Important facts and concepts related to the appearances and disappearances of the strange crafts, objects and beings

An Overview  (began writing 1/20/18)


   This is a story about normally unseen intelligent beings who periodically or possibly continuously influence us as individuals from the time we are born until that fateful day when we die….and most likely beyond. It is a story about their Unidentified Flying Objects and crafts and how they use them to interact with us. It is a story about how they functioned in history, how they are interacting with us now, and what they have in mind for our future.

   When writing the following information, I assume you as a reader have reviewed what is on the home page and have at least watched the video of my talk to the 2001 International UFO Congress Convention.

✽   Because this story is so complex and lengthy, it is difficult to decide what the most important facts and concepts are. The story can be approached from many points of view. It can be written from my points of view that reach the depths of human existence on Earth since the beginning of time….and most likely beyond. I can approach the story from a personal experiential point of view or from the point of view of a reader who is not in the least familiar with so-called UFO phenomenon. And I can decide that it is the science defying phenomenon that is most important because it most definitely can and will expand our understandings not only about our modern science, but the elaborate nature of our immense complex universe from many if not all angles.

Because most humans who might read this have different interests, I have decided, as time flows by, to simply write about  those things that seem to mysteriously enter my mind. They are as follows.

✽  My UFO Encounters actually did occur as I have described them: At this time in my somewhat unprofessional but extensive investigations and research, because I have been declared sane and not imaginative, and because I have a few to several witnesses to a few encounters, I can conclude that the enormous number of complex strange encounters actually did occur. They occurred from near my birth in 1937 until my last overt encounter in August of 1986. Yet, it is more than interesting that some strange but simple sightings continued for a period since 1986. Strange coincidental happenings with other humans also have occurred. However, none of us directly involved, to my knowledge, have experienced even short sightings since the late 1990s. This is possibly because I haven’t concentrated intensely on UFOs since the formal talks I gave in the early 2000s. Knowing what I know now, this might have been orchestrated by those who are responsible for the encounters occurring.

The complex encounters not continuing after 1986 and the simple sightings not continuing after the early 2000s possibly is because “mysterious intelligences” who orchestrate the encounters have decided I am no longer a target for helping them complete their current plans. However, also knowing what I know now, I believe it is possible that they or at least one of them was and is me in my more eternal form of being. However at this time I don’t believe this is the case.

✽  Facts and concepts can still be gleaned from the details of my and others’ encounters:  Realistically  considering that my memories are true and accurate, it seems obvious to me that there are many important facts and unusual concepts that can still be gleaned from a continuing study of the intricate details. This can lead to deeper understandings.

✽  New light can be shed on our present understandings of science and the nature of our universe:  Especially since the strange phenomenon seemed to defy what we presently know about science and  the nature of our universe, I feel a close examination of those strange phenomenon should shed new light on both.

✽  The unusual facts and concepts of my encounters can establish that the strange things that are written in The Bible and in historic documents  most likely are accurate and true, at least as the facts and concepts were interpreted by humans during those particular periods of history: If we can establish the fact that the strange information I received and the way I received it was very similar to events that are described in The Bible, for instance, we can suggest with some confidence that what was written in The Bible was true or very close to the actual truth. The same is applicable to other strange historical happenings and concepts.


Looking at or simply considering all aspects concerning the science defying phenomenon we observed throughout the 46+ years of my encounters can reveal more astonishing discoveries concerning the basic nature of our reality. For instance, when seeing and hearing the science defying phenomenon, there seems to be mysterious elements that suggest our common perception from our physical bodies is limited. They suggest that if we can expand our minds and emotions, we can expand our state of being beyond those limits; we can see things that we presently cannot imagine. However, I believe it takes a very honest desire and intense emotions to know “the actual truth” wherever it might lead us.

One simple example is an incidence that occurred right after my wife and I separated for about 18 months (primarily because of my UFO encounters). I was talking with a man who I didn’t know well and he was espousing something very emotionally. All of a sudden I saw what appeared to be flames of fire extending several inches out away from his entire body, continuously from head to toe. I asked him to move in front of a dark hedge so I could see the fire more clearly…and I did. After he had settled down a little, I could no longer see the fire. Judging this small incident alone, I can say that the emotional state of us both allowed me to see the fire.


In an simple effort to begin this inquiry with sequences of logical or rational deduction, I have listed several important things to consider below.

Facts and concepts related to others and I experiencing so-called UFO encounters from 1937 through 1986 and beyond:

✽  The most elementary thing to first address, I believe, is the strange phenomenon that accompanied the craft, the strange objects, the men and strange beings when they first appeared, as well as the phenomenon that was experienced when they interacted with us, then disappeared:

The manifestations of the crafts and objects:  There basically were six types of manifestations: (I believe the intricate details are very important.)

  • 1) they simply came in flying over the trees or we simply turned around and they were there (we didn’t see the mysterious manifestation),
  • 2) a gradual appearance from distorted atmosphere, sometimes in what seemed to be a light electric corona (the corona most often being blue),
  • 3) a gradual appearance from light blue or gray haze,
  • 4) a gradual appearance from dense fog,
  • 5) a gradual appearance from fog or clouds after the fog or clouds violently hissed and roared into the atmosphere, sometimes from tiny pinpoints, and
  • 6) an instant manifestation from a brilliant flash and loud explosion, like dynamite.

The crafts and objects disappeared in the same ways.

At times we saw large volumes of fog all around us, but we also could see the landscape close to us and in some cases the landscape some distance away through openings in the fog.

During the manifestations, or you might say during the transitions from the invisible to the visible, the crafts and objects were somewhat transparent, seemingly becoming fully solid after the transition. This sometimes took many seconds…and of course it was so astonishing, it took our breaths away.

Simply judging how it happened, how it was integrated into what we were doing at the time, and considering new scientific discoveries concerning time and space, I suspect that the crafts and objects might not have existed according to our normal understandings until we saw them manifest….and they possible did not exist in our concept of reality after they faded into the natural three dimensional atmosphere. I fee this is a concept that deserves extensive investigation and study. It would address the possibility that time and space do not exist at all in the ultimate sense as we perceive them.

If not solidly on the ground during the encounters, especially the crafts seemed to have moved, floating here and there for short distances. However, most often, if they moved more than a few feet, they would began to disappear while at the same time they would began to reappear a few to several feet ahead of themselves or at another nearby location which was yards away. Yet at times, they would hover a few feet to several feet above the ground for a few to many minutes.

The mysterious gradual appearances of the crafts, objects and beings from what at first seemed to be our normal three dimensional atmosphere (I have conjectured or more accurately reasoned) that there was a strange element of time/space warpage involved. I believe this was orchestrated by the mysterious intelligences with whom I dealt clandestinely from the time I was born until that last strange sighting our eldest daughter and I saw from our driveway in the late 1990s or early 2000s.

Because I know that this story is true, I can confidently speculate that my emotional state and intense interest during my 1986/1987 “flood of recollections” allowed me to remember more in extreme detail. I believe it also allowed me to experience phenomenal occurrences after my “flood of recollections” such as that sighting from our driveway. However, it is quite clear now that, like the encounters, my “flood of recollections also were intricately orchestrated.

I can assume now, for one to be able to experience UFO encounters, it takes a very earnest deep desire to know the actual truth, whatever it might turn out to be.

(to be continued)