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“The Voice” speaks from a small Windowed Saucer on storage shelf

I worked at an electronics firm in Lincoln throughout the 1980s. One day while working as an applications engineer, as well as an assistant to the owner/manager, the lady in the shipping department came running into my office yelling repeatedly … Continue reading

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Evidence of the gradual release of UFO information by government

The following video is evidence that the United States federal government is finally releasing critical information related to their contact with UFO craft in the past…decades past. Even though this ex-military fellow describes the large space inside the craft as … Continue reading

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A discussion of modern theories suggesting that the UFO brotherhoods are evil and are trying to take over the Earth – or good and trying to help humankind

  In a nut shell: Many sources, including personal UFO abduction stories, in recent decades, have promoted various scenarios suggesting that multiple Et species with their UFOs have been invading the Earth…sometimes abducting humans for a variety of reasons. For … Continue reading

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Good time for a review article

After reviewing recent political turmoil, I thought a review of these two question and answer sessions with Wendy of Wendy’s Coffeehouse might be helpful:  

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Two videos representing typical manifestations of the objects and crafts

The following are short videos I created back in the late 1990s to illustrate more realistically how the crafts and objects would typically appeared and disappeared. However, the crafts and objects normally appeared, moved, and disappeared slower. And, even though … Continue reading

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People knocked to the ground during UFO encounters…by something we couldn’t see

This is going to be a hard one to  believe. But I assure you it actually happened just as I’ve described below, and more. It’s important to know I virtually was never alone during the many encounters I experienced from … Continue reading

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Important thoughts and conclusions concerning my 46+ years of UFO encounters

Throughout the years since my initial “flood of recollections” in 1986, when I was 48 years old, I have tried to understand what has happened to me in respect to the many UFO encounters that began shortly after my birth. … Continue reading

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Controlled UFO manifestations and communications Part 1

(Written 12-11-20 by John Foster.) – Because I know well beyond doubt that I experienced many mysterious UFO encounters for more than 46 years; – because I know others and I witnessed various mysterious manifestations of different types of objects … Continue reading

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An audio interview of Kindra, John’s daughter — and witness of The Dillon Lake Family UFO Encounter — by Wendy of Wendy’s Coffee House

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An audio interview of John Foster by Anastasia of Star Seed Radio

An audio interview of John Foster by Anastasia of Starseed Radio Part 1, 2, & 3, plus a guide to Shamanism

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