Ancient aliens are alive and well, influencing humankind just as they have throughout the ages! …The important questions are: Who are they? What are they? What are they doing now?

“This is one of the most important, amazing, unusual UFO stories of our time” (….spoken by John Foster and many credible experts in many fields of knowledge).

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…..See three books authored by John Foster here and below.

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Mysterious UFO intelligences always have been at the very core of our human cultures!   They have been connected to individuals and our human societies in mysterious ways that are beyond our common understandings.

John Foster’s many unusual encounters, spanning a period of at least 46 years, is just one example, among several, that illustrate how these normally unseen intelligences have influenced our sciences, religions, and history.

Who are they?…What are they? …They are our ancient and modern angels. They are as real as you and me. They normally live just beyond our physical senses, just beyond the veil of the visible…but not always. They are more intelligent and more talented than you and me. They show up and contact us from time to time. They are extraterrestrial and terrestrial. They are the ancient gods and our modern gods (both with a small g). They are ancient and modern aliens from the Earth and from other planets. They are multi-dimensional beings, as well as three dimensional beings at times. They are strongly connected to our ancient and modern brotherhoods, science, religion and history. ……..According to the verbal information they conveyed during the unusual experiences, they more specifically stated that they are “the monitors and keepers of the Earth, who are responsible to a hierarchy that includes the historical arch angels Michael and Gabriel, who are responsible to the entity we have known as Christ, who is in charge of this corner of our universe”…and who, John has concluded from receiving a variety of ancient and modern information, also is (in total or part) the entity we have known as God, who is the prime creator of our immense wonderful eternal universe…or one could say the prime creator of our total reality and perception.

What are they doing now?  …They are interacting with single individuals separately and all individuals collectively, just as they have throughout the ages, to upgrade us in various ways so that we might become much more than who we are now. This interaction includes UFO encounters and what we have known to be spiritual encounters. It includes: 1) unforgettable visual/physical encounters, 2) obtuse clandestine visual/physical encounters where we are programmed to forget (encounters that ultimately become subliminal motivation during our normal times), 3) encounters that involve mysterious communication like ESP (extrasensory perception), and 4) encounters where we are mysteriously transformed physically and spiritually so that we can perceive reality beyond our 5 senses. In a nut shell: “They” are upgrading us so that we might become multi-dimensional, inter-galactic, citizens.

This true story encompasses startling concrete facts that indicate our reality or perception of reality is controlled in part by mysterious intelligences who are now and have been a part of us, spiritually and psychically…individually and collectively.

Click on other articles in the right hand column. The articles are narrations of or information related to actual so-called UFO encounters that John Foster and others experienced over a period of 46+ years. John recalls those listed, as well as many others in extreme detail. According to credible academic studies, remembering in unusual clarity is typical of so called “UFO contactees.” The articles were written somewhat randomly. If you wish to read them in the order they were written, start at the bottom of this Blue River UFO Blog “Home” page and select the articles upward. Keep in mind, the articles are being changed and upgraded from time to time.

This website and the books are dedicated to you and “the average person on the street.”

At the present time is being used by John to formulate and write his last book. It is a book concerning his extensive lifetime encounters with so-called UFOs. He was virtually never alone during the encounters and has discovered several witnesses who can corroborate parts of his story. As mentioned above, John has written three books in the past which you can find below or in the black strip menu above. This last book will be a continuation of John’s unusual story; it will tie some of the analytical loose ends together and plunge deeper into the suggested astonishing revelations. Yet, again, keep in mind, the articles here are being written somewhat randomly. They are being upgraded from time to time. In the end they will be organized logically to hopefully provide you with an important story that can contribute to a better understanding of our human world, as well as the nature of our infinite, eternal universe.

Comments from Bob Teets concerning John Foster’s story:

“To say that John Foster encountered the Great Mystery throughout most of his life is a gross understatement.”  “…this 79-year-old retired engineer is going to rock your world.”   “…It was truly the start of an adrenaline rush that would propel me through several years of UFO research and interviews with some 3,000 ‘experiencers’ all over the country. None would be so intriguing, so absolutely riveting, bizarre, far-out, instructive, challenging and representative of the entire UFO phenomenon as John Foster’s incredible story, though.”      ...Bob Teets — best selling author and investigative journalist — former writer/editor of The Human Potential Foundation.        Bob’s  website:        

   ………..Continue with “Comments from others”

See “Home page overview of John’s story” for a better understanding of Blue River UFO Blog.

“Real Visitors Voices From Beyond and Parallel Dimensions by Brad & Sherry Steiger provides a clearer understanding of the nature of our universe than any other modern material I have ever seen.” Click here for information ……John Foster


For unusual insight into the nature of our mysterious universe, as well as some tangible insight into John Foster’s encounters, click on to Diana’s

I cannot say it any better than Diana has already stated it on her website…..John

***Comments from John Foster:

‘As you continue reading, you will find that life on Earth is much more than most of us presently believe it is.   ……..Here is some of the “Forbidden Knowledge:”

Some of our scientists have suggested that our time and space are illusions. However, my so-called UFO encounters and other encounters like them indicate that, even though our time and space do have illusory qualities, they are much, much more than simple illusions.  The mysterious encounters indicate that life on Earth involves much more than we can presently comprehend. Among other mysterious things our life on Earth includes  normally unseen intelligences who communicate with us from time to time, Unidentified Flying crafts and Objects, mysterious men and beings, mysterious “familiar strangers,” mysterious connections to scientific advancement, mysterious connections to modern and ancient history and prehistory, and a mysterious “ET/human project.”  —  Some of the proof lies herein! (Look below this shaded area for the most recent article.)

(The yellow craft on the book cover above is a drawing of the bottom of an illuminated “bell-shaped craft.” My friend and I saw it in the middle of the night in 1971. It was tipped up 90 degrees, in the middle of a lane, on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It appeared as if small illuminated particles of energy were being drawn in to it’s bottom from the black night air. It appeared to be a plasmatic reaction. We also saw scientific formulas that we were told were related to the reaction and we were told to take the formulas to the United States Air Force. See the book Eminent Discovery for the rest of the story.
The craft on the two drawings immediately below are views of “the windowed saucer” many others and I saw after the craft landed during “The Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter,” which occurred in late Summer about 1950. Others and I also encountered the windowed saucer during many other encounters over a period of at least 46 years. The lengthy Bethany encounter is described in Chapter Two of the book Eminent Discovery. The “windowed saucer,” according to credible witnesses, also has been seen by others — a half a World away!)

This is a true story about one man’s (my) so-called UFO encounters that occurred over a period of 46+ years…from 1939 or 1940 until August of 1986…when the so-called Ets and I had “a parting of the ways.” The encounters occurred from coast to coast and Canada to Mexico. However, most took place in Nebraska, in and around Lincoln, and in Wyoming and Colorado. I was never alone during the encounters except for a few short episodes. A few of those people who were with me also recall some of what I recall.

I feel this story is huge, affecting all of humankind from its very beginning. It is a story that has many facets that affect all of us and the future…possibly our near future.

Even though I experienced my last overt encounter in 1986, I strongly feel my story is timeless. I feel the implications and unusual information can greatly benefit humankind at this time in history. The implications can help humans understand more deeply the true nature of our universe, especially in the areas of science, religion and history.

As you read on, you will find information that might seem completely unbelievable. However, I strongly assure you I have represented my strange life-long encounters truthfully and very accurately. And you should know I consider myself no more important in any sense than any other human being, etc. I am simply trying to pass on information concerning what happened, how it happened, and what I think about it at this time….all of this for your benefit, as well as mine…and, as well as, for the benefit of humankind.

I am primarily writing about my own encounters because I know them well. I also don’t feel I am an expert in analyzing the encounters of other contactees.2, Beth Grd Sch plygd, saucer hovering 15 ft above crowd In some cases I have described what happened in extreme detail. The encounters occurred in real time and space…and in some cases in time/space that was overlapped by another mysterious dimension. I have been tested psychologically by some of the best professionals in the business and I’ve been declared sane, not psychotic, not imaginative.

Many people believe my story. Yet, there are those who believe it is too fantastic to be true. As above, several witness, who also were present during some of the encounters, recall in detail some of what I recall. And there are over a hundred facts and happenings that support the validity of my encounters as I have described them though my memories.

Click here to see comments from respected professionals, witnesses and others who support the story…and to see other related information: “Home page overview of John’s story.”    (Among other things, the overview also includes my professional history and information about the newspaper, radio and TV interviews I have given, as well as the talks I’ve been invited to give around the country…including talks as a keynote speaker and featured speaker, at some national and regional UFO conferences, one international UFO conference, and many local UFO gatherings…etc).

I strongly feel this story affects your life, as well as mine.

2, Beth Gr Sch plygd, object flying over intersection, 67 StIf you are not familiar with UFO encounters and spiritual encounters, you might want to review the new discoveries in advanced science, especially in time/space research and Quantum Mechanics…where some scientists, among other things, believe they might have discovered “The God Factor” when observing the behavior of subatomic particles.

Welcome to Blue River UFO Blog!     This website is always “under construction” …and at least for the time being, it is being used by me for writing, instead of me writing another book. It also can be used by you for your comments and appropriate articles. Keep in mind, it is aimed at the average person on the street who might not necessarily be familiar with UFO encounters and other phenomenon of “the great unknown.” If you look in on this website from time to time, whether you contribute or not, it will be like witnessing the preliminary writing of a book that can help modern humankind develop a more accurate view of the nature of 0ur universe.’


ed pic bk new front cover 2 jpged 5-12x8 new front cover 2 jpgeh 5-12x8 new front cover jpgIf you are interested in reading about the entire story, it is conveyed in three ebooks, as well as paperback books authored by John Foster. Click here to order books. The ebooks can be ordered from Kindle for as little as $2.99 each.

Comments concerning the book Eminent Discovery“An engineer and methodical, reasonable thinker encounters unbelievable and extraordinary experiences of UFO and extraterrestrial contact. Worth every penny from cover to cover. From the simple glimpses of the odd and unusual to what Foster describes as ‘complex experiences’ which is an understatement. You get it ALL in this heartfelt and thought-felt book. …”  ———————-Steve Snodgrass

Comments concerning the book To Earth From Heaven — “Astounding!!!  John Foster’s experiences and his conclusions are a must read for anybody who is interested in UFOs, spirituality, metaphysics, and the development of the human species and the universe. This book is not to be taken lightly as John uses logic and profound insight into the “why” of our existence. In a world of superficial and amoral mindset, it is refreshing to hear the new truth of the future and in essence, John brings new hope for our acceptance into the inter-dimensional, inter-galatical, and inter-spiritual community.”  ————————————– Mikes

Concerning Eminent Discovery Illustration Picture Book —  “Eclectic and penetrating personal examination of a very complex phenomenon. The exceptional illustrations really helped add another dimension of strangeness to the high strangeness within.” ———————————————- Gerald J. Gaura 


‘My story is extremely lengthy and complex. It is real and true. And it is as accurate as I can relate it to you. Parts of it are very similar or nearly identical to many other stories involving UFO encounters…encounters that have occurred around the Globe, since (believe it or not) the beginning of humankind. I’ve been told by many people that it is among the most lengthy, complex UFO stories ever recorded. That’s probably because I mysteriously have been given almost total recall, at least concerning many of those things that are related to my own UFO encounters.

(The craft below appeared to be a spinning metallic flying saucer, Summertime, about 1952. This encounter is narrated in detail in Chapter 4 of the book Eminent Discovery. It is interesting that a craft very similar to this one has been part of a United States aerospace research project in past years.)016
(This drawing is a slide that is part of a memory stick or CD-R slideshow of over 140 slides.)

I strongly feel my encounters and some of the encounters of others can expand our understandings of science, religion and history…expand our understandings beyond what we presently can possibly imagine. I believe now is a time when humankind should take a giant step forward and try to understand, more deeply, the complex nature of our universe.

(The drawing below is our view of small UFO craft shining spotlights down on a small tent at a campground during our family’s June 1975 Dillon Lake Encounter in Colorado. It is narrated in Chapter 6 of the book Eminent Discovery. Four of us recall parts of that encounter.)

6, Dillion Lk c.g, craft over sm tentBecause of this, I will try to express my understandings here as clearly as I can…and I hope to structure this website in a straight forward and logical manner…using simple language and thought. I have created Blue River UFO Blog so you also can contribute, so we all can possibly understand more deeply. Please read on, ask questions and make comments. It is not necessary that you use your real name, unless you want to. However, only well meaning contributions will be accepted. Keep in mind our audience is the average person on the street, who might not be familiar with UFOs or other subjects of the great unknown. Thanks for visiting. I hope this story will improve your life in the very best ways possible, as I hope it will improve mine.’…..John Foster

Comments concerning the books authored by John: “This is a work that had to be done and John Foster is the one doing it.”    “John, I think you have the most remarkable set of drawings. Your posting looks great. I think you have a fantastic story and would like to see it get a lot more attention.” ————————————————————————————– Wendell Stevens – renowned UFO researcher since the 1940s, author and World-wide lecturer, Board of Directors of the International UFO Congress Convention, former military officer. Wendell is now deceased, but has written an opinion/contribution in “Appendix A” in the book Eminent Discovery.

(To access other pages of this website, click on your preferred page in the black strip above. For a more complete understanding of the most current articles, it is suggested…if you have time and feel good about it…you begin reading at the bottom of this “Home” Blue River UFO Blog page and click on the other pages in the black strip at the top of this page.)

About The Blue River UFO Blog:

…John Foster…11-20-15,  New Years Eve, 1954:   We were ushering in the new year of 1955, during which, in late Spring, we all would hopefully graduate from our high school located in a town not too far away.    ……………continue reading


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Beginning the new book – “Raising Humans” – by John Foster

The idea of raising humans from one level to another, to me, suggests many other ideas that possibly will help me individually and us collectively ascend to higher levels of being and understanding.

This is why I have decided to entitle my last book “Raising Humans.”

I am starting to write now;  this is the rough beginning of that last book.

Continue reading

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What are the important implications of John Foster’s so-called UFO Encounters?

Rationalized as of Sept 3 through Oct 29, 2017.
(This is an on-going article that will be written over a period of several days. Please understand that the encounters others and I experienced were real and that I reserve the right to change my understandings of them as I progress. There are several witnesses and an enormous number of tangible facts, historical and modern, that support the validity of my memories. Also, I have been very careful to try to understand factually and rationally.)

(The first drawing above represents my view as my relatives and I were levitated to “the large object” sometime during the summer of 1952 or 1953. The oldest were taken first – the youngest last. The suggested implications of this encounter are awesome!)

The obvious as well as the suggested implications of all of my strange encounters (and the encounters of some others), if analyzed closely, should ultimately change our collective understandings of human existence on earth since humankind’s very beginning.    Continue reading

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A brief summary of offers you a true, astonishing story about one man’s authentic encounters with UFOs. His experiences were intimate and awesome, spanning a period of 46 plus years…from near his birth to 48 years old.
The illustrations here and in the books he has authored were sketched by John Foster over a period of 14 years. The illustrations represent John’s point of view as he and others experienced the encounters.

Continue reading

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The extent of ET influence or interference in our human culture

If you have been following the articles posted on this website or have read the books I’ve written, you already realize or at least can conjecture that there actually are normally unseen intelligences who somewhat influence or manipulate ideas, beliefs and/or events in our human culture.

I experienced one encounter when I was 15 years old at Chadron State Park in Nebraska, during the summer of 1953… encounter that indicated these mysterious intellegences do indeed manipulate, not only some of the healthy societal conditions in our country, but also some of our political programs that aid cultural groups such as the middle class.

Continue reading

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Back home from Wyoming with many photos where many 1956 and 1957 close UFO contact took place

We are home again preparing to set up shop for winter painting of landscapes, some of which will be the location where many 1956 and 1957 close UFO encounters occurred.


Previous Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin location

Brooks Lake 

Togwatee Pass


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“The voice” speaking to me and others compared to God speaking to humans in The Bible

In The Bible:“God said, let there be light and there was light!  …and God saw that the light was good!”

He said those things and many other things from the beginning chapter of Geneses through the last chapter of Revelations. He said those things from thin air, from a cloud, from a brilliant light, and from Ezekiel’s flying chariot.

During my many so-called UFO encounters: “The voice” said things related to “eternal knowledge and wisdom…and the Indians and buffalo,” etc.

He said those things and many other things from 1939 or 1940 though August, 1986. He said those things from thin air, from a cloud, from a brilliant light, and from some strange flying crafts and many strange objects and crafts that were not flying!

During our family UFO encounter at Dillon Lake in Colorado, in early June of 1975, our youngest daughter heard “the voice” speak to us from thin air. And during that same UFO encounter our oldest daughter heard the voice speak to us from a brilliant light that was hovering several feet above us.

When speaking from a brilliant light at the Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin in June of 1957, he, “the voice,” identified himself and he was identified by an old man near us to be the Arch Angel Michael!

Because I definitely know this actually happened, I know it definitely has astonishing implications!

(to be continued)

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Purchasing John Foster Art

Source: Purchasing John Foster Art

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