9. Who the mysterious UFO intelligences are and what they are doing

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This is a lengthy complex story that affects not only my life but yours, and many other things such as science, religion and history from many angles. It gives one insight into what UFOs really are.

If one reads some of the writings of ancient history, some of the writings in The Bible, as well as other historical religious documents, you find that there are references to normally unseen beings or intelligent entities that communicated and interacted with certain human individuals. Additionally, you discover that those normally unseen beings, including God, communicated and interacted with individual humans and most likely the animals of the earth when they were not only unseen but seen. When seen, they seem to have taken on different forms…such as a brilliant light, or the sun, or a cloud or a human being. It’s worth noting further that modern native aboriginal tribes also have communicated with and seen spiritual entities in the form of animals. It’s interesting to note that in the aboriginal reality all things have a living spirit.

And so this sort of thing is similar to modern and historic UFOsUnidentified Flying Objects (and/or crafts): If you read historic and modern UFO accounts, the mysterious intelligences behind UFOs communicate and interact with individual humans when seen but also when unseen.

And this also applies to me as a participant: UFOs with their related mysterious intelligences have communicated and interacted with me and those people who were with me from the time I was two or three years old (or before) until age 48…and beyond.

When I was two or three years old, another young boy and I were told that they (the mysterious intelligences) were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me (or us). It was a voice who spoke at different times as a common man, a tall lizard-like being, a small alligator being, from a certain place in the atmosphere, and from inside my head.

Many encounters occurred during my younger years and throughout my early and mid teens.

When I was eighteen years old, they told me (or a friend and I) that they were an ancient/modern brotherhood, the monitors or keepers of the earth, who were responsible to the arch angels Michael and Gabriel, who were responsible to the entity we have known as Christ, who is in charge of this corner of the universe. They said they could not interfere with the affairs of humankind except at certain times, when things were going awry or were dangerous. They said this was one of those times, one of those eras. They explained further that if they hadn’t interfered with our human culture in the past, we would have destroyed ourselves and if they don’t interfere during our present era and in the future, we will indeed destroy ourselves. We met the arch angel Michael during this encounter. Micheal seemed to be a brilliant white light that hovered about six to ten feet above and ahead of us. He spoke to us in perfect English, in a rich male voice, from the brilliant light.

During a period of 46 years or more, the voice spoke to us from crafts, objects, thin air, clouds, lights and from inside our heads many, many times. We humans who were present knew it was real because we talked about it at those times.

Essentially, in a nut shell, according to my memories and interpretations, they were grooming me throughout my life to improve me as a human being, to train, condition, and educate me to participate in what I call “the project,” a project that is to help educate, feed and house people who have entered, are now entering, and will enter the middle USA from other parts of the world, especially orphans and adults from south of the border.

Many people are to be involved. My task is related to the design, construction and maintenance of buildings that will be use for various purposes related to “the project.”

(to be continued)