The astonishing UFO encounters of John Foster

This is one of the most important UFO stories of our time.

…spoken by John Foster and by many credible experts in various fields of understanding.

It is a true story that critically affects our basic understandings of  life on earth. If investigated thoroughly, it can enhance our modern concepts of science, religion and history. It can enrich our present personal lives and our lives in the future…even beyond death!

It is a very complex and lengthy story that is aimed here toward “the average person on the street.”

For an introduction to the story see the videos of John’s talks to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention and the 2000 Ozark UFO Conference below.

For additional information read below, click the items in the black strip above…and click in the right hand column for related articles, related links, a slide show of John’s UFO drawings, radio blog interviews, and TV video interviews.


Mind Wanderings:

(To be updated from time to time)

When I was young… How it all began…..

Entered January 14, 2018:

001Hearing “the voice” for the first time:
“When I was very young, about two or three years old, I sometimes would play on the sidewalk, at the corner, in front of our house. And at times I felt excruciating forces on my body and mind; I could hardly move. Hearing roaring sounds above me, I struggled to look upward. I sometimes saw the craft (disc-shaped craft) hovering and moving slowly several yards above me in the fog or haze. And I sometimes heard a voice talking, at times to me about something I could not understand. After I gain control again, I would run to the house to tell my mother.

These mysterious, shocking episodes were only a part of the very unusual beginning of my entire lifetime that was peppered, for more than 46 years, with three dimensional and multidimensional contacts of mysterious crafts and beings that arrived strangely and physically from the unknown…from another place, beyond our time and space”……..John

(The drawing is the opening slide of a CDROM or memory stick slide show that is offered at


Before watching the following videos:

Written December 17, 2017… “Before watching the following videos, whether you are a child, a man, or a woman – in your mind’s eye and with your heart – sincerely consider that you are a child, a child who struggles with the deep constant feeling that suggests there, indeed, is much more to life and our vast immense universe than what you see, hear and touch…that there is much more to yourself than what you presently remember or can possibly imagine”……..John


For a better understanding of the “UFO Contactee experience” view Bob Dean’s video immediately below.

A good interview of and a good overview by Bob Dean:

Posted January 7, 2018…..   Highly recommended:

Many people have suffered and benefited as he has described it.

He has arrived in a good place. It is one of the best explanations I’ve heard.

If you don’t want to know, don’t watch it.

The best……John


A seemingly valid modern video showing the disappearances, movement, and appearances of strange UFO crafts:

Believe it or not, this video credibly represents in some detail what others and I saw concerning the disappearances, movement, and appearances of the crafts, objects, men and beings over a period of 46+ years.

See the article featuring this same video below for an explanation of the disappearances, movement, and appearances of these crafts and the crafts others and John saw on many occasions over a period of 46+ years.


This story literally is mind boggling!

Written January 5, 2018….    I believe it is so important, I have devoted the last three decades of my life trying to understand what actually happened and how it affects our human culture, from our very beginnings.

I have written three books concerning what most people understand to be UFO encounters. More specifically the books give you detailed information concerning my and others’ so-called UFO encounters that we experienced together.

The first book is titled Eminent Discovery – a lifetime of UFO experiences. It consists of about 360 pages. It took me 14 years to complete. This was because of the immense amount of information I received from what I call “a flood of recollections” in 1986/1987. My recollections were related to actual but clandestine UFO encounters those other people and I had experienced since a couple of years after my birth. I was born in 1937. Most of us mysteriously forgot most of what took place during the encounters. But several of the others and especially I could always remember some strange things that had occurred during those 46+ years.

My flood of recollections was completely overwhelming. I nearly died from massive heart attacks and heart surgery, other serious health problems and surgeries. This was after I established without a doubt that my memories were true and accurate, after I was asked to go public with my story. I was somewhat totally shocked and devastated for about ten years.

The first book Eminent Discovery explains what happened and how it happened in some detail. I wrote it for the record. Included in the book  are more than 140 illustrations that represent what the others and I saw during the encounters.

I wrote the second book To Earth From Heaven to explain more about the complexity of the encounters and to give you a more enlightened understanding of what UFO encounters actually are. Included are detailed descriptions of several unusual characteristics of the encounters so that you can see how the encounters have affected our human lives since the creation of humankind.

Because the story was (and still is) so complex and lengthy,  I wrote a smaller third book called Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture book. Included are more of my drawings that represented what the others and I visually witnessed during the encounters. Short comments explain briefly what happened, where and when.

You can order the books from or by clicking in the black strip menu above. Or you can request signed copies from me by making a comment below under “comments.”    The books are offered in paperback or ebook formats. The ebooks are very inexpensive….$2.99 each. I offer them to you and expect to make no money. I have sacrificed thousands of dollars and thousands of hours so that I can simply understand what actually happened and so I can pass this life-changing astonishing information on to you.


I definitely know that this story is true and accurate:

Written January 3, 2018…  I definitely know that this story is true and accurate as I have described it here, in the video interviews I’ve given, and in the books I’ve authored…just as real as you sitting there reading today, and as real as me, right now, writing.

Several witnesses clearly recall parts of a few of my (our) strange UFO encounters where they all saw the crafts, objects and/or lights. Two recall hearing the voice speak to us, one from thin air and a strange object and the other from a brilliant light or illuminated craft. I recall all of these incidences in detail. Therefore it is established for me and those witnesses that the strange crafts and strange objects were indeed real and that the voice also was real. I saw and heard the same as they saw and heard, as well as much, much more.

This without a doubt establishes the fact that the crafts, objects and voice were real, most likely in our three dimensional reality as we recall them being real. Still other witnesses recall mysterious crafts and lights as I recall them. This along with many other similarities related to the modern UFO experiences of other people and with many similar strange happenings that have been described throughout written history, especially mysterious happenings that are described in The Bible, indicates strongly that those mysterious historical happenings most likely occurred very close to what has been described, just as it was written or very close to what was written.

I have been very careful to write and convey all of the information here and in my books and videos accurately, especially because I feel other humans should have a great need to know about it, especially at this time…a time when our human culture is progressing technically, and in many other ways, in leaps and bounds. This is an obvious indication that we are being influenced in a variety of ways from beyond our simple five senses. I essentially have been told verbally that they are once again here to improve us as human beings, before we destroy ourselves.



UFOs At The Core Of Our Culture…a video of John Foster’s talk to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention




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A discussion of a new, allegedly credible video that demonstrates the nature of the mysterious disappearances, the reappearances, and movement of the crafts we saw

Please watch this video to the end, especially the close ups when the crafts and satellite began to disappear:

Things to notice:

–  At first you see two small craft near the satellite that has been called “The Black Knight” in the past.   They seem to move close and possibly touch the satellite. They then began to move away. (However, for a short time there seems to be three crafts.)

–  As they move away in formation (and even slightly before they move away), there seems to be a third craft that is not dark like the other two, but white and somewhat transparent…like the clouds. It is immediately below the lower dark craft. It somewhat parallels the movement of the dark one, but not exactly; it momentarily and slightly moves down and slower and faster.

–   As they approach the clouds some distance to the left of the satellite, they become somewhat distorted or fuzzy and unstable…and they phase out of sight for a moment or a few moments.

–  As they come back into view, they began to disappear again…or this is a controlled slow motion of the video tape of the first disappearance.

–  during this second disappearance sequence, they actually seem to come back into view and disappear two or three times. And during these reappearances, there seems to be more than the two original crafts…at least four and maybe five or or possibly six. They phase in and out as if there are more than the two crafts…even more than the possibly three crafts.

–  As the small crafts finally disappear over this period of a few seconds, the satellite also fades out of view, slightly back into view, then back out ( all simultaneously with the crafts), and you see nothing but what appears to be perfectly natural clouds where the satellite and crafts were located. It seems as if all actually disappeared into our so-called natural three dimensional atmosphere…or, unlikely, they simply and totally vanished from existence.


Similarities to my encounters:

This is very close to what the people with me and I saw many, many times…from the time I was two or three years old in 1939 or 1940 until I was age 48, during the summer of 1986…in August, at Maloney Lake just south of North Platte, Nebraska. However, most of the strange activity occurred on the ground and very close to the ground.

At times, when we saw more than one craft of the same type, we thought we were seeing more than one craft. However, in the late 1980s, after analyzing my experiences when others and I previously rode  in the craft, I recalled that the view of our surroundings seem to fade out at times, when we could see nothing but illuminated haze or fog. We couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces. After these strange periods of illuminated blindness, we could see ourselves and the interior of the crafts again.

After my late 1980s analysis, I came to the conclusion that when we stood on the ground, during all of those years and saw more than one craft near us, we were not seeing more than one craft but the same craft that seemed to be disappearing and reappearing at another location or at other locations ahead of its self, all at the same time……thereby defeating or warping our time/space continuum. At times we had seen as many as six crafts or six versions of the same craft, all at the same time.

Those crafts and objects we saw during my encounters, when we thought we saw more than one craft, remained relatively stable. They moved a little, but somewhat stayed in the same locations for a minute to several minutes. A craft, most probably the last manifestation, would sometimes fly off away from us for several yards before it disappeared permanently. And at times we watch the final version of the craft fly off over the horizon, momentarily disappearing and reappearing ahead of itself. Yet, at times the crafts disappeared near us.

It is obvious that the crafts and satellite in this video and the crafts we encountered during my experiences were from another dimension, possibly from another time/space dimension (continuum) that is similar to ours…and that “they” (whoever they are) can penetrate or overlap our time/space continuum.

Of course it is possible that this video is an example of time travel. I believe it actually is possible that someone in the future is visiting us now….and that it is possible this someone might be us.

The video also could be an elaborate production of holographic technology, which has been demonstrated by our research and also our entertainment sectors. Or of course it could be a doctored video completely, a false display, a display of fiction…but I doubt  it because it so accurately demonstrates what we saw during actual UFO encounters over a period of 46+ years.

It also is obvious to me that when we were riding in a craft, we were experiencing a sort of never-never land between dimensions…or between time/spaces in our world. To understand this more thoroughly, you should read the books I have authored…especially the book To Earth From Heaven.

If this video is valid, it demonstrates many of the mysteries surrounding modern UFO sightings and close encounters, as well as many mysterious historical happenings that are related to the ancient gods. The video, if valid, additionally contributes truth to many descriptions written in The Bible where there are clouds involved.

For just one example, in the somewhat modern book The Keys Of Enoch, the return of Christ is described in this way:   “And I beheld Christ come down from revolving Light clouds…”

There are many more examples in my story that validate the fact that what you see in this video is most probably real. And one could say the opposite also is true: This video validates my recollections and others’ recollections of my (our) mysterious so-called UFO encounters.

Before giving my talk to the 2001 International Congress Convention, I developed a simple real-time visual demonstration of the appearances and disappearances of “The Windowed Saucer” which others and I saw many, many times throughout the 46+ years. It is very similar to the disappearances and reappearances of the crafts shown in this video.

My animated video was created in 1999 or the year 2000. If you are interested in seeing it, it is located about one third of the way through the video presentation of that talk to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention which is offered here on the Home Page of this website. It is located at about “25:50” of the video timeline.


As you can see, the video of the Black Knight and smaller crafts portrays what seems to be actual happenings in orbit above our Earth…the crafts eventually phasing in and out of view toward the end of the sequence. This is how other videos demonstrate the nearly unbelievable appearances, movement, disappearances and reappearances of allegedly other modern UFO craft. There are many videos online that demonstrate essentially the same thing, sometimes the craft appearing to be lights that blink in and out of view. And they most often are high above the earth. Some of the crafts captured on video seem to be a few to several hundred feet to a few thousand feet above the ground…i.e. some distance away from the observer.

Yet during the encounters the other people with me and I experienced, and as described in reports of modern UFO encounters experienced by others, the craft comes into view and goes out of view sometimes up close and personal….just feet and yards away. The important thing to know here is that it appears to be the same phenomenon…except when the viewer is on the ground, as in my case, there are other entities involve, such as beings appearing to be human and some appearing similar to alligators or lizards, etc…beings who communicated directly with us.

Two examples of manifestation caught on camera — one of crafts and the other of an object — up close and personal:



Discs with headlights manifesting caught on camera

When I was a child, family friends took three photos of me on my bicycle with the discs with headlights manifesting in the background. The first photo was of the car, me, and the discs appearing to be very low hanging clouds in the background. The second photo was of the car, me, and the clouds appearing to be clouds but also like discs with voids where the lights would eventually appear. And the third photo was of the car, me, and the fully metallic discs with their headlights shining. For years, my parents kept these photos with their other family photos.

Decades later, after my parents had died, a cousin visited us in our home and saw the manifestation photos. She said the discs looked like UFOs. She then stated that she wanted to take them to a friend, a UFO expert, to find out what they truly were. I gave the both the positives and negatives to her because I had no idea what they were and I had bad feelings about them. Later after she had died and when I tried to recover them, her family said her estranged husband had stolen and destroyed all of their family photos.

Photos taken of “the booth” manifesting and the booth completely solid with my cousins and I inside waving:

When I was fifteen years old, I traveled with my aunt and uncle and their family on several trips. During this trip, we were in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the street, at the northwest corner of the city square. The first photo was taken of the booth as it was manifesting. It looked like a cloud, but also like the booth with open door, open windows, and squared corners. After it had manifested, appearing to be something similar to solid white plastic, my aunt took the second photo. Then after my cousins and I sat on the benches inside, my aunt took the third photo. We children were all waving through the windows. Because it seemed so strange, she got frightened and told us to get out of the booth. She then tried to take another photo, but her camera malfunctioned.

Other things frightened my relatives and we soon left the city square.

When my aunt was old, she asked if I wanted the photos and negatives because she was going to go to a nursing home and she was going to thin out her family photos. She said if I didn’t want them she would throw them away. I had no UFO recollections at that time, but I look at them and immediately got extremely depress. I told her I didn’t know what the booth was and as far as I was concerned, she could throw the photos away.


Sadly I was never able to retrieve either set of photos and I feel the mysterious intelligences had orchestrated my negative feelings, as well as the destruction of the photos.

These photos are the only photos I recall that were taken of the crafts and objects we encountered. They would have been excellent evidence supporting the validity of my story. Yet, because of a wealth of other supporting evidence, including witnesses to parts of a few encounters, I can confidently state that the others with me and I saw the mysterious appearances, movement, disappearances, and reappearances, etc. of the crafts and objects many, many times over that period of 46+ years.


An explanation from the mysterious intelligences concerning the crafts appearing, disappearing, and changing form:

During one encounter when I was hunting pheasants with my father in south-central Nebraska…in the late 1950s or early 1960s…the mysterious intelligences told me that they manipulated the atomic and molecular structures of matter to make the strange crafts and objects appear, disappear, and change form. As the information was being explained, I saw a craft materialize from fog or a cloud, then change form, then disappear. A little later I was encouraged to cooperate more fully and commit myself to their plans, etc, etc.

I assumed, as the manifestation was being demonstrated and explained, that the atoms and molecules of the fog or cloud were somehow being manipulated by the mysterious entity who was speaking to me. I also felt that he was being helped by other intelligences I couldn’t see.

During other encounters when riding in a craft, I also was given other demonstrations concerning how the craft and those of us riding in the craft could manifest at another time and location. Those who were with me and I actually experienced the manifestation from inside the craft. See other articles here on or read Chapter 12 of the book Eminent Discovery for additional information.


Believe it or not, this is all true.

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Audio interview of John Foster by Robert Stanley

Audio interview of John by Robert Stanley — ,  ,

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Audio interview of John Foster by Anastasia

Audio interview of John by Anastasia —

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What does this really mean? — a video

…A video explanation concerning the meaning of John Foster’s so-called UFO encounters:

(The last of John’s talk as the featured speaker at the 2000 Ozark UFO Conference…


Books about Astonishing UFO Encounters:

Three ebooks and three paperback books are available as below.

Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book 

A brief introduction to John’s story is followed by over 170 freehand illustrations (with short comments) that represent John’s point of view as he and other people experienced the encounters.

Eminent Discovery, A Lifetime Of UFO Experiences

An extensive detailed account describing what happened and how it happened…includes over 140 illustrations as above. This book was written “for the record.”

Foreword by R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD – Psychological Opinion by Fowler Jones, PhD – Appendex A: Contributions by Donna Henriksen, PhD; Bob Teets; Donald Ware, MS; Wendell Stevens; Joe Lewells, Phd; Annie Foster – Appendix B: Witnesses Bob Colingsworth (pseudonym), Karen Beaman, Kindra Foster, Brad Foster


To Earth From Heaven

Descriptions of additional encounters and a somewhat extensive discussion about what it all might mean.


These books can be found on in Kindle ebook format and on and in bookstores and libraries around the world in 5-1/2″x8-1/2″ paperback format. To order from click the title.

Thank you for visiting” ….John

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John Foster’s presentation to the 2000 Ozark UFO Conference

John’s talk at the 2000 Ozark UFO Conference:

Part 1

Part 2:


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A UFO interview of John Foster & Jack Kasher by Carol Schrader at UNO

A UFO interview of John Foster and Jack Kasher by Carol Schrader at University of Nebraska at Omaha



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Video interviews concerning John Foster’s UFO encounters in Kansas City and Lincoln, NE

Video interviews after John Mack’s Psychic Studies Institute presentations in Kansas City and interviews at KLIN TV in Lincoln, NE


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