The astonishing UFO encounters of John Foster

“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.”    ~ Albert Einstein

God bless Albert Einstein! …….John Foster


Throughout the centuries humans have pondered the true nature of our immense wonderful universe. We have wondered who we really are and how we fit into the entire scheme of things.

I believe Albert Einstein, as well as some other people and I have a few insights that might offer you some important answers and deeper understandings…answers and understandings that might truly help you in your private quest in life.

I am an 81 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields…home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, and author among a several other things.

Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood…but I really couldn’t understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. I was astonished and over whelmed and remained overwhelmed! I soon found other people who had been with me during the encounters. Their memories compared to my memories established beyond doubt that our memories were true and accurate. Especially my memories indicated that encounters like those we experienced had affected many individuals and ultimately our various human cultures since the beginning of humankind. This story suggests how in very special significant detail.  — John Foster


From John Foster, experiencer/author from the Prologues of the books “UFO Eminent Discovery – living within and beyond the five senses Volume 1 & Volume 2:

“If you have questioned what life is or should be, or what is is or should be, you might find insight in the following pages.

If you have wondered why we live a limited existence on planet earth, you might find solace in the following pages.

And if you have ever wondered if this is all there is, have confidence; this story, supported by some witnesses, proves within acceptable reason there is not only life after death but life beyond life in the present … beyond our five senses.

This monumental story offers you some sense of understanding through my narrations of mysterious happenings that have occurred since my birth or, as I clearly remember, since my very early childhood. However, it also is a story that seriously involves and somewhat redefines all of humankind since its very beginning … including you as you read today.
It involves modern and ancient science, modern and ancient religion, and modern and ancient history … all so strongly that it has upset my entire concept of human life on earth since its very beginning.”


“It has changed my personal and professional life dramatically! My story is solidly compatible with The Bible, some other historical writings, and the modern ‘Ancient Alien Hypothesis,’ among many other things.

To understand the story more fully, listen to the audio interviews and watch my 2001 International UFO Congress Convention talk video below…and other videos included here and in the right hand column. For a more complete understanding read the four books authored by me. You can purchase the books by clicking the titles below or by clicking item 5 in the black strip above.”   — John Foster


“To say that John Foster encountered the Great Mystery throughout most of his life is a gross understatement.”  “…this 75-year-old retired engineer is going to rock your world.”…Bob Teets, best selling author, writer, editor, publisher, in-depth researcher, artist.


A new upgrade publication of the book “Eminent Discovery, a lifetime of UFO encounters is available:

The new version is titled “UFO Eminent Discovery Living within and beyond the five senses: Volume 1 & Volume 2.” (See a detailed description of both volumes below under “Eminent Discovery – a lifetime of UFO experiences.”)

And its companion books remain available:

To Earth From Heaven and “Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book.

The abundantly illustrated Kindle eBooks are formatted in fixed page text that can be read on Kindle readers, most tablets, and iPhones. The text is not flowing. This provides a much better read and an outstanding presentation of the many drawings and photos.

Contact for signed copies! (Shipping to USA only…there will be about one week or a little longer for delivery in the Contiguous USA for signed copies.)

How it all began – “Discovery” and the more simple encounters – an astonishing extensive detailed account describing what happened and how it happened…includes many illustrations as above. This book was written “for the record.” – Prologue, Foreword, Psychological Opinion, Introduction, Overview, and Chapters 1 through 8, plus Author’s History.

Paperback  $14.95   Click here to purchase from!

Kindle ebook    $9.95   Click here to purchase from!


More Complex encounters – an extensive detailed account describing what happened and how it happened…includes Summaries and Conclusions and more illustrations as above. This book was written “for the record” – Prologue, Chapters 9 through 14, Appendix A Contributions From Others, and Appendix B Statements From Witnesses, Epilogue, plus Author’s History.

Paperback    $14.95      Click here to purchase from

Kindle ebook     $9.95     Click here to purchase from!


Original publications are still available: (including Kindle ebook versions)

♦  Read Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book to get a general visual and written overview of the amazing things that happened.

♦   Read Eminent Discovery to understand more deeply what happened and how it happened. Eminent Discovery was written for the record.

♦   Read To Earth From Heaven to discover what it all means and might mean.

Contact John at for signed copies or click the title to order from


***Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book  —  This very unusual true story is briefly told through 170 excellent freehand drawings. The drawings represent what author/artist John Foster and those who were with him actually experienced during the many strange UFO encounters that occurred throughout his life. The drawings include short comments that convey to you what happened, where and when it happened.  –“Eclectic and penetrating personal examination of a very complex phenomenon. The exceptional illustrations really helped add another dimension of strangeness to the high strangeness within.”Gerald J. Gaura   —  Kindle version $7.95Paperback  $9.95.


*** Eminent Discovery is the primary book that reveals John’s Eminent Discovery in some detail. It includes over 140 of his drawings and many narrations conveying to you some of the unbelievable episodes that mysteriously and unexpectedly confronted John and the other people who were with him for more than forty six years. The encounters occurred from the time he was born in 1937 until he was 48 years old. He briefly compares what happened with modern and ancient science, religion, and history. This story strongly supports the Ancient Alien hypothesis, as well as other modern so-called UFO encounters. (The black cover “Eminent Discovery” eventually will be discontinued.)  — “The ridicule factor is alive and well in both UFOlogy and the skeptics point of view. But nowhere will you find such extraordinary experiences written from the perspective of a reasonable person who is so careful to think on both sides.” — Steve Snodgrass, mental health practitioner, in-depth UFO researcher

The Forward is by R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD (Professor Emeritus/researcher/experiencer)  –  The Psychological Opinion is by Fowler Jones, PhD (Professor Emeritus/researcher)  –  Comments From Others in Appendix A are by Donna Henriksen, PhD (Professor Emeritus/researcher); Bob Teets (writer/editor/researcher/experiencer); Donald Ware, MS (renown researcher/experiencer); Wendell Stevens (renown researcher); Joe Lewells, PhD (renown researcher/experiencer); and Annie Foster (wife/experiencer)  –  Comments From Witnesses in Appendix B are by Bob Collingsworth (pseudonym/experiencer), Karen Beaman (daughter/experiencer), Kindra Foster (daughter/experiencer), and Brad Foster (son/experiencer).  —  Kindle version $9.95,    Paperback $19.95.


*** To Earth From Heaven continues with other encounter narrations. — Comments by Steve Snodgrass, mental health practitioner, UFO investigator: —  “John rationalizes and speculates more thoroughly about what it all means…and what it might mean. John touches base with some of his complex experiences, and then journeys into philosophical inquiry to imagine how in the world what he experiences can make sense. This is not a book of instruction. It is a book of questions, of inquiry, and hypothesis to describe things most people would rather sit back and avoid. In other words, you can take the “red pill” and remain content in the reality you’ve constructed and have been conditioned to see. Or you can buy this book and take the “blue pill” and see a universe much more like the matrix than you are afraid to admit. Have courage. John Foster has plenty of it.”       Kindle version $9.95, Paperback $15.95.


“This true story is likely beyond your imagination. It is one of the most important UFO stories of our time!”   — spoken by John Foster and by many credible experts in various fields of understanding.

(Below is a composite drawing representing all of the so-called UFO encounters experienced by John Foster and the other people who were with him.)

This is a true story that critically affects our basic understandings of  life on earth. If investigated thoroughly, it can enhance our modern concepts of science, religion and history. It can enrich our present personal lives and our lives in the future…even beyond death!

It is a very complex and lengthy story that is aimed here toward you and “the average person on the street.”

For a more thorough introduction to the story see the videos of John’s talks to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention and the 2000 Ozark UFO Conference below.

For additional information read below, click the items in the black strip above…and click in the right hand column for related articles, related links, a slide show of John’s UFO drawings, radio blog interviews, and TV video interviews.


Mind Wanderings:

(To be updated from time to time)

When I was young… How it all began…..

Entered January 14, 2018:

001Hearing “the voice” for the first time:
“When I was very young, about two or three years old, I sometimes would play on the sidewalk, at the corner, in front of our house. And at times I felt excruciating forces on my body and mind; I could hardly move. Hearing roaring sounds above me, I struggled to look upward. I sometimes saw the craft (disc-shaped craft) hovering and moving slowly several yards above me in the fog or haze. And I sometimes heard a voice talking, at times to me about something I could not understand. After I gain control again, I would run to the house to tell my mother.

These mysterious, shocking episodes were only a part of the very unusual beginning of my entire lifetime that was peppered, for more than 46 years, with three dimensional and multidimensional contacts of mysterious crafts and beings that arrived strangely and physically from the unknown…from another place, beyond our time and space”……..John

(The drawing is the opening slide of a CDROM or memory stick slide show that is offered at


Before watching the following videos:

Written by John Foster December 17, 2017… “Before watching the following videos, whether you are a child, a man, or a woman – in your mind’s eye and with your heart – sincerely consider that you are a child, a child who struggles with the deep constant feeling that suggests there, indeed, is much more to life and our vast immense universe than what you see, hear and touch…that there is much more to yourself than what you presently remember or can possibly imagine.      — It is recommended that you watch parts of the videos, taking short breaks between the parts, especially if you are watching with others.” ……..John


For a better understanding of the “UFO Contactee experience” view Bob Dean’s video immediately below.

A good interview of and a good overview by Bob Dean:

Posted by John Foster January 7, 2018…..   Highly recommended:

Many people have suffered and benefited as he has described it.

He has arrived in a good place. It is one of the best explanations I’ve heard.

If you don’t want to know, don’t watch it.

The best……John


A seemingly valid modern video showing the disappearances, movement, and appearances of strange UFO crafts:

Believe it or not, this video credibly represents in some detail what others and I saw concerning the disappearances, movement, and appearances of the crafts, objects, men and beings over a period of 46+ years.

See the article featuring this same video below for an explanation of the disappearances, movement, and appearances of these crafts and the crafts others and John saw on many occasions over a period of 46+ years.


This story literally is mind boggling!

Written by John Foster January 5, 2018….    I believe it is so important, I have devoted the last three decades of my life trying to understand what actually happened and how it affects our human culture, from our very beginnings.

I have written three books concerning what most people understand to be UFO encounters. More specifically the books give you detailed information concerning my and others’ so-called UFO encounters that we experienced together.

The first book is titled Eminent Discovery – a lifetime of UFO experiences. It consists of about 360 pages. It took me 14 years to complete. This was because of the immense amount of information I received from what I call “a flood of recollections” in 1986/1987. My recollections were related to actual but clandestine UFO encounters those other people and I had experienced since a couple of years after my birth. I was born in 1937. Most of us mysteriously forgot most of what took place during the encounters. But several of the others and especially I could remember some strange things that had occurred during those 46+ years.

My flood of recollections was completely overwhelming. I nearly died from massive heart attacks and heart surgery, other serious health problems and surgeries. This was after I established without a doubt that my memories were true and accurate, after I was asked to go public with my story. I was somewhat totally shocked and devastated for about ten years. My doctors told me I could die at any time for about ten years, but I was asked to give some public talks and give interviews to some major and minor newspapers, TV and radio programs from time to time.

My first book Eminent Discovery explains what happened and how it happened in some detail. I wrote it for the record. Included in the book  are more than 140 illustrations that represent what the others and I saw during the encounters.

I wrote the second book To Earth From Heaven to explain more about the complexity of the encounters and to give you a more enlightened understanding of what UFO encounters actually are. Included are detailed descriptions of several unusual characteristics of the encounters so that you can see how the encounters have affected our human lives since the creation of humankind.

Because the story was (and still is) so complex and lengthy,  I wrote a smaller third book called Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture book. Included are more of my drawings that represent what the others and I visually witnessed during the encounters. Short comments explain briefly what happened, where and when.

You can order the books from or by clicking in the black strip menu above. Or you can request signed copies from me by making a comment below under “comments.”    The books are offered in paperback or ebook formats. I offer them to you and expect to make no money. I have sacrificed thousands of dollars and thousands of hours  –  my good health and my professional life  –   so I can simply understand what actually happened and so I can pass this life-changing astonishing information on to you.

If you are destitute and cannot afford the price of the books, please let me know through “comments” below.


I definitely know that this story is true and accurate:

Written by John Foster January 3, 2018…  I definitely know that this story is true and accurate as I have described it here, in the video interviews I’ve given, and in the books I’ve authored…just as real as you sitting there reading today, and as real as me, right now, writing.

Several witnesses clearly recall parts of a few of my (our) strange UFO encounters where they all saw the crafts, objects and/or lights. Two recall hearing the voice speak to us, one from thin air and a strange object and the other from a brilliant light or illuminated craft. I recall all of these incidences in detail. Therefore it is established for me and those witnesses that the strange crafts and strange objects were indeed real and that the voice also was real. I saw and heard the same as they saw and heard, as well as much, much more.

This without a doubt establishes the fact that the crafts, objects and voice were real, most likely in our three dimensional reality as we recall them being real. Still other witnesses recall mysterious crafts and lights as I recall them. This along with many other similarities related to the modern UFO experiences of other people and with many similar strange happenings that have been described throughout written history, especially mysterious happenings that are described in The Bible, indicates strongly that those mysterious historical happenings most likely occurred very close to what has been described, just as it was written or very close to what was written.

I have been very careful to write and convey all of the information here and in my books and videos accurately, especially because I feel other humans should have a great need to know about it, especially at this time…a time when our human culture is progressing technically, and in many other ways, in leaps and bounds. This is an obvious indication that we are being influenced in a variety of ways from beyond our simple five senses. I essentially have been told verbally that they are once again here to improve us as human beings, before we destroy ourselves.



UFOs At The Core Of Our Culture…a video of John Foster’s talk to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention  — It is recommended that you watch short parts of the video, taking breaks between the parts, especially if you are watching with others.




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#15 Althea Provost – Intuitive Counselor, Soul Writer, and Host of InnerTV

Twenty years ago I received an email from Althea Provost. We discussed the future influx of immigrants that, during my unusual encounters, I was shown would come across our southern boarder at some time in the future. These would be immigrants “the familiar strangers” and I were shown and told we would be destine to help in the future. And as you know this influx has already occurred. When I recently republished my first book, Eminent Discovery, I let her know…and she responded, asking if I would do an interview on one of her well thought out, established, inspiring InnerTV broadcasts.

I investigated some of her work and found that her knowledge and philosophy she had developed from her unusual experiences matched mine, in some cases in great detail. She has great insight and I recommend you listen carefully to the interview below.


Althea Provost bridges the gap between mind and heart!

Intuitive Counselor, Soul Writer, and Host of InnerTV supporting star seeds, light workers, and awakened folks everywhere.

One of the best audio interviews I (John Foster) have given: by (and thanks to) Althea Provost & InnerTV

Althea’s website:


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#14 A UFO causes a head-on car crash at Lake McConaughy late 1940s or early 1950s

We were traveling east on a somewhat remote gravel road that bordered the north shore of Lake McConaughey, which is located on the North Platte River, in Western Nebraska. The sky was black, as it (solar time) was well after sunset. As we drove up over the crest of a hill, we were startled to see what appeared to have been a head-on collision right ahead of us. We stopped and our driver got out of our car to investigate.    Continue reading

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#13 Mysterious UFO activity inside a church during an Easter Pageant practice in late 1940s or early 1950s

UFO craft, “The Voice,” and something unseen mysteriously appeared to interrupt a Christian Passion Play rehearsal inside the Bethany Christian Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.

One year when I was a young teenager, living in the suburb community of Bethany, I was asked to participate in the Passion Play inside our local church. It would have been in early Spring of 1949 through 1951. It was most likely 1951 when I was 14 years old because a neighborhood boy and friend who was a couple of years younger than me also was asked to participate.

We were to join older boys playing guards at the tomb of Jesus after he was crucified. We were all dress in the guard garb of the time of Jesus, with metal helmets with a metal spike on top each helmet.

As the play progressed, the routine was for all guards to burst through an open door on one side of the stage, one after the other, then run across the stage yelling, “He has been crucified!” Lightning, thunder, and wind would sound throughout the sanctuary…the lighting portrayed by lights on the stage, the thunder from audio recordings, and the high wind from a canvas on a spinning wooden drum that was located behind a beautiful mesh on a large rosette opening high at the back of the stage. Three stage hands operated those three devices.    Continue reading

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#12 An unusual manifestation of a UFO craft – just above the water

While many people have witnessed the actual manifestation of a so-called UFO craft, few have been able to explain what really happened. I believe this is because we are so startled and puzzled by the unusual phenomenon. I also believe the phenomenon some how physically but mysteriously inhibits our perception in some way so we can’t understand. In addition I believe we have been conditioned in some strange way so we don’t really want to pursue explanations in detail; we have been conditioned to  consider UFO phenomenon “forbidden knowledge.”

I believe if we as a culture would take the time to record our observations in detail, we as a culture could understand the phenomenon more deeply. It would not only benefit us as individuals but benefit us as a human culture, especially in our understanding of science…not to mention our understanding of religion and history. Because so many people have witnessed the manifestations, I believe it is to our advantage as a human culture to try to understand what actually happens from as many points of view as we can. Continue reading

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#11 The Holographic Universe

The following is an excerpt from the book To Earth From Heaven by John Foster. It is an attempt to explain in a little more detail how UFO encounters can actually happen to at least some individuals. It also can possibly give you some insight into what our Earthy reality is beyond and including the hidden nature of our basic five human senses. (The To Earth From Heaven manuscript was initially written sometime around the summer of 1998. Some writings originated as early as 1986.)

Chapter 13 The Holographic

How is it that paranormal events can actually happen? They seem to defy science. And we are told, especially by some modern day scientists, that science is the only true measure of reality. It even seems that many scientists believe paranormal events are figments of our imaginations. Yet, those of us who experience profound paranormal encounters know they’re not in the least what we commonly term imagination. Many UFO encounters have multiple witnesses and images of UFOs have been captured on hundreds of photographs, movie film and video tape.    Continue reading

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#10 Living life on Earth is much more than most of us believe it is

#10 Living life on Earth is much more than most of us believe it is.

As I’ve stated before, the story of my 46+ years of so-called UFO encounters is extremely lengthy and complex. During the encounters, the other people who were with me and I received verbally and by conjecture information that seem to defy what we commonly knew about science, religion and history. As a matter of fact some of the strange phenomenon we experienced physically seemed to defy science, religion and history. For instance, I was informed in perfect English that I was being trained, conditioned and educated by some mysterious someone to perform a specific task in my later years. The information came from a voice whose origin I couldn’t see and from what seemed to be very mysterious but normal men who just seemed to have arrived beside me or near me or us from nowhere.    Continue reading

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#9 John’s article in Brad & Sherry Steiger’s recent book

#9 John’s Article In Brad & Sherry’s Recent Book “Real Visitors – Voices From Beyond – Parallel Dimensions”

When writing articles for the on-line magazine, Brad and Sherry Steiger and John renewed contact. Brad and Sherry were composing their new book. They reviewed John’s story and asked him to contribute an article for their book. So, John wrote a comprehensive overview of his unusual UFO story.

For a good overview of John’s story and many other paranormal encounters experienced by others, check out Brad and Sherry’s Steiger’s recent book. John’s article was placed in the section called “The Watchers”…Page 37:

The book is a good place to compare John’s story with other experiences of the great unknown.

For other articles written by Brad Steiger and others written by John Foster, click on, then search “Brad Steiger,” then search “John Foster”…or click here to began reading articles authored by John:

From John:

Sad to learn Brad Steiger died this last spring.

The link to this book just now showed up in my email. The findings of this study fit my encounters perfectly to varying degrees. Because of this I need to know who sent the email to me.

Brad Steiger wrote the Conclusion for this book. It is very comprehensive and will give you an overview of his work, as well as a conclusive overview of the book.

Here is the link for your review or for purchase:


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