his complex experiences, and then journeys into philosophical inquiry to imagine how in the world what he experiences can make sense.

Paperback   $8.95   click here to order from ebook   $4.95   click here to order from *************************************************************************

♦  Read Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book to get a general visual and written overview of the amazing things that happened.
♦   Read Eminent Discovery  old version or the new two volumes 1 & 2 to understand more deeply what happened and how it happened. Eminent Discovery was written for the record.
♦   Read To Earth From Heaven to discover what it all means and might mean.



***Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book  —  This very unusual true story is briefly told through 170 excellent freehand drawings. The drawings represent what author/artist John Foster and those who were with him actually experienced during the many strange UFO encounters that occurred throughout his life. The drawings include short comments that convey to you what happened, where and when it happened.  –“Eclectic and penetrating personal examination of a very complex phenomenon. The exceptional illustrations really helped add another dimension of strangeness to the high strangeness within.”Gerald J. Gaura   —  Kindle version $7.95,  Paperback  $9.95.


*** Eminent Discovery is the primary book that reveals John’s Eminent Discovery in some detail. It includes over 140 of his drawings and many narrations conveying to you some of the unbelievable episodes that mysteriously and unexpectedly confronted John and the other people who were with him for more than forty six years. The encounters occurred from the time he was born in 1937 until he was 48 years old. He briefly compares what happened with modern and ancient science, religion, and history. This story strongly supports the Ancient Alien hypothesis, as well as other modern so-called UFO encounters. (The black cover “Eminent Discovery” eventually will be discontinued.)  — “The ridicule factor is alive and well in both UFOlogy and the skeptics point of view. But nowhere will you find such extraordinary experiences written from the perspective of a reasonable person who is so careful to think on both sides.” — Steve Snodgrass, mental health practitioner, in-depth UFO researcher
The Forward is by R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD (Professor Emeritus/researcher/experiencer)  –  The Psychological Opinion is by Fowler Jones, PhD (Professor Emeritus/researcher)  –  Comments From Others in Appendix A are by Donna Henriksen, PhD (Professor Emeritus/researcher); Bob Teets (writer/editor/researcher/experiencer); Donald Ware, MS (renown researcher/experiencer); Wendell Stevens (renown researcher); Joe Lewells, PhD (renown researcher/experiencer); and Annie Foster (wife/experiencer)  –  Comments From Witnesses in Appendix B are by Bob Collingsworth (pseudonym/experiencer), Karen Beaman (daughter/experiencer), Kindra Foster (daughter/experiencer), and Brad Foster (son/experiencer).  —  Volumes 1 & 2 Kindle version $9.95,    Volumes 1 & 2 Paperback $14.95 ea.


*** To Earth From Heaven continues with other encounter narrations. — Comments by Steve Snodgrass, mental  health practitioner, UFO investigator: —  “John rationalizes and speculates more thoroughly about what it all means…and what it might mean. John touches base with some of his complex experiences, and then journeys into philosophical inquiry to imagine how in the world what he experiences can make sense. This is not a book of instruction. It is a book of questions, of inquiry, and hypothesis to describe things most people would rather sit back and avoid. In other words, you can take the “red pill” and remain content in the reality you’ve constructed and have been conditioned to see. Or you can buy this book and take the “blue pill” and see a universe much more like the matrix than you are afraid to admit. Have courage. John Foster has plenty of it.”       — Kindle version $9.95, Paperback $14.95.


UFOs At The Core Of Our Culture

a video of John Foster’s talk to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention  — It is recommended that you watch short parts of the video, taking breaks between the parts, especially if you are watching with others – 1 hour and 25 minutes.
If you truly don’t want to know, don’t watch it.   *************************************************************************


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A couple of encounters with “The Coffin-shaped Object”

Many of my so-called UFO encounters were short and simple. And many of them occurred during my teen years, especially the more important mysterious experiences.

A short encounter with The Coffin while practicing football

Here is a short simple encounter with a UFO during football practice…about 5 pm, Fall 1954.

I was in high school, Northeast High in Lincoln. However, we did not see it flying.

While practicing football one afternoon, on the north practice field at Northeast High School in Lincoln Nebraska – in the fall of 1954 (I believe) – one of our offensive running backs tried his luck at “drop kicking” a field goal (an accepted method for scoring three points in those days). He sent the ball sailing high, dead center, right over the uprights. He kicked it so far, it landed out of sight down a slope behind the goal posts.

Well, our coach asked for volunteers to go get it. So about four of us began running down the slope. As we approached the ball, we were startled by what appeared to be a very gray-brown weathered coffin-type object sitting near it. We noticed the coffin had four legs, but we also knew well that it didn’t belong there. With a few comments about what strange enclosure might be, we grabbed the football, ran back up the slope and gave it to our coach, who for some reason really didn’t want to take a look at what we saw. With that we continued our practice and gradually forgot the entire short incident. I don’t believe we mentioned a word about it after that.

It is interesting to note that I saw a Middle Age oil painting of what seemed to be the exact same coffin-shaped object during Robert Dean’s lecture at a late 1980s or early 1990s Rocky Mountain Conference On UFO Investigation in Laramie, Wyoming. Bob said the artist was from the Middle East and he apparently identified the bizarre object as “a column,” one of Ancient Egypt’s flying boats. It is also interesting that I have seen “the coffin” at other times…even flying in distorted atmosphere…or more accurately described, floating somewhat high in the air and low to the ground…like a submarine floats beneath the surface of the water. (Robert Dean is a retired military officer who I’ve met, who was stationed in Europe during the Cold War to monitor, through NORAD radar, the activities of Russia. He apparently discovered unidentified flying objects that were active during the some of the nights when Russia would have their air force drills.)

It’s also interesting that I’ve read in an early UFO book, a book that was published in the 1970s or 1960s I believe, that described the landing of a UFO on the front deck of a ship at sea, sometime about 1940. The witness or witnesses that saw it said that it looked like a container (what could be coffin-shape) and I believe the witnesses said that it also looked like a huge “clam.” He or they were startled even more when they saw “the clam” fluctuate, giving off strange guttural sounds. This is similar to some of the craft that I saw several times, particularly near wetlands. They sometimes sounded like or were mimicking the sounds of frogs…believe it or not. This happened at least a few to several times over the entire 46+ years.

Another encounter with “The Coffin”

Weird coffin on golf course — From the book Eminent Discovery Volume 1, Chapter 4

Not too tall, with thick black hair and horned rimmed glasses, Ronnie Ladeger seemed to be a wonderful young man. There was an innocence about him; he always seemed to have a good time and felt the goodness in life. His father, equally kind, owned an oil distributorship in the small town of Weeping Water. Weeping Water lay nestled among limestone hills, between Lincoln and Nebraska City.

Fall 1957: Attending college at the University of Nebraska, I had met Ronnie in my anthropology class. We seemed to hit it off, so to speak, and soon became good friends…as well as golfing buddies.

I especially enjoyed the tall hardwood trees bordering each fairway and green on the small, beautiful course at Nebraska City. Fairway #2 paralleled #3, and we were playing #3.
Hitting our balls down the middle of the fairway (an oddity by itself), we strolled along making casual conversation. Suddenly, Ronnie let out a gasp, then simply yelled, “What is that.”
Pointing over toward fairway #2, he seemed puzzled and frightened. His father talked about what he saw.

Turning, I casually observed a medium sized object sitting on the ground, in the middle of fairway #2. But, as I got a better look at it, it suddenly appeared strange, like a rectangular coffin. It was being held just above the ground by four thin legs, two on the front and two on the rear. It looked medium gray and weathered, about as large as a sports car. I soon realized it definitely didn’t belong in that location.

I noticed a faint distorted atmosphere fluctuating around the object. Since the shock of seeing this took our breath away, imagine how we felt when the coffin rose a foot or so above the ground and moved slowly down the fairway. Oddly, I noticed the legs remained extended. We got completely flabbergasted. The object settled to the ground at the end of fairway #2.

Forgetting our golf game, we walked over to get a closer look at the object. Moving in close to it, Ronnie and I encountered a rather startling effect. Every time we got near the object, we felt a strange force pierce our bodies. It seemed an electric or magnetic field surrounded the object. We talked about this and presumed the field of force caused the distorted atmosphere.
A pre-engineering student, I tried to sound intelligent and studious about what I saw, but Ronnie’s dad made the most astute observations.

I suddenly got even more perplexed because the force began to effect my thinking; I felt disoriented and a little ill at times. Ronnie said he also felt ill and disoriented. He touched the object two or three times and jumped back each time. We really didn’t know what to make of it.

Suddenly, I clearly saw buildings with people around them. It seemed completely bizarre because I knew no buildings were located along fairway #2. A strange distorted atmosphere surrounded the buildings. I felt the object or force had caused me to hallucinate.

Completely puzzled, we stayed near the coffin. Then we suddenly realized a lot of time had passed and decided we should finish our golf game. We strangely left the object sitting on the ground and continued the golf game. Slowly approaching green #4, we forgot the object…i.e, until my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections.”

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About the Blue River UFO Blog

About the Blue River UFO Blog
…John Foster…11-20-15:

New Years Eve, 1954: We were ushering in the new year of 1955, during which, in late Spring, we all would hopefully graduate from our high school located in a town not too far away.

About ten of us teenage boys were privileged to occupy a small rustic cabin of our friend Dewi’s parents, a cabin that was located along the shore of a small sandpit lake that was very near The Blue River.

By midnight some of us had enough alcohol to drink that some of the boys decided to test our skills at ice skating on the lake, which was solidly frozen. So we did.

As some of the other boys were trying to hold each other upright on their uncontrollable ice skates, a mysterious volume of air developed in front of us and a mysterious small craft appeared. It was not more than several feet ahead of us. But what was most astonishing was “The Voice” who began to speak. It was a rich male voice who spoke in perfect English, however I was so shocked, I don’t recall what he said.

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An in-depth wonderful response to the Chadron State Park encounter — Episode 2

Meet below, Steve — a very unusual, honest human being who has an unusual knowledge and a talent that can bring the mysteries of UFO encounters into more understandable context with modern sciences, religions, and history. He is a mental health practitioner who also has developed new more credible personal investigation methods to interview and analyse UFO contactees. I highly recommend his work. You can it find on .

Steve wanted to make a comment on the Chadron State Park Encounter — Part 2, but the comment turned out to be the in-depth article below. After reading it, read the book You will began to see the connections and understand UFO phenomenon in even greater detail.

The article:

UFOs To Flowers — Flowers To UFOs

John!  Great to hear from you. 

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Chadron State Park Nebraska 1953 — episode 2 — a demonstration of visual manipulation by the mysterious UFO intelligences

Even though the federal government and the military allegedly are going to release more information about the reality of UFOs, I doubt that they will reveal the complete story. This probably is for a number of reasons, among which is the fear of causing alarm throughout the world and country. Others and I know that the reality and true nature of UFOs spans the nature of our vast, eternal universe beyond our present understandings…including our understanding of advanced high-tech science, religion and history. If the world knew the details in one broadcast blast, our cultural advancement would no doubt come to a screeching halt. And we would have to suffer all kinds of bizarre negative changes.

Well, to help understand what reality really involves, I have continued here with other episodes that were a part of a lengthy Chadron State Park UFO encounter in Nebraska. This episode continued after our experience with the mysterious two men and my friends father near the water fountain at the entrance to the park.  (See that episode here: . See the entire story in the book Eminent Discovery, Volume 2, Chapter Ten.)


Episode 2 — Summertime 1953: Shortly after sunset, after seeing the two strange men and after talking with my friend’s father (as described in the Episode 1), several unusual things happened that demonstrated very strange, even bizarre UFO phenomenon.

My friend and I decided to look at the disc more closely. So we cautiously walked toward it. When we got very close, the two headlights seemed to dim or extinguish and the bottom began to illuminate with several lights that seemed to be fixed solidly to the craft. Even though we didn’t hear any sounds or communication at this time, I began to feel that someone inside the craft knew that we were there; it was the perfect timing of the lights coming on, just as we got very close to it.

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I could not have said it better


Thunder Valley Drums MASTHEAD rev 3 17 2


KCMO Talk Radio 710 AM - 8pm CST, Sunday


Psychic Studies Institiute

Adventures in Consciousness





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Healing Shattered Reality

If you ever wondered why you are living a difficult life or an inspired life, read the book Healing Shattered Reality. My wife and I have met and heard the authors speak and I am once again reading their book. It is oriented toward the difficult lives of UFO abductees and contactees. The authors, in their analysis, consider that the reader might or might not know they could fall into the category of a UFO experiencer.

Order from

Order from

Healing Shattered Reality : Understanding Contactee Trauma Alice Bryant
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Some unbelievable phenomenon that occurred at Chadron State Park, Nebraska – summer, about 1953 — Episode 1: an eye witness validating the reality and existence of “THE MYSTERIOUS HUMAN MEN”

Chadron Pk, men coming down from object lg drwg

At Chadron State Park, Nebraska, one evening my friend and I experienced a somewhat lengthy encounter that involved several mysterious types of phenomenon. The entire story is described in Chapter Ten of the book Eminent Discovery, Volume 2. In total, I estimate the encounter lasted from one to two hours or more.

My friend has identified this drawing as a somewhat accurate representation of what he saw (excluding the men). He pick the drawing out of a stack of 30 to 50 when I was out of the room.

But I did see the men and so did my friend’s father. The men came floating down slowly out of the disc with headlights. There was no visible support; it was as if they levitated down to the ground. The second man came down after the first had set his luggage down. They each had a piece of luggage and set them down toward the right, near the water fountain.

They then talked and shook hands after which the second man levitated back up into the disc. The first man then walked to the luggage, picked up both pieces and began walking off toward the highway, which was located beyond the fence in the background. (I have a somewhat vague recollection of seeing a very thin rope or line as the first man came down. But I’m sure I didn’t see the rope during the second man’s decent or ascent back up into the disc. I suspect this might have been purposely orchestrated so we would at first not panic when we saw the levitation. I also have a somewhat vague recollection that it was one piece of luggage and one box rather than two pieces of luggage — or two pieces of luggage and one box.)

My friend’s father came walking up to investigate sometime during this sequence. As he passed us, he declared that he was going to see what this was all about. He was the superintendent of the park.

Earlier a young boy had told my friend, our sisters, and I the craft was a helicopter and apparently my friend’s sister had told his father about the craft hovering above the front lawn near the water fountain.

After the father had talked with the one man or both men, we asked him what the craft was and what was happening. He immediately said, “Oh! That was just some deal the guys from town cooked up to make us think it was something else.” He then walked to the house without further conversation. This seemed very strange. I do recall seeing three men standing under the disc. This was most probably when my friend’s father was talking with the men. Judging my age and the age of my friend, among other things, I believe the encounter occurred in the summer of 1953. Helicopters were fairly new in 1953 and none of us were very familiar with them and the way they flew.

Well, after my flood of recollections in 1986/1987, after I had verified the experience with my friend through his recollections, I contacted his father. And when I asked his father about the incident, he said, “Oh! That was just some deal the guys from town cooked up to make us think it was something else.” He used the exact same words he had used some 34 years earlier. However, he didn’t want to talk about it at all from that time on. He died sometime later. Even though he couldn’t bring himself to admit it was a UFO, I consider him an eye witness to that encounter…an eye witness to the arrival and reality of “the mysterious human men.” God bless his soul. He also was present during several to many other UFO encounters. My friend also was present during other encounters and he recalls other so-called UFO encounters he experienced when I wasn’t with him. As a small validating fact to the arrival of the mysterious men consider that his son (even though he doesn’t recall seeing the men) also recalls his father making the statement regarding the deal the guys from town cooked up.

After my 1986/1987 flood of recollections, after I had talked with my friend, when he picked out the drawing from a stack of 30 to 50 drawings, he realized it for certain could not have been a helicopter. He recalled several to many mysterious things related to UFO appearances or manifestations. His witness is on my website and in Appendix B of the book Eminent Discovery, Volume 2.

Read Chapter Ten of the book Eminent Discovery – Volume 2 for the rest of the story.

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A brief simple overview of what the new UFO news might mean

The new news concerning UFOs, as it is presently being released by the United States government and military, might be shocking to some people. However, from reading some information in years and decades past, I suspect the government and military have been religiously following their clandestine UFO news release plans for many decades. It has been announced in the past, through various sources, that the true reality of UFOs should be released to the general public only in small bits and pieces. Allegedly it is a plan that features only partial truths. This is so various parts of our human culture will not panic…so our world economy will not crash from a sudden realization that our entire existence from our very beginnings to the present will have to be at least somewhat significantly redefined. In other words, the truth underlying UFO existence will most probably shock and redefine all corners of our culture, especially including our understandings of science, religion, and history.

(If you review all information on this website, you will find I have experienced clandestine UFO encounters for at least 46 years…from near my birth in 1937 until I was 48 years old in 1986. During that last encounter the so-called ETs and I had a “parting of the ways.” But I experienced several simple UFO sightings for a few years after 1986. Watch the video “UFOs At The Core Of Our Culture” below to get a broad but somewhat detailed overview of my encounters.)

I can remember reading newspaper accounts of UFO sightings during the mid 1950s. One Sunday article seemed especially important. It discussed the possibility that the intelligences behind UFO encounters could see through solid structures, such as homes, to see what was happening at all times of the day and night. The Ets’ ability to see especially at night was significant because some people were reporting abductions from their bedrooms. The ETs would have had to know the contactee or abductee was in their bedroom at those times. To illustrate how the ETs could see into your bedroom, the article even included a drawing of a house with the roof cut-away to expose the bedroom or bedrooms. It is significant to know that since the mid 1950s there have been numerous reports from UFO contactees and abductees who have described their abductions from their bedrooms. Continue reading

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An eternal day in Santa Fe – defeating the time/space continuum with many manifestations of UFOs

I realized early during my 1986/1987 flood of recollections that the time-space warp during most of my so-called UFO encounters was controlled by who I call “the mysterious intelligence.” The time/space warps occurred in the immediate local areas…in various unsymmetrical volumes of yards, feet and inches…sometimes here and there, but obviously in patterns where we could clearly see them.

(The photo below is of the northwest intersection on the plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A drawing of my relatives and me is superimposed on the photo to illustrate our interaction with “the small booth.” Click on for the rest of the story.)

While some of us saw and participated, within and out of the volumes, others just sat or stood frozen or went on their way not noticing the bizarre activity…all of which was solidly related somehow to at least our normal three dimensional time/space. Sometimes we were captivated by some invisible force, but at other times we could move freely. … and there’s more.

When my relatives and I were at the city square in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I believe during the summer of 1951, others and I saw this happen all day…including at our motel, in various places in the city, and at a campground just northeast of Santa Fe.

During one period that lasted an hour or more, the entire square was consumed with fog as disc-shaped craft hovered above it. Strangers also saw some of what we saw. I heard people on the sidewalks near the stores that were near the square talk about it.

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“The Voice” speaks from a small Windowed Saucer on storage shelf

I worked at an electronics firm in Lincoln throughout the 1980s.

One day while working as an applications engineer, as well as an assistant to the owner/manager, the lady in the shipping department came running into my office yelling repeatedly that I had to, “Come back into the storage room and see this! Quick, come see it now!!!”

After some coaxing I began to realize something very unusual was happening. So I left my desk and began to follow her. She kept yelling that something very strange was happening and a mysterious voice was calling for me by name — “John Foster.” She was so excited that I couldn’t really understand what was happening. She had mentioned that whatever it was was up on one of the shelves in the storage room.

As we approached the room I could hear a strange hissing and roaring…and I could hear a voice speaking clearly but it was a little muffled. As we entered the room she pointed up to a storage shelf near us. She then began running for her shipping desk in the back of the room, still confused but still talking.

As I stood there shocked by what I saw, I heard the voice sputtering a message that I now know was a somewhat typical message I had heard at other times. However I still cannot recall the exact words spoken. It had something to do with history, eternal knowledge, and the Native Americans. However, many times the Native Americans were not included. “The Voice” often sounded like a barker at a circus, as in this case. And I do recall that it spoke my name at least a couple of times.

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