My View Of The Nature Of Our Universe — Part 10 — Life’s Sense

 (The drawing above is a composite drawing depicting the nature of all of my strange encounters.)

I know many of you out there do not believe that UFOs can be real. However, I know many people who do believe they are real. I know many people, like myself, have actually experienced so-called close UFO encounters throughout long periods, some for many years. I’ve met many of those people personally.

Since I believe the various strange, mysterious aspects of UFO encounters can enhance our understanding of reality, especially in the areas of science, religion and history, I have spent the last 30 years devoting my life to understanding life’s meaning, using my detailed understandings of my own UFO experiences, The Bible, and other modern and historical writings as an anchor. I have done this because I believe it will help all of humankind beyond our imagination.

My story is extremely unusual, complex, and lengthy…reaching into the depths of science religion and history. But I have found that most people are not in the least interested in UFOs or their meaning. Yet, I know some of you are or might be. So, for those who might be interested in the detailed meaning of life, in respect to UFO encounters, I’ve offered this attempt to put some of the pieces of my story together. It’s entitled “Life’s Sense.”    Continue reading

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The Phenomenon – from my birth to the present

This is a very unusual, complex, lengthy UFO story.

As described more thoroughly in the previous three books I’ve written, I have been fortunate (and also unfortunate in some respects) to have experienced an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters and UFO sightings throughout my life.

To put it modestly, most of the phenomenon that occurred during the encounters and sightings seemed to defy science in several ways, i.e. as we presently understand science today. But on the other hand, what happened during many experiences seemed to support and enhance written history, including many historical writings related to most religions. The unusual mysterious things that happened during my encounters also seems to support the spiritual happenings of most indigenous peoples, especially the Native Americans.

The different characteristics of all of “The Phenomenon” related to my encounters were very similar throughout the decades of experience. This is true of nearly all encounters ranging from my very first, which occurred in 1939 or 1940 when I was two or three years old, until my last overt encounter, which occurred in August of 1986 when I was 48 years old.

The last encounter occurred mid way through what I call my mysterious “flood of recollections,” when I recalled somewhat spontaneously this enormous number of encounters. My “flood of recollections” took place rather continuously but also somewhat intermittently from late Winter of 1986 through early Spring of 1987. The unusual mysterious characteristics of “The Phenomenon” also occurred similarly during the few to several sightings we experienced after my “flood of recollections.”

Similar phenomenon and happenings occurring for over 46 years, to me, indicates that my memories are accurate and that the normally unseen mysterious intelligences with whom we interacted were in some way connected to my development as a human being, among many other things.

It’s important to note that the nature of my encounters and I believe the so-called UFO encounters of some others – including those reported in written history and legend – are closely related to what we have perceived to be spiritual encounters or spiritual experiences. This, I believe, is extremely important to understand as we, as a people, gain new knowledge of the nature of our eternal universe.

My memories of the encounters have continued continuously and consistently from my 1986-1987 flood of recollections to the present…with little deviation. It is important to know that I am still recalling many distinct details and I am understanding new revelations that expand the significance of certain singular encounters, as well as the underlying story of all of my encounters. I strongly believe the unusual facts and characteristics can enhance our collective understanding of other UFO and spiritual encounters experienced by others throughout history.

Important Aspects
The important aspects of this enormous number of encounters others and I experienced, over a period of 46+ years include:
✽– the phenomenon, i.e. the unusual appearances and disappearances or manifestations of the mysterious crafts, objects, men and beings,
✽ – the unusual historical and progressive information we received in spoken English, which include historical people, brotherhoods, and happenings
✽ – defeating the time/space continuum, including time travel and interaction with other people at different times and places
✽ – a future so-called ET/human “project” involving: other people (i.e. orphans and others from south of the border, other people from other countries, local people who are interested, and “the familiar strangers), the construction of new buildings and the use of existing buildings, etc.
✽ – my clandestine education, conditioning, and protection, etc.
✽ – many other aspects of the encounters such as the ideas and other information we received or gleaned through speculation and conjecture
✽ – and many other things.

When stepping back from all that has happened to me in the realm of UFO and spiritual encounters, it seems obvious to me that this has occurred throughout history and that the brotherhoods, the beings who identified themselves as “the monitors or keepers of the Earth,” and the hierarchy with whom they are responsible (the hierarchy that includes the arch angels Michael and Gabriel) all have been at the foundation of human development since the beginning of humankind. Essentially this is what they told me in perfect English at least two times.

If this is actually true, and I believe it might indeed be true, all of it supports most religions, especially for me Christianity. If one steps back and analyses events that have occurred throughout history, considering the fact that humans are part animal and part
god (with a small “g”), you can conjecture that we have grown beyond simple violent animal instincts to become more rational entities who can now pass on, beyond the body, into the realm of eternal creation, minute by minute, day by day, year by year, into total eternal existence.

(to be continued)

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A republication of an opinion concerning John’s so-called UFO Encounters

This was an announcement (a direct quote) preceding John’s last public talk at The Psychic Studies Institute which occurred July 26, 2013. The talk included John’s three children who also presented their UFO memories. It was the only time his children have presented statements at a formal UFO talk.

The announcement was made by Bob Teets, best selling author and former author, publisher, editor for The Human Potential Foundation.
It is interesting that Bob’s opinion of John’s story basically expresses John’s opinion also, possibly with the exception of “humble man.” (See a link to Bob’s website below.)


“There is a rare presentation coming up July 26 in Kansas City, MO in which you will have an opportunity to spend a few hours with an extraordinary man. To say that John Foster encountered the Great Mystery throughout most of his life is a gross understatement. And while the bulk of his hundreds of experiences is expressed in the context of UFOs, broadly defined, you will discover far more than that if you can attend the event listed below.

In short, this 75-year-old retired engineer is going to rock your world.

I have known John since the 1990s when I was working for the Human Potential Foundation, which was tasked with investigating cutting edge “new” science, including the UFO phenomenon. And though I interviewed hundreds of UFO experiencers during the few years of the Foundation’s existence and later, no one came close, not within a mile, of the mind-blowing, enigmatic, utter fantastic, incredible narrative of this humble man from Lincoln, Nebraska. His is the ultimate UFO story and, like the phenomenon itself, it is next to impossible to wrap your head around it.

I won’t spoil it by relating even some highlights, for I cannot do justice to John’s forthcoming presentation, one of the last few he will ever offer to the public, he told me. He has written three books about his experiences (see links below to John’s various sites to purchase the books or to learn more on his blog), which would be good to read before going to his talk in Kansas City.

Few researchers are willing to tackle John Foster, for he defies categories, eschews classifications, turns their theories upside down.

His story stands alone.”

Bob’s website:

John’s website:

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Evidence of Alien genetic engineering of the human race

My (our) 1950 UFO encounter at the Bethany Grade School Playground is the singular most obvious encounter that obtrusively suggested that the so called Ets have been and most likely are genetically engineering at least a number of human individuals. This was especially evident during my experience that evening on “the examination table.”  (Ref: Chapter 2 in the book Eminent Discovery)    Continue reading

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A few deductions and speculations

I will take a short break here to review some of what I believe are important deductions and speculations concerning all of my encounters from my birth to the present.

  •  The manifestations of the crafts, men and beings were real in the three dimensional sense, as well as something else I don’t yet quite fully understand, something else that is related to another mysterious dimension or other dimensions.
  • I was the target of the mysterious intelligences since before my birth…which means I most probably had a spiritual body before my birth.
  • The mysterious intelligences, the crafts and objects were most probably active since before the birth of humankind. Continue reading
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A 1969 time travel episode to over 5 years in the future in northeast Lincoln

A look into the future

I believe it was Summertime, 1968 or 1969. We had moved to Lincoln from Denver so that we could find the right place to raise our children. Throughout our travels, Lincoln turned out to be the best town we had seen for raising children. My wife and I were born here and it was a sacrifice monetarily to move because I had taken a 50% cut in pay and we had suddenly left a new house under construction in Denver. So as you can see it is our children who mean a lot to us.

Upon our arrival, we spent the first several weeks living with my father. We used his house and kind generosity as a jumping off place. We began to look for a home we could buy that had some extra land because, as Frank Loyd Wright said: “All homes should have at least one acre per family member.” Yet this one we finally settled on had only a total of one and a half acres for the five of us. Never the less, it turned out to be a perfect place for the kids. They still harbor wonderful memories of the adventures they experienced there. The place had an old dilapidated barn with a hay loft, an old worn out chicken house, a small stable that was not too stable, a corn crib, and a small cottage that we enjoyed fixing up throughout the years.

I could go on and on describing the enchanting place, but this article is meant to relay to you an astounding revelation that proves to me that we live in a reality of predestination. I cannot prove it here but I will in other articles the fact that it is a predestination that can be modified at least to some extent according to our personal wills.    Continue reading

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My view of the nature of our universe: Part 9 — The Collective Creator

God, The Arch Angels, The Brotherhoods, Others, You and Me…

As I continue to write and you continue to read, please keep  in mind that most of my observations and speculations are the fruit of my memories of my normal past life, my memories of my strange past future time travels, my memories of the other strange encounters others and I experienced for a period of 46+ years, since my birth in 1937 until that last overt encounter that occurred in August of 1986 when the so-called Ets and I had “a parting of the ways.” A few of the observations and speculations I have made and will make also can be considered the offspring of several post 1986 recollection UFO sightings. And many are the result of my interaction with “the familiar Strangers” and other somewhat normal humans I encountered after that 1986/1987 mysterious spontaneous “flood of recollections.”    Continue reading

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