Why I believe these encounters actually happened in real three dimensional time/space

To my knowledge the reality of UFOs, since the 1930s, has been hard to believe. When my story first became public in the late 1980s many UFO investigators thought I was lying or I was psychotic. However, a few honest researchers asked reasonable questions and realized I was truthful and not psychotic. This was because of a number of things, including rational deduction and collaborating evidence.Below is a letter answer to Steve Snodgrass of the Omaha UFO Study Group, an answer to the question why I believe these encounters actually occurred in three dimensional time/space. The Letter:


“Hello Steve, John Foster again…

Why do I believe these encounters actually occurred?

The answer to this question is multifaceted and very extensive, including 1) unusual interrelated happenings of my 1986/1987 intense period of recollection, 2) some eye witnesses, 3) some witnesses of circumstantial evidence and facts, and 4) coincidental happenings that occurred with other people who I actually met after my 1986/1987 recollections, people with whom I allegedly had traveled in UFO craft into the future some 30 odd years prior to my recollections, etc. (when we were shown and told what we were to do in the future). To my astonishment I personally met those same people and the future happenings began to occur in the late 1980s and early 1990s (after my recollections) and I began to identify landmarks that I had only seen during the future time travels.

The other people and I compared information related to 0ur respective encounters/experiences and we found that we had been told and shown some of the exact same things…in some cases down to the minute technical details.

Furthermore, I strongly felt my first 1986 recollection of the 1950s Bethany Grade School Playground encounter was a valid memory just like any other memory I had experienced, only it was more startling than most. As my memories of that encounter somewhat spontaneously increased over a period of a few months, 1) the complex and intense emotions I felt, 2) the length of the overall encounter and 3) the complexity of the occurrences the night of that encounter convinced me that I simply could not have imagined it. I found later there were interesting interrelated links within the Bethany Playground encounter and I found that there were solid links to other encounters and future happenings which I experienced after my 1986 initial memories, such as suffering the heart attacks and the one unsuccessful coronary bypass surgery in 1988 and the second series of heart attacks and successful coronary bypass surgery in 1995, etc. Also, many other things that occurred the night of the Bethany Playground encounter were fundamentally linked to an enormous number of other encounters, some of which have been at least partially substantiated by witnesses. (The complexity and interrelated nature of all of my encounters are mind boggling.)

The first person I contacted to see if an encounter actually occurred some 36 years earlier recalled the first and last sequences of that encounter which I estimate lasted approximately two hours. When talking with him later, he actually picked out the drawing of that encounter out of a stack of about fifty drawings when I was out of the room. He declared that the drawing accurately represented what he had seen the night the encounter occurred…which again was some 36 years earlier. And he then spontaneously began recalling UFO encounters and other strange happenings that had occurred in his past when I had not been with him. That day, we began to think UFO encounters might not be as rare as they seemed.

Subsequently, after my initial questioning of the first witness, a few to several others have recalled small parts of other lengthy encounters. This includes my children who recall parts of our 1975 family Dillon Lake encounter. A significant piece of evidence is that one of my daughters recalls me talking with “the voice,” whose source was unseen, or rather it seemed to originate from a brilliant light hovering above the trees at Dillon Lake. We previously had seen craft come floating through the air, in distorted atmosphere, above and near our campsite. My other daughter recalls parts of an out-of-body experience she, her brother and I shared at Dillon Lake that day…out over the water. She and I also recall “the voice” talking to us from time to time. And my son recalls a somewhat extensive episode he experienced alone that night at Dillon Lake. (Some of their witness comments are above on my website and in the book Eminent Discovery.)

To continue, a battery of approximately 13 different types of strange craft and objects repeatedly manifested at various times over a period of at least 46 years, about 4 of them being the most common. My initial 1986 memories lasted for months, the encounters lasted for over 46 years, and I feel that the consistency of my memories concerning the technical structure of the crafts and objects could not have occurred if my recollections were not of real crafts, objects and time/space happenings. The human-like men and the lizard-like beings also appeared to be the same or very similar over that same period. I discovered after my 1986 recollections some of the craft had historic and modern significance, some represented in historic religious paintings and some appearing to have connections with modern scientific or military development projects…yet, I had not encountered them previously in situations apart from my so-called UFO encounters. I’ve seen an ancient painting of a coffin-shaped object, for instance, that appears exactly the same as those I encountered. The men and beings, likewise had historic significance as related to the information they gave me. This included connections to ancient and modern brotherhoods, religion, scientific inventors and inventions, ancient gods, Native Americans, modern orphans, The Masonic Order, the Mormon story, the Christian story, the changing of humankind and much more…some if it in great detail.

In order that I might convince you that my encounters actually occurred, I could go on and on from here…but I would have to write another book. In the end, you have to believe that I am being truthful and representing my encounters accurately in order that you might place a positive value on my story. As you contemplate this, if you have not been to Europe, consider that there might or might not be a Europe; you have seen pictures and videos, but you have not been there. Your conviction that Europe actually exists, then, is based on the veracity of the evidence others have provided. Most likely you believe them. However, when it comes to believing UFO stories, humans seem to have a very difficult time.

Believe it or not, I believe my story, as represented in the two books I’ve written, is very close to being totally accurate.
Ref: 1) Eminent Discovery (a lifetime of UFO experiences) by John Foster
2) To Earth From Heaven by John Foster

New scientific theories explaining how the unusual phenomenon connected to UFO encounters can actually occur can be found in the following books (among many others):
1) The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot
2) The Science Of Extraterrestrials by Eric Julien
Historic explanations: The Earth Chronicles by Zechariah Sitchin

See (search) Thunder Valley Drums, My Spirit Care, Brad & Sherry Steiger’s books, Soul Samples, The Psychic Studies Institute, and The Keys Of Enoch and others mentioned on this website for more possible explanations related to modern UFO encounters, as well as John’s Encounters.

Wishing everyone all the best……John”

Steve’s Omaha UFO Study Group website is    http://www.omahaufostudygroup.com .

About jafos

I am a 83 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website (http://www.johnfosterufos.com) to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs. The mysterious intelligences connected to my encounters have told me that they are "the monitors and Keepers of the earth" and are responsible to a hierarchy that includes "the arch angels Michael and Gabriel," who are responsible to the entity we have know as "Christ," who is in charge of this corner of our immense complex universe. They explained further that they are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of humankind except at certain times, when things are going awry or are dangerous. They said this is one of those times, one of those eras. They continued to state that if they hadn't interfered in the past, we would have destroyed ourselves...and that if they don't interfere now and in the future, we will indeed destroy ourselves. Strictly for your own benefit, take a look at the information here on http://www.johnfosterufos.com and read the books I've written in order to understand in some detail what this is all about. The website and books can give you insight into how so-called UFO encounters have affected our sciences, religions, and history...and how they most likely will affect our future.
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