Why I titled my second book “To Earth From Heaven”

At this late stage of my life, this among many other things is what I believe I believe:

Earth: Where most of us believe we reside now…three dimensional time/space.

Heaven: From my limited knowledge, from my reading and my experience, I have concluded and conjectured that Heaven is a place. It is a state of being. It is paradise. It is like a house or mansion with many rooms. It is near or can be far. It is God’s Kingdom. It is at hand. It is or can be in you. It is normally unseen if you are an average normal human being, or seen if you have temporarily died or are clairvoyant. It is where God, Jesus and the angels reside. It is where you might reside after your death. From the information recorded in historical documents and in legend, it was known and possibly seen and experienced before the Bible was written. It allegedly has been seen by many modern human beings during near death and out-of-body experiences. And it possibly has been seen by spiritual and UFO experiencers. …all of the above among other things.

When I was two or three years old, UFO craft materialized in thin air near others and me, sometimes with clouds of hissing roaring fog and sometimes not. It was then, during one complex encounter, that they first told me verbally that “they,” whoever “they” were, were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me. It was obvious that they had come from another dimension that was not normally seen…someplace that one could conjecture was like the historical Heaven.   

During some of our so-called UFO encounters, men came talking and walking up to us or simply appeared from what seemed to be nowhere. It was similar to descriptions in The Bible when the angels came talking and walking up or mysteriously appeared to humans.

During some of our encounters, a mysterious voice spoke to us from thin air, from a distorted atmosphere, from a cloud, haze or fog, from a brilliant white light, or from a craft or object. It was similar to when God spoke to humans as described in The Bible…and when other entities spoke to humans during normal times and during dreams as it is written in The Bible and ancient history.

During our June 1957 Sheridan Creek Fire Guard Cabin experience in Western Wyoming, “they” (mysterious men at that time) said they were fighting a battle to save men and that they were trying to enlist us into their battle. We encountered a brilliant white light and a voice who spoke to us from the light that was hovering just six feet ahead and above us. The old man next to us, who was explaining what it was all about, and the voice told us that the light and the voice speaking from the light was the Arch Angel Michael. The man also said that he and the other men and beings we had seen were working for Michael and Gabriel. He said Michael and Gabriel were in turn responsible to the entity who we have historically called Christ, who was in charge of this corner of our Universe. (Others and I encountered the men, the voice and light many other times.)

The old man and Michael told us to settle down and cooperate with the “brotherhood” or brotherhoods and beings who we had seen and who we were to see during the Sheridan Creek encounter and other encounters. The old man told us that they were “the monitors or keepers of the Earth” who were responsible to Michael and Gabriel as above. However, the old man told us that at that time they primarily worked for Michael…that Gabriel was off somewhere else helping humans develop their spiritual capabilities.

The phenomenon we witnessed throughout the 46+ years of my encounters, in many cases, were similar to the phenomenon described in the Bible and in ancient historical documents.

“The familiar strangers” (normal human beings with whom I had time traveled during the late 1940s and during the 1950s) and I received instructions related to what we were to do in the future. My tasks included building and maintaining buildings. I received some of my information concerning how to design and construct buildings similar to how Moses of The Bible received his information related to how he should design and construct The Temple.

“The familiar strangers” were studying the book The Keys Of Enoch when I first met them under normal circumstances in 1987. There are many things in the book that are extremely compatible with or similar to my so-called UFO encounters and the experiences of the familiar strangers. The book, very interestingly, describes the complex organization or structure of Heaven, as well as the different entities and brotherhoods involved…very similar in many cases to what others and I experienced.

The return of Christ as it is described in The Bible and in the book, The Keys Of Enoch, is very similar to how the mysterious intelligences demonstrated how they were preparing people for a time when they would return and take people away. In the book, The Keys Of Enoch, The Return was on churning twisting light clouds. In The Bible, during The Rapture, people are gone within a blink of an eye. During the demonstration concerning the return of the so-called Ets, the spinning craft came in from above and through a sheet of steel gray white clouds and when they landed the people who I saw disappeared within a blink of an eye.

All of this of course did not seem as awesome or as important as what is described concerning Heaven in the Bible and other historical documents.

Several to many times the tall lizard-like beings and the men referred to Ancient Egypt and said they had been active in prehistory, during the ancient Egyptian Culture, during Biblical Times and during more modern times.

A few to several times “the voice” or a man said that the brotherhood or brotherhoods were related to the Masonic Order, which is related to the religion of Ancient Egypt and the pyramids. Many times they encouraged me to join the brotherhood and participate in “the project.” It was espoused that we could not be a part of the project unless we were as concerned about our fellow humans as we were ourselves.

After my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections,” I experienced paranormal encounters with animals, similar to Native Americans’ and other modern and historical natives’ encounters with animals…and the familiar strangers and I also experienced some outstanding coincidental happenings…all suggesting that we were in some way connected to a normally unseen dimension where the normally unseen mysterious intelligences reside, from where they primarily orchestrate the encounters.

I could include many more happenings and information here concerning a connection with Heaven, but I would have to write another book. I believe it is suffice to say that I and those other people who were with me during the encounters received information from and met some of the entities and characters who reside in Heaven…thus the title of the book as I began to write it obviously was to be To Earth From Heaven.

It took me fourteen years to write my first book Eminent Discovery. But, unlike Eminent Discovery, the first draft of To Earth From Heaven took me a mere two months. There were few corrections from that first draft to final publication.

About jafos

I am a 83 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website (http://www.johnfosterufos.com) to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs. The mysterious intelligences connected to my encounters have told me that they are "the monitors and Keepers of the earth" and are responsible to a hierarchy that includes "the arch angels Michael and Gabriel," who are responsible to the entity we have know as "Christ," who is in charge of this corner of our immense complex universe. They explained further that they are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of humankind except at certain times, when things are going awry or are dangerous. They said this is one of those times, one of those eras. They continued to state that if they hadn't interfered in the past, we would have destroyed ourselves...and that if they don't interfere now and in the future, we will indeed destroy ourselves. Strictly for your own benefit, take a look at the information here on http://www.johnfosterufos.com and read the books I've written in order to understand in some detail what this is all about. The website and books can give you insight into how so-called UFO encounters have affected our sciences, religions, and history...and how they most likely will affect our future.
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  1. I love the idea that “they” may have been sent from God. It really does give us new perspective on things like Elijah leaving on a cloud. There’s so much going on behind the scenes in the universe that we may never understand!

    On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 6:57 PM Blue River UFO Blog – A very unusual authentic UFO story wrote:

    > > > > > > > jafos posted: “At this late stage of my life, this among many other things > is what I believe I believe: > > Earth: Where most of us believe we reside now…three dimensional time/space. > > > > Heaven: From my limited knowledge, from my reading and my experience, I > have concluded” > > > >


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