It’s time for a review — Part 5

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It’s time for a review — Part 5 

Information heard and observed during the encounters:

This review is somewhat significant because I have set aside, for approximately 35 years, some important concepts that I couldn’t quite understand. Some of them surfaced in my mind after my 1986/1987 flood of recollections. But they seemed too foreboding; I couldn’t quite mentally nor emotionally rationalize some of the suggested far-out concepts. So, in the following paragraphs I will try to address some of the important questions that have lingered patiently in the remote recesses of my mind.

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I would like to remind you that I am writing about the encounters others and I experienced from my point of view. This is because I am one who experienced the encounters. Writing about your personal experiences from your point of view, I believe, is much more valuable than writing about others’ experiences from your point of view. This is because you initially interpret the happenings spontaneously using your own five senses, plus other higher perception sensual faculties, as the happenings happen. As time passes, as you review what happened, you use the higher-senses and feelings we as a human culture don’t quite yet understand. Let’s hope addressing these elusive ideas and concepts will be beneficial to both you and me.   

Also, keep in mind I am writing to common ordinary people, the person on the street so to speak. This is because I was a common person on the street before I experienced my 1986/1987 flood of recollections. Many people who have experienced the paranormal extensively are educated into the intricacies of the so-called spiritual world well beyond me. Yet, it is my wish that my information will help a number of people who are not yet exposed to the reality of the spiritual world…a world that I now know is solidly connected to our everyday lives in ways that most of us could not previously imagine.

As mentioned previously, the information I received from the encounters, from my birth to the present, indicates that life on Earth is much more than most humans believe it is. I now know human life involves knowing and feeling beyond our typical five senses.

Only those fortunate, or possibly unfortunate, among us who have experienced the paranormal can tap into extended knowledge concerning the true nature of our eternal universe. I don’t believe that makes any of us more important, nor more valuable than anyone else…nor less important, nor less valuable. As you possibly can conjecture from the loss of my health and wealth, knowing beyond common knowledge is not all that you might at first believe it is. I have suffered a great deal and so has my family in many different ways. I still suffer in many ways as I continue to think and write about my experiences. The hidden suggested concepts and meanings force me to quit writing, to get my mind off of it for a time, until I can at least feel somewhat normal again.

Yet the information I received audibly, visually, and perceptively, or you might say spiritually, has improved my life immeasurably. It has broadened my concept of science, religion, and history…and it has reassured me that I will live eternally. Because of our shared out-of-body experiences, one experience that has been verified by my daughter, I know that life exists beyond death…that we all have a spiritual body. I also know that life will feel much more wonderful than the life I experience today. Because I witnessed the reactions of my daughter and son during that Dillion Lake out-of-body encounter, I know they and many (if not all) others will experience – through feeling and knowing – wonderful lives after death.

Reviewing all of the encounters in my mind as a whole for a mere few seconds, it seems they tell me a story about reality that I can only perceived beyond my 5 senses. It seems the story involves feelings and knowings that defeat the time/space continuum…something that borders on eternal existence in a more grandiose way than I can’t quite totally imagine at this time. Yet, considering the feelings my daughter, son, and I experienced while floating in the air out over the water at Dillion Lake in 1975, I can confidentially speculate that these eternal feelings will last forever, beyond death.

I have conjectured or concluded that perception and knowledge through remembering eventually culminates in one’s mind (whatever that truly is) as feeling and/or knowing. I suspect this simply is experiencing the state of being. This is who you and I are at this moment, through the facility of remembering our past, perceiving our present, and imagining our future (whatever imagining truly is), all at one time…all mentally and emotionally via the five senses, consciously and subconsciously…plus.


In a sort of random way, the following are my thoughts concerning some of the information I received during the encounters.

✽ Although I didn’t recall, at 1 or 2 years old, the disc-shaped craft hovering over the harvested field, I am certain that experience laid just under my conscious awareness for over 46 years. I’m also certain that my subconscious awareness of the encounter affected my attitude and perception of life in general for over 46 years, and my many other forgotten encounters lay dormant in my subconscious until my 1986/1987 flood of recollections. This would suggest that all forgotten encounters also influenced me to think and feel in certain specific ways subconsciously. It affected the choices I made under different kinds of circumstances. It also affected the different ways I felt, physically, mentally, and spiritually at all times.

✽ Considering that many other people were with me at one time or another and considering that others have experienced UFO encounters and then forgot them, it is reasonable to state that they also have been influenced by UFO encounters in subtle subconscious ways. This especially seems true if you can accept the fact that the so-called UFO intelligences told me they or it and I would communicate in the future via ESP — extrasensory perception. This would indicate to me that at least some of the thoughts that enter my mind might indeed be messaging from the UFO intelligences, whoever that truly is. This means to me that I need to referee my own thoughts, somewhat continually.

✽ During another encounter that occurred while I was living in my first home, several things happened to indicate:

– Listening to classical music is a benefit and humans should listen to classical music as much as possible. I suspect listening to classical music might stimulate those knowings and feelings that lie beyond the five senses. I have read that it tunes up the neurological pathways in the brain.

– The UFO intelligences knew how our airplanes would be developed in the future. This would indicate that the mysterious UFO intelligences know at least the possible future of humankind and that they possibly are responsible for some of our scientific advances. Happenings I observed and experienced, and information I received during other encounters very definitely have told me this.

– The UFO intelligences are here to change humankind and the way they do it is to enlist help from people like me. This of course indicated to me, at least subconsciously, the so-called ETs would use me in some unknown way to help change humankind. It also indicates that other people are involved in the UFO intelligences’ plan to change humankind. If you have read my books, you might already know how some of the changing is accomplished.

– We (i.e. other humans and I) or just I will learn to live without tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol and narcotics within my lifetime. In my case, this has been proven true.

✽ Most encounters involved visual manifestations of the crafts and objects. In most cases those with me and I witnessed the manifestation transitions. A craft could manifest in a short period of time, but most took a longer time to become what seemed to be completely solid. They were translucent during most appearing and disappearing transitions.

—  After a craft or object manifested, we sometimes hit and/or kicked it to see if it was real…and it indeed seem to be real. When our hand hit it, for instance, our hand would stop and we would hear the impact; we saw it and felt it. However, a few times, when I tried to touch an object, my hand went part way into it and I felt what seemed to be a mild electric shock. It was startling; I would instantly pull my hand back. At times I saw this happen to a few others who were with me. I wonder: who was it who caused that to happen…and how did they do it?

—  It’s also important to note that we got into the small booth, for instance. When we sat on the benches, they held the weight of our bodies; we could feel it.

—  So, you could say sometimes the crafts and objects seemed to manifest completely into total time/space reality and at times they seemed to be just semi-corporal…at least for a period of time (whatever a period of time truly is). This again leads me to believe those manifestations were being controlled and our awareness of those occurrences was at least somewhat being orchestrated by the mysterious UFO intelligences. If this is true, it is reasonable to speculate our perception of normal reality might be orchestrated by the mysterious UFO intelligences…at least to some extent.

✽ During one encounter that occurred while hunting pheasants in my early twenties, my father and I were taken out-of-body and we were moved several feet up into the clouds. While hovering there, the voice asked me to join them, a sort of brotherhood of some kind, to help humankind in some way they didn’t define. After discussing it with my father for a short time, he urged me not to cooperate with them. So, they coaxed me away from my father a short distance. While there the voice told me that they, the UFO intelligences, could create the crafts and change their form from one type to another by manipulating the atomic and molecular structures of matter. They then demonstrated by creating and changing a craft a few feet in front of me.

Many times those with me and I saw the crafts and objects being created in this way. So in the books and on my website – when you read about the crafts and objects appearing, disappearing, and changing form, I believe it is safe to say this atomic and molecular creation process was being used. We also saw other objects, crafts, and human men dressed in street cloths manifest out of distorted atmosphere or a cloud in similar ways…many times when we were in our bodies.

Although this seems similar to the crafts’ manifestations, it seems impossible. This is because, during the transitions, the men were often talking and walking. This would indicate to me that they were normally living in a dimension that we normally cannot see. It tells me also that “they,” whoever “they” truly are, are solidly and continually connected to us through at least some kind of perception, their perception, of which we are not normally aware. Again, who was it who did that…and how did they do it?   I believe if we knew more about it scientifically, we as humans might possibly be able to do it ourselves (…or maybe not).

✽ Even though this process seems to be magic and impossible, I am guessing it could have been a manipulation of my perception of reality beyond my five senses. This congers up an enormous number of questions that are related to, not only our physical three dimensional world on Earth, but the true nature of our immense eternal universe:

– Is my life and your life being orchestrated, three dimensionally and otherwise? If so, by whom? Is my more normal life a mysterious external manipulation of my total perception that includes my five senses?

– Who are they…really?

– Who are we…really?

– Is three dimensional time/space truly much more than we think it is?

– How does this fit our sciences?

– How does it fit our history?

– Especially, how does it fit our religions and spirituality?

– How does science fit our religions and spirituality?

– Etc, etc, etc…… detail?

✽ Many times the voice spoke to us from what seemed to be a particular location in mid air, from a cloud, from a craft or object, or from inside our heads. We talked about it at those times, so we knew it was real. It was a rich male voice who spoke in perfect English. It was a voice who you could rationalize sounded like God speaking from a cloud, as described in The Bible. Who is God, really?

I presently am certain it was real because our three children remember hearing “the voice” during our family UFO encounter at Dillion Lake in Colorado in 1975. One daughter and I heard it while hovering over the lake out-of-body. Our other daughter and I heard it when it spoke from a craft/brilliant-light hovering above us at our campsite. Our son possibly heard it when he was alone for a period that night, when he encountered a disc-shaped craft and several strange gangling looking beings. I recall that many other people heard it during many other encounters.

Because others with me and I heard the voice speaking, I can speculate that some intelligent force compressed the air at a particular spot in the atmosphere, in pressure waves of various amplitudes and frequencies that were similar to a man speaking. I can then imagine that those waves were transmitted normally in three dimensional global air pressure patterns until the frequency variations hit our ear drums, sending an electronic (and other unknown) cognitive message to our brains. Because other people also heard it, it had to be just like any other normal sound. This would indicate the UFO intelligences created the sound in a way similar to the way they created the crafts and objects by manipulating the atomic and molecular structures of matter. Although in this case, strictly involving sound, a simple mysterious vibrating force on the air molecules, to me, seems to be the most logical explanation. However, the mysterious intelligences might have been able to selectively control the minds of specific individuals at specific times. Or our total reality we perceive is like a play that is being created and orchestrated spontaneously, split second by split second by God, whoever He truly is.

This suggests the mysterious intelligence transmitting the audio message had to know the idiosyncrasies of three dimensional sound…unless it was an invisible living being speaking who didn’t necessarily care about the phenomenon of physical sound. Whatever it was, it also had to know what we were doing at those specific times. This is because the messages sometimes fit perfectly into the sequence of what we were doing…sometimes interrupting our related activities perfectly within split seconds. I wonder, really, who was that speaking?!!!

✽ Among other activities, during the YMCA camp mentioned above, some of the boys and I were swimming in the camp’s swimming pool. I was 6 years old, nearly 7. A light shown down on me from a craft that hovered above us. I didn’t know what was happening, but the other boys soon began yelling that they could see my bones through my flesh. They wanted me to see what they were seeing, so another boy took my place. The light shown down on him and I was shocked to see his bones through his flesh.

I certainly don’t believe the other boy and I are on the same level as Christ or Moses, but I continue to wonder if this was similar to the light shining down on them during The Transfiguration that is described in The Bible. I wonder what it really means. It begs many questions concerning all of us living our modern lives comfortably in the 20th and 21st centuries. Other strange lights shown down on me and others during other encounters.

While at that YMCA camp, the Chaplin took me aside and accused me of attracting the evil events. He thought they were Satanic. He had the other boys pray for me at our evening dinner.

Some of my extended family also have declared my encounters evil throughout the years, and this has caused difficult relations with some of them. Even so, I strongly consider the encounters were positive in many different ways…most likely linked to God as he is described in The Bible.

✽ When I was 11 years old, on a Boy Scout hike near Max, Nebraska, a friend and I met the familiar strangers in a UFO craft that was hovering above the clouds.

– That encounter, very interestingly, was very similar to the hero of the Star Wars movie meeting the extraterrestrial creatures in the bar-type spacecraft. The partially bald familiar stranger (who is mentioned in my books) explained to me how I would be connected to the familiar strangers and the future ET/human project. This of course begs the question: Did the creator of the Star Wars movie experience UFO encounters?

– My friend and I, when outside of the UFO, were then lectured about the significance of the four directions. The voice told me to always know where I was in relation to north, south, east and west. I can speculate at this time that this was to train me to remember, not only where I’ve been, but what happened in those many places at those particular times; some of those times of which I know now involved UFOs.

– I also was strongly encouraged to cooperate with them. They told me, if I didn’t want to be like one cow in a herd of cattle, I needed to cooperate with them and do what they asked. This was demonstrated visually and experientially (…they told me to go be with a herd of cattle that was nearby. How the cattle got there, I don’t know). This all suggested the idea that there are people who function as if they are one cow in a heard of cattle. It also suggests that, if I tried to perceive their messages and carry out the actions they requested of me, it would in some way be better than being one cow in a herd of cattle…or one human in a herd of humans.

(If you happen to be wondering, I can confidentially tell you that I still am not one of the mysterious UFO intelligences’ cows in their herd. As much as possible I rationalize and think on my own. I seek the truth wherever it might lead me. Yet, I do believe in God and primarily in the words of Christ as he allegedly spoke them. I will explain this later in this review.)

– While in other hovering elliptical-shaped objects, my friend and I were given information about the churches and corporations. They said the churches were not encouraging people to develop their spiritual (and I assume paranormal) talents and abilities. They said the corporations were putting too much emphasis on profit, etc, etc.

I also was given more information about the churches during the Sheridan Creek Fireguard Cabin encounter the Summer of 1957. Apparently, this message or this particular responsibility of encouraging people to develop their spiritual talents and abilities was a failing of the churches throughout my life…possibly until this day.

Corporations legally are set up to provide some kind of product or service that will benefit humankind. And I believe it presently is obvious many corporations’ primary goal is to make money, not necessarily for the altruistic purpose for which they were created. The information the mysterious voice gave me seems to have been right-on (…although I don’t necessarily believe making money is evil).

– I was told I would help people in the future. This also was a message I received for many years during other encounters. You can be assured, I’ve tried to help people in many ways…subconsciously and consciously (…it gives one feelings that cannot totally be explained).

—   They tried to teach me how to pass through a solid door, without too much success.

—   They told me I would teach people in the future, especially give them information related to the construction of buildings.

–  During this encounter we had ascended above the clouds in the small booth object and descended in the small booth. All throughout the encounter, the voice spoke to us.

✽ As mentioned above, The Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter contained many interesting concepts that were conveyed in spoken language, and interesting concepts that were suggested by the strange happenings and the timing of the happenings. This information linked our so-called UFO encounters to prehistory, the Ancient Egyptian culture, The Masonic Order (which is current, modern, and historical), Biblical Times, and many other factors that are linked to my purpose in life, as well as the true nature of our human culture. I believe it is significant that this playground encounter occurred in August of 1950 when I was about 13-years-old…the significant age signifying a passage from childhood into adulthood.

– I now know psychologist R Leo Sprinkle, PhD and his colleagues have completed studies regarding UFO contactees. Their studies reveal the contactees’ typical psychological makeup and typically what happened during their encounters. Among many other things, they found that many contactees remember at least some of their life-long encounters when they are around 48-years-old. I believe it’s interesting that I began recalling during my flood of recollections when I was 48 years old.

Another discovery was that many contactees go through some kind of initiation where they are, in one way or another, showered with light. This playground encounter would fall into that typical “initiation encounter” category. I was showered with light shortly after I was taken to the interior of the windowed saucer. See the book Eminent Discovery Volume 1, Chapter 2 for details. (Leo has written a book titled Soul Samples. I suspect you might be interested in reading it. I invited him to write the Foreword of my book Eminent Discovery. You can find his Foreword in Volume 1.)

– 30 to 50 people were present the night of this 1950 playground encounter at Bethany Grade School. I was in Junior High School at the time. Many of us first saw colored lights moving back and forth, horizontally, approximately 3 blocks away. Even though no one present knew then, I know now that it was a craft with lights.

There was one mysterious blue light revolving around the perimeter of the coned-shaped bottom of a saucer-shaped windowed craft. The blue light sometimes rotated lower toward the point of the cone. There also was at least one red light and possibly one light of another color. I also know now the craft was not moving back and forth, but it was repeatedly disappearing in one location and reappearing in another, a few feet away…sometimes simultaneously.

If you read about other sightings or see UFO videos (or have seen a UFO), you know this is a typical characteristic of UFO craft, both when they are hovering and moving. This is just another piece of evidence that supports the fact that the crafts and intelligences were muli-dimensional, or other-dimensional. That is, they were from another dimension that is not normally seen, a dimension that was superimposed into our familiar three dimensional time/space atmosphere. Because of the craft appearing at one location and disappearing at another location, this indicates that “they” were defeating our time/space continuum, or our perception of time/space.

You also might be interested to know that others and I (but mostly I) were given more close-up demonstrations regarding the nature of the windowed saucer’s propulsion system. This included one up-close observation of the cone-shaped bottom part of the craft; we saw the blue luminous light revolving up close to the outer parameter, then progressing down toward the point of the coned bottom part of the craft. Judging from other things I saw while inside the cone at other times, I can say that the principle behind the propulsion system was based on internal magnetic inertia. It is interesting that some scientists investigating possible future propulsion systems have already developed internal electric and magnetic inertia propulsion systems. One scientific developer gave me a stack of papers that represented a copy of his research. He already had developed a prototype.

– The craft at Bethany Grade School Playground moved in our direction and began shooting spotlights down on tall brush, in an empty lot beside one house that was about 1 block-and-a-half away. The craft seemed to move in an intelligent manner, as if someone inside was guiding it and controlling the lights. The crowd near me yelled and screamed when the spotlights were then swirled over the brush in the side yard. The crowd screaming seemed to encouraged the intelligence in the craft to swirl the spotlights again, but brighter and faster. I then heard louder yells and screams. By that time we knew, for sure, someone was inside the craft…and it seemed as if they were toying with us.

– The craft then moved closer to us and several mysterious episodes occurred, accompanied by several mysterious phenomenon that we had never witnessed before…or so I thought at that time. Again, you can find more detailed information in a sequential narration of the Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter in the book Eminent Discovery Volume 1 Chapter 2.

– Among those episodes were a few that were very meaningful in several different ways. Many were in the realm of what you could call UFO abductions…and my reactions and feelings were and still are what you might expect if you were abducted.

– I estimate that the entire encounter lasted well over 2 hours, most probably 4 hours.

– When I first saw the colored lights and then throughout the encounter, I felt a very strong, nearly uncontrollable attraction to the craft – but not the voice, nor the mysterious man who escorted me to the craft.

– I and the others present witnessed manifestations of several different types.

– The voice addressed the entire crowd and me personally several times. It also addressed the friend who was with me and a few others a few times, but not my sister.

– The crowd was mysteriously frozen a few times, at least a couple of times for a long period.

– As you will find in the book Eminent Discovery, at least three other people and I were separately and sequentially levitated up into the craft for a significant amount of time. Each of us was returned to the ground before the next one was levitated up. I was the last to be taken.

– This most definitely means that I was not the only individual in our neighborhood with whom the so-called UFO intelligences were interested. I believe I became acquainted with one of them a few years later; although I didn’t know it until my 1986/1987 flood of recollections. It was a friend’s older sister. After my 1986/1987 flood of recollections I met with her, her mother, and a few of their friends. They seemed extremely interested in my UFO encounters and other UFO phenomenon. This indicated to me that they also had experienced at least one or more encounters. Whether they remembered them or not, I didn’t know.

– This might not be too surprising considering the voice once explained to me, in that same era, that “they” (the mysterious UFO intelligences) were instrumental in orchestrating people to create and maintain the Christian community/small-town of Bethany in years past. This included the local Christian college (Cotner College) and the Bethany Christian Church.

This suggests that the so-called ETts or UFO intelligences are and have been orchestrating the development of other communities and individuals, most likely throughout the ages. It also indicates they always had an interest in Christianity. I also was told this during a time travel encounter while hovering over Dubois, Wyoming in early summer of 1957. The nature of other encounters also have verified this. It’s interesting to note that others and I had some sightings and encounters in and around Bethany Christian Church…and around the old vacant Cotner College…also in and around the city of Dubois.

—  When I was being escorted into the center of the windowed saucer, I encountered small alligator-like beings who I was told would be in charge of my life-long education, development, conditioning, and protection. This was right after my entrance into the craft, which was very similar to Ancient Egypt’s god, Raa’s journey to the underworld. I still have many questions about those things.

– While I was lying on an examination table in the Windowed saucer, a short strange man told me I would have varicose veins in my legs when I was older and that I would have heart attacks and heart surgeries. He said the veins in my legs would have something to do with it. He went on to say that I shouldn’t worry, that I would survive but be restricted.

Of course, as you now know, this happened 36 to 45 years later nearly exactly as he explained it. As I was being lowered to the ground, one of the Ets lectured me about getting into trouble. She told me to mind my parents and be a good boy because they knew what I did. It was as if they could see through solid structures and even know my inter-most thoughts and feelings.

– During one episode, the fellow who was with me and I saw two gangling looking lizard-like beings manifest out of a colored area of distorted atmosphere. This happened not more than 15 feet away from us. They spoke about antiquity. They then took our elbows and somewhat forced us to walk with them. They gave us information regarding the development of the United States…including several words about George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc.

– At one point we (separately) were verbally forced into an elliptical-shaped object to experience what I call a conditioning session of some kind. This was to improve us as human beings. After I entered, they told me to turn around, kneel down and face the door. I then felt strange excruciating forces began to penetrate my body and mind. During this episode a strange light floated from outside into the object and hovered a foot or so in front of and above my forehead. (The diameter of the light was about 6 inches.) As it hovered there, the forces increased to level where I yelled out that I couldn’t stand it anymore. They told me to hold on, that it wouldn’t last much longer. After a time the forces began to faded away. …and other mysterious, unbelievable things happened.   I wonder, how did that improve me. Did it improve my ability to have my 1986/1987  flood of recollections?

I believe it is important to know that, during some of this playground encounter, the entire crowd saw what I saw and heard what I heard.

All things considered, it seems as if the Bethany Grade School Playground Encounter was what many people call a typical UFO initiation encounter. This is not only suggested by the light shining down on me, but it is also suggested in detail via the short Masonic and Ancient Egyptian ceremonial episodes, etc. The meaning and implications are diverse and far reaching. They further our understanding of the true nature of our universe…including our understanding of science, religion, and history. Yet, for me, the most obvious question remains: Into what was I being initiated?

✽ Other meaningful encounters occurred during my teens. Two encounters that occurred in Wyoming were especially meaningful.

A day full of encounters at Bog lake in Wyoming:

In the summer of 1956 a friend and I were working in the wilderness in Wyoming, at a small logging camp up the East Fork of The Wind River. One weekend our boss said he wanted to show us even more beautiful mountains than the mountains where we were working. So, he took us up Horse Creek, which was north of the city of Dubois, which was about 35 miles from the East Fork.

A few UFO related happenings occurred during our trip into another wilderness, and several to many occurred at Bog Lake where we spent most of the afternoon. Bog Lake lay under the grandeur of Baedeker Butte. Baedeker Butte interestingly had been named after one of our boss’s deceased relatives. While at the Lake and while visiting another area for a short time, many unusual things happened.

– My friend and I saw gangly-looking creatures riding small disc-shape objects on the surface of the lake, and the voice lectured me about the fish and organisms living in the lake. This indicated that the so-called Ets were responsible for the well being of aquatic life…and they at that time and at other times were trying to make me responsible.

– We were taken up into a windowed craft where we met the familiar strangers. A mysterious middle age man lectured us about how humans were not taking care of the forests, etc.

– We were taken up on Baedeker Butte where the voice lectured about wildlife across the country. He informed us that humans were suppose to be in charge of the well being of wildlife.

– We were taken to mountainous cliffs where the strange middle age man explained how nature had formed the cliffs.

– We were taken to the top of that mountain and the middle age man explained the weather patterns that normally occurred throughout the year and how the weather helped create and benefit the things in nature (…all of this in some detail).

– My friend and I were taken to the end of the mountain top and the familiar strangers manifested from fog near us. A train and then a craft manifested near us, after which the voice explained things about the project. He said that all of us who wish to be a part of the project should enter the train or craft. All of the familiar strangers talked and yelled, then ran and got into the train and craft. But my friend and I thought it was too strange. We discussed what we had just seen. We then climbed down the mountain and walked back to Bog Lake.

I still haven’t discovered the meaning of the train, unless it was demonstrating that people in the future would travel from various places in the United States and world to the various locations where “the ET/human project” would be established…or where it was already being established. Remember, this particular short mysterious episode was a future episode that was embedded within the longer mysterious current time/space episode that was embedded in a current mysterious half-day time/space that was full of encounters. This, for me, is still mind-boggling!

– Our boss’s brother arrived and we witnessed other manifestations of crafts on the ground, one with the familiar strangers inside. And we saw the small beings riding again on small discs on the surface of the lake. My friend and I eventually got into our boss’s brother’s pickup. After we arrived back at the nearest gravel road, we saw our boss out of his pickup pointing toward the sky. We looked up and saw a single dark craft slowly fly just a few yards over us. It then flew up into a somewhat low small slow churning cloud. We looked at each other not believing what we had just seen.

But then we saw a flight of three or four dark disc-shaped crafts again slowly fly over us along the same flight path. The crafts flew up into the now larger slow churning mass of clouds. After a short time the mass of churning clouds move upward and somewhat quickly but gradually disappeared, leaving what seemed to be a perfectly natural partly overcast sky in the evening dusk. Most of our trip in our boss’s brother’s pickup back to Dubois was in the dark.

The craft flying into the mass of churning cloud, more than most encounters, demonstrated the other dimensional characteristics of the crafts, the objects, and the other dimensional characteristics of the mysterious intelligences who were responsible for making it all happen.

This was a perfectly timed sequence that was connected to the travel, the actions and reactions of our boss, his brother, and my friend and I. How did they know where we were and what we were doing when we couldn’t see them? They had to know what we were doing at all of those key times just before the appearances and disappearances. They had to know what we were doing and thinking in great detail.

– Beside the fact that my friend and I experienced several to many important UFO encounters in the Dubois, Wyoming area, probably the most important encounter of my entire life occurred the summer of 1957 at the Sheridan Creek Fireguard Cabin about 11 miles west of Dubois.

Because our boss at the lumber camp went out of business in 1956, we hired on with the United States Forest Service as fire guards in late May of 1957. To make a long story short, we eventually were assigned to live at the remote Sheridan Creek cabin. We slept at the cabin and maintained several campgrounds and tourist attractions in the national forest.

We also helped create a new campground along US Highway 287 at Brooks Lake Creek Falls…all the while standing by in case of fire that might occur anywhere, even in the deep wilderness.

This all night encounter will be discussed in Part 6 of this “It’s time for a review” article.

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I am a 83 year old retired research and development electro/mechanical engineer with experience in the nuclear, aerospace, fluidic, civil and commercial fields...home builder, general contractor, artist, lecturer, author. Up until 1986, at age 48, I could recall some strange things that had occurred from my very early childhood...but I really couldn't understand them. Then in late 1986 through early 1987, in a very short time, I recalled, in extreme detail, an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred throughout my life. Needless to say, I became almost totally devastated; my entire life was turned up-side down. A few witnesses have since recalled some of what I recalled, enough to convince me and them I am not psychotic or imaginative. In other words, believe it or not these unbelievable things actually happened. I have spent the last 30 years researching, writing and trying to understand. As a result of my intense efforts, I now can offer you three books and a website ( to help you and humankind try to understand some of the hidden mysteries of life and UFOs. The mysterious intelligences connected to my encounters have told me that they are "the monitors and Keepers of the earth" and are responsible to a hierarchy that includes "the arch angels Michael and Gabriel," who are responsible to the entity we have know as "Christ," who is in charge of this corner of our immense complex universe. They explained further that they are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of humankind except at certain times, when things are going awry or are dangerous. They said this is one of those times, one of those eras. They continued to state that if they hadn't interfered in the past, we would have destroyed ourselves...and that if they don't interfere now and in the future, we will indeed destroy ourselves. Strictly for your own benefit, take a look at the information here on and read the books I've written in order to understand in some detail what this is all about. The website and books can give you insight into how so-called UFO encounters have affected our sciences, religions, and history...and how they most likely will affect our future.
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2 Responses to It’s time for a review — Part 5

  1. jafos says:

    Thank you for the comments Wendy. I believe my encounters fit very nicely with your website

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  2. wendy says:

    I’ve got the three books and really appreciate them. However, I also am so glad to see this.
    A fantastic update – John you give details and additional perspective that adds insight and relevance to the present day impact.
    Thank you for continuing to add your reflection! – Cheers! wendy


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