Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story… on-going series…..#5

#5 — My father mysteriously disappears in a blue beam of light

Memphis State Lake Recreation Area Nebraska — Summer about 1949:

We were camping with friends, another family of four.

After we children spotted craft while fishing, we ran and told our parents about it. Bob and his family reacted like any normal humans. They sped in their car toward the upper end of the lake, in pursuit of the craft, while my mother decided it might be dangerous and we should stay at the campground. I didn’t feel that threatened and wondered why she thought it might be dangerous.

(My mother, like a few other encounter participants, remembered a little about previous encounters during current encounters. She feared the craft and would make decisions to protect especially me. When we first saw a craft, for instance, she would insist that I get in the back seat of our car between my two older sisters. Therefore, I have to consider she sometimes, somehow, knew of the mysterious connection between the craft and me. She died in 1968, well before my recollections.)    Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story… on-going series……#4

#4 Evidence of Alien genetic engineering of the human race
Posted on July 11, 1918 by jafos

My (our) 1950 UFO encounter at the Bethany Grade School Playground is the singular most obvious encounter that obtrusively suggested that the so called Ets have been and most likely are genetically engineering at least a number of human individuals. This was especially evident during my experience that evening on “the examination table.” (Ref: Chapter 2 in the book Eminent Discovery)

Besides the fact that certain elements presented by the two strange beings, one to my left and one to my right, while I was on the examination table later during the encounter, it was evident previously that the “mysterious intelligences,” who apparently were in the windowed saucer that was hovering above us, had a strong connection with at least a few of us in the past.    Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story….an on-going series……#3

#3 — A UFO that John and others saw was also seen on the other side of the World
Posted on July 7, 2018 by jafos

Identical UFOs were seen and scketched, half a World away…one by John in Eastern Nebraska and one by a tribesman out in the bush in South Africa
This article is a part of a contribution written in the book Eminent Discovery by Bob Teets in the late 1980s. (He is speaking about an incident that occurred when we were attending The Rocky Mountain Conference On UFO Investigation about 1989. Cynthia Hinds, a South African journalists was speaking on the stage.)    Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story….an on-going series…..#2

Today’s Feature Foster Story… on-going series….#2

#2 — An eternal day in Santa Fe – defeating the time/space continuum with many manifestations of UFOs
Posted on July 2, 2018 by jafos

By john Foster

During my so-called UFO encounters we saw the strange crafts and objects manifest from normal three dimensional atmosphere…..believe it or not.

The crafts and objects would most often manifest from a clear distorted atmosphere, a light blue or gray haze or fog, or from churning boiling clouds or fog, like those in the movie Encounters Of The Third Kind.

Because of these and other strange physical characteristics and their affect on timing during my encounters and during observations of the mysterious manifestations observed by others during their encounters, I have concluded that most if not all of those strange characteristics involve time-space warpage…where time is altered to be faster or slower. And because it seems that space is indelibly connected to time, space also is altered…making objects appear larger or smaller.

(The drawing above is my view when small UFO craft manifested from thin air over us and began to swoop down over my relatives; I later found out because they were giving me trouble because of the previous periodic appearances of the strange crafts and objects. It is interesting that, in this case, the craft flew with a frightening screeching roar, some of them disappearing by exploding over my relatives’ heads…whereupon a few of them would reappear and swoop down again. The details are explained in the book Eminent Discovery.)

Continue reading

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Today’s Featured Foster UFO Story……an on-going series…..#1

#1 — UFO Encounters when working on my aunt and uncles farm near Imperial, Nebraska
Posted on July 1, 2018 by jafos

If you would like to, make a comment!

… John Foster…….    Continue reading

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A discussion of a new, allegedly credible video that demonstrates the nature of the mysterious disappearances, the reappearances, and movement of the crafts we saw

Please watch this video to the end, especially the close ups when the crafts and satellite began to disappear:

Things to notice:

–  At first you see two small craft near the satellite that has been called “The Black Knight” in the past.   They seem to move close and possibly touch the satellite. They then began to move away. (However, for a short time there seems to be three crafts.)

–  As they move away in formation (and even slightly before they move away), there seems to be a third craft that is not dark like the other two, but white and somewhat transparent…like the clouds. It is immediately below the lower dark craft. It somewhat parallels the movement of the dark one, but not exactly; it momentarily and slightly moves down and slower and faster.

–   As they approach the clouds some distance to the left of the satellite, they become somewhat distorted or fuzzy and unstable…and they phase out of sight for a moment or a few moments.

Continue reading

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Audio interview of John Foster by Robert Stanley

Audio interview of John by Robert Stanley — ,  ,

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